TWAU Ep 19: Utah Intrigue

The World Around You Episode 19: Utah Intrigue

Today we cover two very odd behind-the-scenes intrigue. First, the abrupt announcement of Jason Chaffetz that he won’t be running for office in 2018. In addition, rumors even suggest he might resign early from his term! (UPDATE: The day after we recorded, he revealed a surgery that would result in weeks of convalescence. This is likely a factor.) Then, we cover the sudden firing via email of the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s head, Mary Beckerle, with no reason given. We cover the backlash from staff and the Huntsman family themselves, and how it led to reinstatement only one week later. 250 million dollars hung in the balance– but neither side has made any concrete statements as to why the whole thing started!

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The World Around You Episode 18: PR Blunders

Today, we talk about the biggest PR blunder of the month. However, this is saying something, given that this month has been full of massive PR blunders! Of course, we’re referring to United Airlines and their treatment of Dr. Dao, a customer of theirs. Because of fellow passengers videoing the incident, the incident spread worldwide. How badly did United Airlines screw up? Find out here as we inform you of the facts.

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The World Around You Episode 17: Chaotic World Events

This week is filled to the brim with serious world news. Syrian chemical weapon incidents invited a US airstrike. This resulted in diplomatic incidents raging in the UN. Then, saber-rattling coming from North Korea complete with incendiary Trump tweets ™. And finally, horrifying news of Chechnya constructing concentration camps meant for homosexual citizens.

This week we don’t have much time for tangents or jokes. The news is too dense. Furthermore, none of this is really appropriate for joking about.

It’s been a sad week for world events, but we’ll keep you informed as always.

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The World Around You Episode 16: The Internet’s Not-So-Privacy Rules

This week, we bring an urgent episode for our listeners. Congress just repealed internet privacy laws; therefore, YOUR personal data is now at risk. We discuss why this happened, then what the consequences will be. Most importantly, we explain ways for you to protect yourself.

Being passive about your protection isn’t going to work anymore. It’s time to get serious.

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The World Around You Episode 15: Construction and Policing on Campus

Today we talk about all the construction on campus and run through each worksite in detail.

Students watch some of the construction on campus

We also talk about what construction may be coming next, and the state of campus policing and crime. George and Sam also give some recommendations on good places outside campus to go so you don’t contribute to the state of campus policing and crime! (By which we mean good offcampus bars.)

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I tried to make some good flames, but couldn't get it to work. Imagine those for accuracy.

The World Around You Episode 14: The Great Healthcare Disaster

Today we talk about the GOP efforts to repeal (and for some, replace), the ACA. We analyze what pieces of the bill we can extract from legalese. Then, we discuss the impacts the Congressional Budget office estimates it will have along with our personal thoughts.

For all of us, this was our most emotional episode yet. Because of the huge implications promised by the CBO, tempers heat and one of our members chokes up. The topic is heavy and it will unavoidably affect you and nearly everyone you know. Listen carefully; what you learn could quite literally save someone’s life– or end it.

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The World Around You Episode 13: The Trump Administration’s Russian Contacts

Today, we talk about the recently uncovered and deeply disturbing ties of key members of Trump’s administration to Russia. These contacts include business and governmental ties, and include possible perjury to cover them up. Additionally, the members involved reach as high as Cabinet-level officers. As of the beginning of March, those currently implicated include:

Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor,

Jeff Sessions III, Attorney General,

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer,

along with several aides to both the specific people named and to the Trump campaign in general.

We discuss how these came to light and the consequences of such ties. Spoiler alert– it’s not pretty.

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The World Around You Episode 12: Utah’s State Government

Today, we talk about some of the issues the Utah legislature and governor’s office are tackling this year. The legislative session is wrapping up, so we discuss two in particular: the modifications to the Zion Curtain law, and the Bears Ears National Monument. We talk about their history, the current effects these laws are having, and what the actions the Utah government takes are doing.


Also, we aren’t sponsored by any of the products we talk about today. :P

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