Vet Set 3: “The Torch”

The Vet Set with Brianna Stubbs

Vet Set Host Andrea Bryant with this week’s student Vet, Brianna “Bri” Stubbs

Corpsman Disappointment to Master-at-Arms

We’re off to a late start this term, but Welcome back. This week’s fellow student Vet is Navy Master-at-Arms reservist, Brianna Stubbs. Vet story, the value of restorative breaks, and updates from Veterans Support central, where there’s always  hot tea, coffee and hot-chocolate—free. The PB&Js are unfortunately gone, but stay tuned, there will be more. There’s also Vet Swag to be had.

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Behind the Lens with Ayers Photo

Chris Ayers, Photographer/Writer, Daily Utah Chronicle, Arts Desk

Chris Ayers, dual major in Communication and Film. Photographer/Writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle, Arts Desk

By the Hour or the Picture?

What do you learn being part of Student Media? What makes it so incredible? 
Chris and I walked the Foothill Mall on a grey Martin Luther King Day, 2016. We opened the year talking about his work as an Arts Desk Photographer/Writer at the Chrony. We also look at the financial side of student photography. A photog since freshman year in 2013, Chris has captured amazing images not only of our school, but of headliners from Wu-Tang Clan at this year’s Twilight Festival, to St. Vincent and Judas Priest.

Ayers Photo Favorites

St. Vincent

The Rostrum University of Utah Independent Student Media

The Rostrum: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

McKenna Buck, Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering student at the U, McKenna Buck, works to make the world a cleaner place to live


What is Biomass? How will it make the world cleaner? What does science say about fracking?
The Rostrum is at the John and Marva E Warnock Building with Chemical engineering student, McKenna Buck who shares a glimpse at the work she’s doing with one of the U’s newest faculty, Prof. Dolly Chitta, to develop new technology that could mean a cleaner world. 

The Rostrum: Meet the Nuclear Reactor Supervisor


Conversation with Ryan Schow, a Utah native, and Nuclear Reactor Supervisor at the U, provides an insider’s look at what makes the U a global leader in nuclear safety culture. We also talk about the origins of his nuclear journey, and amazing student opportunities in nuclear science that are being noticed by the world’s nuclear energy community.

  • “My kids call me Homer.”

    “My kids call me Homer,” said Schow jokingly.

  • Ryan Schow, teaches

    Ryan Schow, Ph.D. Student, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Supervisor

  • Nuclear Reactor Teaches U

    Nuclear Reactor teaches U

  • A “critical Reactor” is…an even operating state.

    A reactor is in a critical state when it neither gains or loses neutrons.

  • Ryan Schow Nuclear Reactor Supervisor

    Ryan Schow: Ph.D. student, fundraiser, technician, father of six, teacher, and volunteer

  • Ryan Schow in the Reactor Room

    Nuclear reactor rods each cost about $200,000, Schow explains

  • Reactor Supervisor teaches the future culture of nuclear energy

The Rostrum: Breath for New Standard in TB Detection

Dhiman Bhattacharrya, Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering student, devout painter, and Cricketer

“TB breathalyzer” Answers Global Healthcare Concern |

Tuberculosis is a deadly pulmonary disease that affects millions in Africa and southeastern Asia who don’t have access to point-of-care TB detection. U Ph.D. student, metallurgical engineer, Cricketer, and devout painter, Dhiman Bhattacharyya explains the research and potential impact of his new “TB breathalyzer,” a sensor platform which may soon provide an immediate, point-of-care solution to a global TB concern.

Titanium Oxide Nanotubes (TiO2) used to detect TB biomarkers in breath

Sensor Setup

Dhiman’s Sensor Diagram Sensor Setup

NANOSYNTH Materials & Sensors is the related company, working with Dhiman to bring this new technology to market.

Crisol | Origins In Latin American Film


Crisol | Free Latin American Film Series, March 14-April 3, 2015

U film & media arts student, Karem Orrego, Founder of Crisol Film Initiative

U film & media arts student, Karem Orrego, Founder of the Crisol Film Initiative


The Rostrum catches a few minutes at the Union, with Karem Orrego, founder of the new experience in Latin American Film, CRISOL. Busy with finals as we all are, Karem generously shares a glimpse of how CRISOL got started—a beginning that connected an amazing assortment of cultures, people, partnerships and interests. CRISOL’s FILM LIST.

At the Urban Arts Gallery opener, one of the many attendees wrote on the interactive mural, “Crisol means, being different together.”

  • Crisol founder Karem Orrego

    Crisol founder Karem Orrego.

  • Karem Orrego

    Her creation is a new intercultural film experience.

  • DSCF1359

    Karem had a smile for every answer.

  • DSCF1350

    “I like to do things Big.”

  • DSCF1338

    Orrego’s first award-winning film was the documentary, Memoirs of My Father.