Geek Madness Round 2

Woot woot! Round 1 is over, and boy was it fun! Our 32 Champions have now been reduced to 16, and my bracket is all sorts of screwed up! Sometimes you guys surprise us. I’m excited about the winners and the resulting Sweet 16 matchup.

So in round 1, we had only a couple of blowouts. Hideo Kojima completely destroyed Abby Sciuto, which may not be entirely surprising due to Abby’s position on the outskirts of the Geekdom. Likewise, Dumbledore demolished Futurama’s Bender, so sorry to whoever nominated those two television stars.

The winners who recieved 60-70% of the vote include Link beating Felicia Day, Adam Savage beating Mark Zuckerberg, Robin Williams beating Goku, Steven Spielberg beating Carl Sagan, Gandalf beating Gary Gygax, Isaac Asimov beating Alfred Pennyworth, Black Hat Guy beating Geralt, and John Williams beating myself (yay). Wil Wheaton was also able to beat Jessica Nigri, which you could probably argue was a popularity contest (which this is). The big upset to my bracket comes with Satoru Iwata beating Walt Disney, which I am completely fine with, but I definitely saw Disney garnering a lot more favor. Still, it was a hard matchup.

Our big topic for this round was the Captain America vs. Iron Man battle. This battle actually stayed tied for much of the race, and we delayed the closing of the poll just because it was so close. In the end though, Iron Man got a surge of votes and ended with 65% of votes. #TeamIronMan

Finally, there were two polls that ended with a less-than-ten percent spread. One of them was Stan Lee vs. The Doctor, a very noble fight between two massive geek icons. The other one was a little more surprising to those of us here at The Geekwave, and that was Avatar Aang vs. Darth Vader. With Darth Vader being such an ubiquitous part of The Geekdom, it was kind of awesome to see fans of The Last Airbender rally to get him so close to winning. In the end though, Stan Lee and Darth Vader still took the battles.

It’s always disappointing to see Geek Powerhouses go out in the first round because they were defeated by other Geek Powerhouses. Maybe next year we’ll have to do a losers bracket. For now though, Round 2 Voting is open over at Go check it out!

The Geekwave Episode 23: Love Advice for Geeks

This episode has been rated NSFW for Sexual Content and Unbridled Joking.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day, and we’ve decided that it’s our duty as public figures to tell other people how to live their lives. So we asked you, the listeners, (and a few of our friends and family) to write to us with questions on Love, Romance, and Dating for the average Geek! We’d definitely rank this in our top 5 episodes (as of the time of this writing, not valid in Canada or Mexico).


Also, we’re TWO WEEKS AWAY from our big Respawn Ready Mario Kart Tournament! For $5 you can enter the tournament to win some great prizes and have fun playing Mario Kart. For $5 more, you can get free food and entries into bigger drawings all day long! And the best part is, ALL MONEY GOES TO CHARITY! Check out the Facebook Event and click below to sign up and get more details!


Have a great Valentine’s Day!


The Geekwave Episode 19: Chow Mein and CES

The return of Logan!

Solar eats an entire bowl of Chow Mein while Logan tells us about his quest through the Consumer Electronics Show. We also talk about Activision being sued, Role-Playing Games, Oscar Nominations, and the Books Solar has been reading.

We’re also getting ready for our super-exciting Minecraft Day! Bring your own computer down to the Microsoft Store in City Creek for block-inspired fun.

Also, you may notice this episode is shorter than our past ones. We’re actually working on a new show structure that cuts down on time and fills with content. We’re also looking for new fun bits to put into our show. If you have any feedback, leave a comment below for us!


The Geekwave Episode 18: Lee’s Year In Anime

While Logan is busy attending the Consumer Electronics Show for this year, Solar and Lee are holding down the fort on The Geekwave this week. Lee recently found This Video detailing a fan-picked best-of-2015 for Animes, and has a lot to say about it.

Also in this episode: a look at upcoming Video games coming out, MMO talk, and information about our Minecraft Day event on January 23rd!


Featured Image taken from Video by TopAnimeWeekly, linked above.

The Geekwave Episode 17: Best of 2015 and 2016

Happy New Year!

There’s been a lot of great things this year: Movies, Hoverboards, Back to the Future, Video Games, all sorts of goodies. We spend this episode talking about our favorite things from this last year and what we’re looking forwrd to the most in this next year. Also, Lee uses the holiday spirit to loosen his tongue a little more than usual, so be careful for rogue expletives.

Looking forward to 2016!

The Geekwave Episode 16: All I Want For Christmas Are Movie Trailers


This episode was actually recorded before Star Wars came out, so it’s completely spoiler-free. We also limit the amount of Star Wars we actually talk about, since we’re sure many of you are a bit overwhelmed. For now you should just go see the movie and enjoy it. And rest assured, Solar and Lee have already seen it by now and enjoyed it immensely. We’ll have more commentary on it after Christmas.

What this episode does have is a ton of movie talk. Trailers for Star Trek: Beyond and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them dropped this week. Also, we got our first look at the new Ghostbusters cast and Logan talks about The Hateful 8.

Also in this episode: Joseph Gorden-Leavitt, the new Kojima Productions, and impressions of the new game Squad.

Have a Merry Christmas and any other holiday you’re enjoying, and we’ll be back on New Years Day.

The Geekwave Episode 15: Return of the Claire, Attack of the Kelby

RED ALERT: We are 6 days away from the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS! Today’s episode is all about the new movie, the books leading up to the movie, our opinions about the old movies and the theories about the new canon, and everything STAR WARS. Solar, Logan, and Lee are joined by special guests, Geekwave Alumni Claire Heman and Kelby George. ALSO, a special guest appearance from our old friend, Harison Ford! This is one you don’t want to miss.

Also check out:

Solar’s Article in the Chronicle about Geek Week

The Hearthstone Tournament Tomorrow

The League of Legends All-Star Viewing Party on Sunday


The Geekwave Episode 14: The Dark Web

In this episode:

  • Solar attempts to record the episode while playing Hearthstone.
  • Logan and Lee take a nostalgia trip over Samurai Jack.
  • Lee gets scammed into selling a testicle.
  • Solar and Logan go halfsies on Star Wars Ice Cream.
  • Logan finds out how much his kidney is worth.
  • Solar gives horrendously wrong information about Bitcoin. (For the record, as of right now 1 bitcoin equals $362.51, not $10 like Solar seems to think.)