White Supremacy on Campus

The Rostrum sat down with Neelam Chand, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Office for Equity and Diversity; Tawanda Owens, Executive Director for Diverse Student Advocacy; and Lori McDonald, Dean of Students, to discuss the topic of white supremacist propaganda on campus. We get into what happened, how it is tied with national trends, how to effectively confront this speech, and what the university has done over the past few years.

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Photo credit: The Daily Utah Chronicle

Grief on Campus

This week, The Rostrum spoke with the Counseling Center’s Christina Kelly LeCluyse and Jake Van Epps, to better understand the university’s response in the hours, days, and weeks after two consecutive years of campus shootings and how the actions helped with students’ stress, fear, and grief. We also discuss how the university has improved their response and how they might be better prepare for the potential of another university tragedy.

Counseling Center: counselingcenter.utah.edu/

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Emory Jackson and the Black Press

This week, The Rostrum spoke with Kimberley Mangun, associate professor of communication and author of “A Force for Change,” which examined the career of Beatrice Morrow Cannady, an editor, and publisher who advocated for civil rights in Portland, Oregon. We discussed her new book on Emory Jackson, a newspaper editor in Birmingham, Alabama during the civil rights era. We get into Jackson’s contributions to the black press, Mangun’s process of researching and writing the book, and how the civil rights era reflects our contemporary world.

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Photo: https://blackpast.org/perspectives/emory-o-jackson-birmingham-world-and-fight-civil-rights-alabama, Public Domain

Student Success Advocates

This week on The Rostrum, we interviewed April Ollivier and Tramaine Jones, Student Success Advocates at the University of Utah, about the role they play in helping U students deal with obstacles and pursue their goals. They discuss the common problems students face, the support they offer students, and why higher education is such a critical time of growth and development.

Student Success Advocates website: studentsuccess.utah.edu/

Safeguarding Heritage Sites in the Middle East


This week we have Dr. Blythe McCarthy, Andrew W. Mellon Senior Scientist, Department of Conservation and Scientific Research of Freer & Sackler. In this lecture entitled, “Safeguarding Heritage Sites in the Middle East,” Dr. McCarthy discusses the societal and economic implications that come with losing heritage sites, their potential role as peace-building tools, and the steps being made to preserve these sites in Iraq and Syria.

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