Brunch With U: What’s Next?

Sharing food for thought around news you should know


  • Vice President Joe Biden visited campus to see what research the UofU is finding on cancer studies possibly finding a cure in the future.
  • Ever think about Summer school to finish earlier?
  • Every think about grad school to never leaver.  Check out the interview with Megan


  • Horrible police shooting of teenager down at the homeless shelter near the Gateway Mall.

Food For Thought at the end:

  • Spring ideas to get in the right mind set.

Brunch With U: The Money Show

Food For Thought


  • Money information and events happening around campus this week to help us balance a budget.


  • LDS Church should keep separation of state in tact with legislation here in Utah.
  • FLDS Church in trouble for laundering money using other people food stamps.
  • USU is researching the Zika Virus


  • Obama wants to close the Guantanamo Prison and bring those people here to the states.

World News:

  • Possible cease fire in Syria between Russia and the U.S.

Food For Thought:

  • Starbucks will now serve alcohol in some locations in Utah.


Brunch With U: Campus and Beyond

Food For Thought Around News U Should Know


  • New Podcast coming called Chrony On Air which is all for U.
  • Story on diet and genes, events,


  • Big Ed’s
  • Protein shake recall
  • Cop hurt


  • Caucuses for run for U.S. presidential election.  Won by a toss for Clinton
  • Should women be eligible for the draft?


  • Germany sues over bad and dangerous nuclear plant.

Food for thought

  • Atlantic Salmon is code for fishery fish and is not wild.