Opinion: What is Art?



What makes something art?

According to the oxford dictionary, art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” This is not a bad definition, although I think it could be expanded to better define art. To me, art is anything that makes you think harder about the subject pictured. This applies to every type of art: painting, drawing, photography, music, digital painting, sculpture, printing, design, architecture, and even crafts.

Personal Outlet of Expression

The idea that art can be anything that invokes deep reflection, means that art becomes a personal outlet of expression to anyone, not just those who create it. Art is watching a movie that makes you rethink your life. It’s that feeling of wanting adventure when you look at photographs of nature. It causes deeper thought and invigorates the mind. Personally, art is anything visual that alters my mood or mindset. That is what art is. For example, this morning I was watching Treasure Planet (the underrated beauty of Disney). This film puts me in a sense of awe when I observe not only the beautiful scenery, but the flow of the story, the connections made between characters and how the movie itself progresses. These all solicit profound thought which make this movie an artistic masterpiece.

Utah Arts Festival

So go out and invoke meditative thought. Go look at some street art. Go to your local art museum. Take some pictures on your phone. Do anything that makes you look at the world a little differently. If you need some help don’t hesitate to grab a ticket to the Utah Arts Festival which will be taking place from Thursday, June 21st to Sunday, June 24th. Festivities will be held from 12 noon to 11 pm each day at the Library and Washington Squares in Salt Lake City (200 E 400 S). So much inspiration will be present and I hope to catch you there!



The Wacky And Weird You Need to Hear: IRONTOM

First Things First: Why the Wacky and Weird?

Let’s talk about the weird side of music. Those random groups you happen to find while surfing the depths of YouTube. That opener at the concert you went to last week. Yes, even that band your second cousin showed you at your last family reunion. The Wacky and Weird You Need to Hear aims to enlighten you on all things strange and NOT mainstream. This series will set out to open your eyes to the big wide world of music. Music isn’t just today’s top 20 or Cardi B‘s newest album. Music should be something that individuals connect with and can relate to you personally. That’s why we’re here, to enhance your relationship with music. Welcome to the depths of alternative music my friends. Welcome to IRONTOM. 

The indie-rock group debuted in Los Angeles, California in 2012. It’s five members can bring serious hype during their live performances. I saw them at The Complex in Salt Lake City accompanying AWOLNATION at their show in March. It isn’t very often I see openers make a crowd go crazy, but IRONTOM knocked concert junkies’ socks off! Their sound is reminiscent of a classic 90’s garage band mixed in with synthesizers creating a modern vibe. Rehashing old musical themes with modern technology is something that is seen in a good portion of today’s alternative music.

Now, let’s talk about stage presence. As I said earlier these guys have serious skills. Their main vocalist, Harry Hayes, is an INSANE performer. He moved from one end of the stage to another putting his all into the music. His hands flailed about the air and along his body with an amazing energy that showcased the tenacity of IRONTOM. The other band members fed off his energy and before long everyone in the crowd had their hands in the air as IRONTOM rocked the house.

From their eccentric vocalist to their classic 90’s vibe, IRONTOM is one of those groups you find and don’t want to share. Their music is so gold you wanna keep it all to yourself. So listen, don’t tell your friends, and I will hear from you next time.

Song suggestions: “Be Bold Like Elijah”, “Brain Go”, “Hookers”