Digital Warfare

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After a nice week break the The Geekwave is back. Make sure to listen to this weeks episode because a monstrous change has been made (cue dramatic music).

All that aside, if you are a gamer and have been paying attention to recent YouTube trailers you will know that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been announced along with Battlefield 1. There has been a lot of controversy, arguing, bad name calling and much more surrounding these announcements. Frankly, people need to move beyond that and just accept that these are what the companies want to do and they should be happy about it. You don’t need to pick a side and then bash the other side for no reason, that is so nonconstructive and dumb. Unfortunately, that is not how the game industry works. All we can do is remember the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” and really we just need to shake it off. However, I did find it funny that the Infinite Warfare trailer is one of the most unliked YouTube videos of all time.

Call of duty dislikes

This is a snap shot that I grabbed on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer at the time of writing this article.

Personally, I think they are both great for what they are supposed to do. Call of Duty offers fast paced combat with a system that is accessible to everyone. Not to mention, Call of Duty has done wondrous things for eSports! On the other hand, Battlefield offers gigantic battles, destructible terrain and a great amount of unlock-able content. I enjoy them both respectively. Now I may not put as much time into a Call of Duty game, but that is just because I personally prefer lots of players and a more realistic experience.

As for the most recent announcements, I am excited about both of them! Infantry space combat sounds awesome to me, especially if it is incorporated into multiplayer. The new story may be in the future, but it explores a very possible future. This is even closer to space pirates which is my ultimate end goal.


He definitely wants to go into outer space! (

Jumping into the trenches on Battlefield 1, WWI is a really interesting time period that does not get nearly enough attention. I loved playing Verdun and I cannot wait to see DICE’s interpretation of The Great War. Sure, the name is a little interesting, but I like to imagine it as all part of a gigantic plan. DICE didn’t have Battlefield 1 originally because they wanted to wait until the gaming world was ready for a WWI themed game so they could make a great reference. Really it is only step 5 of there eventual plan for DICE to takeover the world.

The point is, you gotta look at the positive side. Think about the cool things that these new universes have to offer. Don’t just bash it cause it isn’t your favorite game.


If any of this arguing ever brings you down. (Tumblr)

Overall, my expectations for next year are fighting in outer space as a space pirate in trenches on Mars, Ollie out.

-Ollie, an aspiring space pirate (starts digging trenches in his backyard.)

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The Geekwave Episode 34: Hi Mom!

Hey Friends,

I hope you all survived finals. We here at The Geekwave are survivors, and we are very ready for summer. This is the final episode of the school season. Thank you for sticking with us and listening to The Geekwave. We love everyone of you. We are going to take next week off. However their are some exciting summer plans that we cannot tell you about yet but stay tuned!

Make sure you check out the big Geekout tonight! Also tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Hooray!

On this episode we talk about moms. Moms are very important to gamers, geeks and really everyone. First off we revisit Ollie’s blog post from yesterday which focuses on the importance of moms to gamers. Then we share a variety of our own experiences and to finish it off we look at famous moms in the geekdom.  If our moms are thinking about listening to this, you should, because we give you a shout out!

Overall, be good to your mom. Treat her well. Hope you enjoy the episode. Have a happy Mother’s Day and geekout!

-The Geekwave

Gamer Moms: The Importance Of Moms To Gamers

Hopefully you are aware that Mothers Day is this coming Sunday. If you were unaware of this very important holiday then you receive a poop emoji.

poop emoji

It is actually quite cute. (Taken from Pintrest)

That is how I feel about you, end of story. Mothers Day is important! Very important! Being a mom is hard, and that is coming from a young adult male. I know nothing about being a mom, aside from the fact that they put a lot of work into doing a good job and it is nice that we can at least take one day to thank them for that. Really Mothers Day should be everyday, but their are other holidays.

Now this is not a rant about how important Mothers are. This is a rant about how important moms are to gamers, and this is from personal experience:

  1. Without moms many gamers would most likely starve to death. Without that occasional sandwich, soup, or snack how would a gamer eat? Unfortunately, when you become a grown-up gamer, you don’t live with your mom(at least most of us…), and realize that you have to make your own food. Thank god for cereal.
  2. Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t buy mature games? All of your friends had Call of Duty and Halo, not you though. That is until you asked your mom, cool kid status achieved! Well, unless your mom visited one of those parent rating review sites and read how those games turns your children into demons. In that case, no cool kid status for you , because, you know, demons are bad. But as those of us who play Call of Duty know, the world if full of cool kids.
  3. The gaming mom! Plenty of moms nowadays play games on their phones but what is super cool is when madre jumps in on the couch battle royal and starts throwing red turtle shells and using that star power! Shout out to all those gaming moms. You are pretty dope!
  4. When your screen is really dirty and your mom lets you use her micro fiber cloth to get you back in the game. GG madre!
  5. The mom who approves of you playing video games! Thankfully, these moms are becoming more and more common. For give-or-take the first eighteen years of life, Moms are basically your boss (and not the fun video game kind) so when they approve of your gaming habit, its a good thing.


So treat your moms well! Don’t be the gamer who flicks them off, karma will get you. Instead give them a great Mothers Day surprise and make them dinner for once. Happy Mothers Day!


-Ollie, who loves his mom (goes and prepares a mothers day surprise!)

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The Geekwave Episode 33: The Red Bearded Yakob

Hey Geekdom,

Hope y’all are ready for finals! We at The Geekwave feel disorganized which is most likely due to finals. So on this weeks episode of The Geekwave we have some comedic and informative rambling!

There’s a bunch of events coming up, like

We also make a poor attempt at roasting Yakob our assistant manager. Instead, we talk about his magnificent red beard and the fact that he is not a geek. Nonetheless, Ollie says some questionable things (when does he not?), but he makes up for it with a little bit of practical advice for finals. Did we mention Lee also won a keyboard that clicks! It is random and crazy but then again finals time is random and crazy.

Yakob the Pirate!

We hope you enjoy. Good luck with finals! Study hard, get some sleep and most importantly don’t forget to, geekout!

-The Geekwave

Finals Week: The do’s and do not’s for Geeks

Finals week is hard. But you always feel great after because you have accomplished so much! As a geek, I have learned a few things about what to do and what not to do when finals time comes around. Here is some advice that I have learned during my schooling. This post will be quite short as I have to go and prepare for finals.

Things to do:

  1. Wear geeky clothing! Feel comfortable. Or if you are one of those people who likes to show up in a suit for finals do that too. Whatever makes you feel qualified and ready. This will help boost your self esteem and confidence.
  2. Take a nap. This isn’t really a geeky thing but probably my most test and best piece of advice.  I take naps all the time during finals week. Even if you can only squeeze in 10-20 minutes it can make a hugs difference and kind of psych your body out if you are not getting enough sleep. Also try to get enough sleep!
  3. Listen to some good music! YouTube is populated with a bunch of remixes for studying. Try something new or just look up a playlist of music you like. Personally I like inspirational music like rock and roll or EDM without words. I have found I study a lot more efficiently when listening to the right music. This is actually a gaming mix that I use a lot for when I 3D model:


Things not to do:

  1. Do not play video games or indulge in binge watching prior to a final. Try to reduce your screen time during the week so you can get good sleep and be well prepared. However,it is okay to utilize a show or a quick match to take your mind of things and de-stress just don’t over do it. Balance is key.
  2. Avoid the energy drinks and candy! I am a culprit of consuming both, but during finals week is a great time to avoid them cause you can quite easily screw up you sleep cycle with Monster. Trust me, I have done it. I personally love to chew Extra Gum. This is a great alternative to eating lots of candy and it is good cause it also cleans your teeth, or so my dentist told me.
  3. Avoid news sources! They will make you realize how many awesome games and movies are coming out. This is like the greatest procrastination tool and can definitely cause a train wreck to any finals study time. Just know their is some really cool stuff coming out really soon and you can look forward to all of it when finals is over…*cough*…*cough* Captain America: Civil War!


Take this advice with a grain or bag of salt. These are just principles that I like. Have a great end to your semester and good luck with finals. Study hard and get some sleep! I would say don’t procrastinate but we all know we would be lying to ourselves. Ollie out!

-Ollie, part student, part velociraptor (goes and studies for finals that unfortunately do not involve dinosaurs.)


The Geekwave Episode 32: Interview with Michael Tsarouhas From Insurgency



Hey Fam,

This week we have a special episode/interview with the community Manager and Voice Actor from the FPS Mod Insurgency, Michael Tsarouhas. Michael gave a great interview as we cover e-sports, the WWII mod Day of Infamy, the future of Insurgency: Sandstorm and of course some good old war stories.




As you may expect our resident Insurgency expert, Ollie is ecstatic… as usual. Make sure to checkout Insurgency on Steam and their studio New World Interactive. Also, hit up their social pages on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. And if you’re interested in playing the game with us, hit up Ollie by messaging our Facebook page. Geek out!


-The Geekwave


*All photos provided by New World Interactive.

The Geekwave Episode 31: Geek-To-Geek

Hey Geekdom,

We got a crazy episode for you this week! We briefly chat about our fun and mind-blowing interview with Cory Doctorow. This was a special episode that we released on Monday. If you haven’t heard it, give Episode 30 a listen. Thank you some much Cory for your time.

I hope you all have been voting in Geek Madness because we announce the winners of the Geek Madness iHome giveaway. Thank you so much to iHome for donating these wonderful giveaways. In fact you can checkout Lee’s review of the iHome iB72 Bluetooth headphones and Ollie’s vlog of the iHome Go+ Arc Bluetooth Speaker. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more reviews of iHome products.  Give this episode a listen to see if you won!

Then we do a geek-to-geek and talk about what is going on in our geek lives and the geekdom. Lee talks about the Final Fantasy XV Platnum Demo giving it a big thumbs up. We also address the Tracer booty pose or “buttroversy” that has caused some controversy in the upcoming game Overwatch. Finally,  we give our opinions on the new Star War: Rogue One. 

Have a great weekend and Geek Out!

-The Geekwave


Geekwave Vlog: iHome Go+ Arc Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing and Review

Hey Amigos,

This is a vlog unboxing and review of the iHome Go+ Arc Bluetooth Speaker. Thank you so much iHome for generously providing this product for review. ALSO, tune into The Geekwave Podcast tomorrow to hear who won our Geek Madness iHome prizes!

Hope you enjoy!

-Ollie, a wanna be velociraptor (goes break-dancing!)