Frontiers of Science Podcast Hour Episode 3

This week we have Dr. Daniel G. Nocera, a Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy at Harvard University. In this lecture entitled, “The Global Energy Challenge: A Moral Imperative for the University” DR. Nocera discusses how the earth must provide energy to 6 billion new energy consumers in the coming decades while combating the existential threat of climate change.


Sean Pica

This week on The Rostrum we sit down with Sean Pica, Executive Director and a founder of Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison. This organization connects incarcerated people with a college education, life skills and entry support to positively impact theirs lives and communities. We discuss why these programs are important, the problems in are carceral system and how students can get involved.


Sanctuary Campuses and Earl Grey

Anthony Scoma, Theresa Nielson, Christian Hartshorn, and Jonny Nee discuss the long history of U.S. universities protesting unjust federal laws and policies. They report on the university protection of escaped slaves, Japanese students during WWII, draft resisters during the Vietnam War, and how this relates to the ongoing fight for undocumented and Muslim students in the modern day.

Music: “Hands Off!” by Material Support