Brunch With U: Give A Little Back

Food for thought around news U should know

Campus News

  • Rock the U Jan 29th
  • Events list

Local News

  • Utah in top 10 states for having green buildings
  • Utah might raise minimum wage to $12 per hour

National News

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Organ Stand off, shooting and arrest

World News

  • Dooms day clock three minutes away from midnight.

Food for thought

  • dont always finish all your food and take care of your body
  • give a little back; in time, money, and hope

Brunch With U: Plan Ahead And Be Prepared

Campus News:

  • Student Job Fair and Career Fair information so you can better be prepared.
  • No more hoverboards in student living areas on campus
  • UofU spots rock

National News:

  • East Coast hit hard by winter storm leaving 2-3 feet of snow in some parts and people snowed in all over affecting 30 million.

Food For Thought:

  • Be prepared and if you’re not manage your stress well by getting the right help.

Brunch With U: MLK Celebration Week

Food For Thought on the news U should know

Campus News: Events listed to help celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. week at the U.   Researchers develop new football helmet to prevent concussions.

Local News: Remembering a fallen hero and police officer.  He had saved the lives of people before and sadly his was ended by a man after being involved in a car chase.  Police are still looking for women suspect.

National News:  Obama declared state of emergency in Flint, MI over contaminated water supply containing lead sense 2014.

World:  Switzerland has big problems that you’ll have to listen in and hear more on.  And our solar system may actually have another ice planet orbiting the sun that is 3-5 times larger then earth.

As food for thought remember to practice advocacy in peace such as the great Dr. showed how.


Brunch With U: Welcome Back w/ 2015 Highlights

Welcome back to school and school life.  “Brunch With U” is here for U sharing food for thought around the news stories U should know.

Campus top stories of 2015 were: Vegas Bowl game vs BYU, Solidarity March on campus, and the Million Student March.

Local top stories: New Mayor in town, Moving the prison to SLC, Police shooting.

National top stories of 2105 were: California terrorist shooting, Hillary Clinton emails, and the Kardashian sadly as a possible top story in the nation.

World: Refugees from Syria, Paris attacked by terrorist, China currency.

Brunch With U: Cultural Collides For The Holidays

Campus News:

More info on the upcoming bowl game.  Ideas for the break from school.  Highlights from the Chronicle.

Local news:

Violent crimes are on the up because more people are high on heroine.

National News:

More about how well Trump is doing despite his comments. Information on Bo, who deserted his unit to join the enemy in Afghanistan, then was released 5 years later in exchange for 5 top Taliban leaders,  one whose been confirmed as returning to fight against the U.S, and it’s allies.

“Have a great break, a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year”

— Brunch With U

Brunch With U: Good vs Bad

Campus News: UofU vs BYU upcoming Dec. 19 game, at the Vegas Bowl.  The good UofU faces off against bad BYU.  Food for thought: Tips for finals.

Local News: Utah holiday ideas worth your time to go and enjoy.

National News: Trump takes the stage again, with comment about not allowing more Muslims into the country until our government figures out whats going on with radical terror.

World News: Beijing sends out first red alert due to air pollution and smog.