A preview of Life is Beautiful 2019


Life is beautiful is a three-day music festival and art event located on the streets of downtown Las Vegas. Nominated for festival of the year by billboard magazine on numerous occasions, Life is Beautiful seeks to break the monotony of the classic music festival by creating an atmosphere that both entertains and inspires the imagination.

Life is Beautiful offers so much more than just a three-day event packed with all of your favorite musicians. In the past, the festival has been known for it’s insane art displays and attractions. The streets of Vegas turn into immersive art exhibits with murals, sculptures, and other displays that add to the already dizzying scenery of Las Vegas.


Life is Beautiful will be hitting Vegas with a lineup that has never looked more stacked. This will certainly be a festival event you will not want to miss, with huge names coming out from every musical genre including Chance the Rapper, the Black Keys, Billie Eilish, Die Antwoord, Zedd, Portugal the Man, and Rufus Du Sol just to name a few of the headliners.

In addition to live music and art exhibits, attendants can also look forward to seeing comedians like Jonathan Van Ness, Desus & Mero and other speakers on each day of the event. There will also be cuisine from over seventy local restarants, acclaimed chefs, bars, and mixologists to make your time at the festival both pleasurable and comfortable.


Everybody is going to be anxious to get their flannels out for fall, however, it will still be very hot in Las Vegas in September, so summer wear and sun protection is still advised. Attendants should also know that they will be subject to a full search before entering the premise to ensure the safety of every one.

The sensory overload all goes down September 20, 21, 22, in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. A more detailed map of the event perimeter and location are provided on the Life is Beautiful website. Daily schedules will be released soon as well.

We’ll see you at Life is Beautiful 2019!

Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour announces new tour stop in Salt Lake City

Have you ever heard of the book: Think and Grow Rich? K-UTE Radio at The University of Utah is proud to be partnering with the “Think and Grow Rich Legacy Tour” for a special stop on their world tour in Salt Lake City, Utah, on September, 21st 2019. With one of the nations fastest growing economies, and boasting the highest density of entrepreneurs per capita, Utah truly embodies the entrepreneurial legacy that Think and Grow Rich is all about.

During the one-day event, participants will hear seminars from John C. Shin, author of How Rich Asians Think, and a diverse panel of industry experts, speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and investors to transmit the success principles that allowed them to take action in their lives and achieve financial liberty and success. John Shin’s vision for The Legacy Tour is to honor the timeless principles laid out in Think and Grow Rich nearly a century ago, which made it possible for him to go from a family of first generation immigrants in the Glendale neighborhood of L.A, to living in Calabasas and becoming the unstoppable entrepreneurial force that he is today.

The skills you’ll learn from the “Think and Grow Rich Legacy Tour” include: increasing your cash flow, retaining clients and generating more sales, leadership development, clearer thinking, sales mastery, public speaking and much more. If you aspire to increase your income potential or to excel at your life’s endeavors and achieve happiness and contentment, then you do not want to miss your opportunity to experience the principles compiled by author Napoleon Hill like never before through industry experts who know they work!

Still Skeptical?

Have you read Think and Grow Rich so much that you could write it yourself? Still skeptical about the value this program offers you? So was David, who was at the tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona. Give it a chance and you might just end up learning something that you didn’t know!

Testimonial from David to other “jaded millennials”:


Early access to discounted tickets can be found at tgrworldtour.com/#gettickets. General Admission for students and Military members is $89 and $294 for adults. Continue reading to hear about my personal journey with Think and Grow Rich or listen to my interview with John C. Shin by following the link at the bottom of the article.

My personal journey 

I was probably 16 or 17 years old when that second stage of puberty started kicking in. No I’m not talking about the zits, or the random patches of hair cropping up everywhere. What I am talking about was an intense desire to better myself across the board, and not just on the skateboard this time around! Maneuvering the transition into manhood can be tricky; especially today where 18 year olds are thrust into a world they are ill equipped for; often acquiring debt, getting into trouble, or struggling to live paycheck to paycheck while working for someone else. I didn’t exactly know where to start myself, so I ventured into the self-help section of my local library and just started reading.

A need for change

Some time passed after graduating from High School, and I was still feeling lost, looking for insight anywhere. Still equipped with a stack of self-help books, I decided to get out and spend some time with my grandmother in Southern California. She was overjoyed to see her once overly active grandson with his head buried in books. When it was time to go back home, I asked my Grandma if she could recommend some books for me. She said there were two books that had the power to transform my perspective on life for good. She also told me they were the very books that she credits for her own success when starting a hypnotherapy business and eventually when getting into real estate. The first book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, was short, metaphorical, and had pictures in it. An easy read, it was a great complement to the second book she recommended, which she told me would free my mind to “Think and grow rich”.

The book I was introduced to that day was Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill. It is agreed upon as the quintessential self-help book of the 20th century; however, to describe it as just another self-help book is somewhat of a misnomer and disservice. Inspired by the relentless entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie, Think and Grow Rich is the result of more than 20 years of the author following and studying the habits of people who had achieved great success. Ultimately, this “Philosophy of Achievement” is a compilation of 13 steps to riches that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and contribute overwhelmingly to stories of success both financially and personally.

When it all changed

The book I was introduced to that day was Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill. It is agreed upon as the quintessential self-help book of the 20th century; however, to describe it as just another self-help book is somewhat of a misnomer and disservice. Inspired by the relentless entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie, Think and Grow Rich is the result of more than 20 years of the author following and studying the habits of people who had achieved great success. Ultimately, this “Philosophy of Achievement” is a compilation of 13 steps to riches that foster an entrepreneurial spirit and contribute overwhelmingly to stories of success both financially and personally.

When you read a lot of self-help books, like I have, they tend to start blending in with each other, but after reading Think and Grow Rich I finally knew why this was. In the chapter entitled: Decision, Hill describes that, “Throughout this Philosophy will be found the suffusion that thought, backed by strong desire, has a tendency to transmute itself into its physical equivalent.” This archetypal principle of manifestation I had heard repeated over and over throughout the years ultimately came from this classic manual for success. Now, nearly 80 years later, these truly timeless teachings are as important as ever. For this reason I am so happy that John C. Shin and the “Think and Grow Rich Legacy Tour” have memorialized this special book in the form a world tour that brings the legacy of Napoleon Hill’s classic into the third dimension.

Interview with John C. Shin, founder of the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour:


2019 Twilight Concert Series Kicks off

The 2019 Twilight Concert Series kicked off with Hippie Sabotage, Xylo, and Tishmal this past Saturday at the Galivan Center downtown. Kuteradio.org was thrilled when we heard that our partners at S&S took it upon themselves again to save the annual summer concert series this year!

Gallivan Center

This is the first year the concert series has come to the Gallivan Center. The change in location is ultimately for the better for the summer series. The Gallivan Center did exponentially better than Pioneer Park in terms of handling that many people for the sold out show. In addition, they have done a lot to make the Gallivan center a unique outdoor venue experience. They were lawn games in the mix, like giant pong and giant checkers, which was a fun interactive addition.

Hippie Sabotage

Hippie Sabotage came on around 8:30, treating everyone who came out to hear some fat beats to a clinic. We loved the crowd that showed up for the show. Everyone was having a good time at the new venue. There was a really big >21 presence at this particular show, but the younger generation still showed up and expressed themselves through costumes, outfits, body art, etc. Lots of community members came out for the show, and I ended up running into an old homie sporting some sick face-paint.

Looking Forward

We’re really looking forward to the rest of the Twilight Concert series this summer. There is a lot of diversity when it comes to the artists they are bringing out. All of the Hip Hop Heads of Salt Lake are certainly looking forward to seeing Vince Staples, Leikeli47, and local producer Concise Kilgore on August 8th! Thanks again to S&S for presenting the 2019 Twilight Concert Series and partnering with us to give our listeners the opportunity to see these shows for free!  Stay up with K-Ute on our social medias for ticket giveaways to all the next Twilight Shows and more S&S sponsored shows. Don’t forget to come say whats up at the U of U Student Media booth this Thursday for Blind Pilot at the Gallivan Center where we’ll be giving away even more free tickets and making connections with all of our fans!

The Hip Hop Drip Reviews: Bandana

June 28th marked the release of Bandana, the highly anticipated sequel to Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s original collaborative project Piñata. Fans were elated when rumors began circulating about a follow up ‘MadGibbs’ collaboration, and as the singles started to drop, we knew exactly what we were in store for. This project possesses the same smooth elevator-style jazz samples characteristic of Madlib coupled with bars and storytelling from Gibbs that is on par with everything they have previously done together. As a whole, Bandana solidly delivers on what fans had been anxiously awaiting from the dynamic duo.

“Bandana presents an easy first listen with Piñata-esque samples for Gibbs to unleash on.”

If this is your first taste of a MadGibbs project, this album might seem a bit out of place in an industry that is dominated by the trap formula. However, I was happy to hear the same saucy samples, bars, and hard-hitting beats that made me such a fan of their first collaboration together. Bandana presents an easy first listen with Piñata-esque samples for Gibbs to unleash on.

Aside from the music, the album itself has natural flow from song to song, something that Madlib has always done beautifully in the past. He is a true genius when it comes to lining up a playlist as he often uses the juxtaposition of playful samples in transition to give his work the unique sound that has cemented him in hip hop history.

“A definite recommend for connoisseurs of hip hop”

After a few listens through Bandana there were admittedly a few songs that didn’t do it for me. Although, they were offset by some personal standout tracks. These tracks stood out to me because of the depth of their lyrics, like in the song “Practice”, where Gibbs laments on the guilt he feels toward the mother of his child. Another good example is his masterful flow on full display in the second verse of the song “Situations”.

I also really enjoyed Madlib’s use of the “minute-in beat switch” on this project. This is a formula that has worked out for Gibbs and Madlib in the past and they succeed in making it work again on a number of tracks throughout Bandana. Madlib’s production on the album in general is truly special. Songs like “Soul Right” and “Cataracts” leave you feeling high on life, and with a coveted Yassin Bey and Black Thought feature over a DOOM-style dark low piano sample, this album has numerous ‘playlist-worthy’ tracks.

Bandana is a definite recommend for connoisseurs of hip hop, or if for any reason at all for the stories that Gibbs has to tell. Freddie delivers a raw street sermon with themes of past relationships, questionable love from the world, resilience, growth, and thankfulness that make this a classic Gangsta Gibbs project.

“Bandana is what it is”

I’ve talked a lot about how this album compares in a good way to previous projects, but now I want to take a look back at some of the noticeable weaknesses. My first concern was the apparent lack of featured artists. It’s not that Freddie Gibbs can’t hold down a whole project on his own, but to say that I wasn’t a little disappointed with the lack of featuring artists would be a lie. In particular, we are missing a cypher track on this project like there was on Piñata, and that was a bit of a let down.

Although I would consider this to be a very strong album cover to cover, there is a noticeable difference in the strength of the last half of the album versus the first 7 or 8 songs. If you are new to Gibbs and Madlib’s work together, then the last half of the album would be a good place to start, where some of Madlib’s less savory and more experimental tracks will not turn you away to begin with.

Bandana is what it is. The project is not chocked full of club bangers or tracks that are particularly suited for hitting the gym. Whether you consider that a weakness or not is not is obviously a matter of personal opinion. Regardless, Bandana is definitely worth a listen in my book and another entry into Gibbs’ impressive portfolio of projects.

“For fans, Bandana is an instant classic”

Freddie Gibbs has an incredibly impressive discography on his own that is 100% worth digging into, but working with Madlib on Piñata in 2015 ushered in a new era for Gibbs’ career and as an artist. Working with an OG like Madlib has seemingly allowed for him to let his potential as an artist run wild, having dropped numerous classic albums since then including Shadow of a Doubt, You Only Live 2wice, and Freddie. With that said, for fans Bandana is an instant classic that represents a continuation of the artistic journey and progression Gibbs is only in the midst of.

Hip Hop Drip Highlighted Tracks

“Soul Right”



Full length review

In addition to this written review, the Hip Hop Drip also recorded a full length podcast review. Click this link to listen to that!


K-UTE Radio/University of Utah does not own any of the images in this piece.

K-UTE meets the U of U student entrepreneur behind @StreetTeamCycling

During my days working as a sacrificial lamb for the downtown Salt Lake City location of Jimmy John’s, I was exposed to a large and vibrant community of people that make a living on their bikes! I recently got to sit down with an old Jimmy co-worker for a live interview on kuteradio.org to hear what the gang has been up to and about their newest business venture!

@StreetTeamCycling is a brand new cycling centered subscription service hatched from the young minds of student-entrepreneurs at the University of Utah. Meet @ChefColeSendsIt and @NateeHoward; experts in Jimmy John’s bike delivery, seniors in the School of Design at the U of U, and founders of Street Team Cycling!

You can credit the team’s humble passion for riding as the inspiration behind Street Team Cycling. Anybody that rides a lot or works from their bike is in a constant fight against the elements and entropy. Although quite less expensive than a car, bikes are not at all cheap. Trying to keep your bike in top shape while working from it can be a drain on your pocket. And as many other entrepreneurs got their start, Cole and Nate identified a problem and set out for a solution.

How does it work?

The love child, now known as the “Street Team”, is a monthly subscription care package service made by fellow bike workers and tailored especially to bike couriers, delivery cyclists, or any other down right bike fanatics. For a charge of $35, Street Team Cycling sends you a monthly care package stocked with over $50 of quality bike gear. This subscription service provides avid cyclists access to a selection of brand new accessories, tools, and components each month to help keep their rides fresh and clean.

Never worry about getting the same thing twice as care packages change monthly and are updated with the seasons. This past winter, the Street Team partnered up with bike company Musgard to provide care package subscribers with easy-to-attach fenders to help keep them dry! Special thanks to other partners: Irwin Cycling, Marque Cycling, and Hifi Components for providing the quality merchandise behind this brand new service made by cyclists, especially for cyclists.

Follow this link to listen to the full interview and learn more about Cole, the visionary behind Street Team Cycling! Connect with the guys from the team on Instagram @StreetTeamCycling and join the wave that is sweeping the streets of the nation!

Provo RnB sensation Le Dad sits down with K-UTE Radio

If you thought a dull place like Utah could never churn out some funky music, then Provo RnB sensation Le Dad will surely change your opinion. His music follows a wave of RnB revival sparked off by artists like Anderson .Paak, Joji, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Frank Ocean. Le Dad shows off a soft and melodic voice over hard-hitting production that comes together as a clean blend of genres. I got a chance to sit down in the studio with Le Dad for a special premiere of his newest single “Hewasarollersk8erboi”, as well as to talk with him about his process and some of his inspirations.


As a music student at Utah Valley University and self described “music nerd”, Le Dad isn’t just your average music hopeful. He is incredibly humble about his aspirations to become a choir teacher and share his passion for music with future generations. For now, he enjoys applying his musical knowledge to create the kind of music that he likes to listen to. Among his musical inspirations are Xaviar Omar, Marc Ayres, and Bruno Major. His music is best described as a funky blend of smooth hip hop beats, 80’s synth pop, and RnB vocals that are sure to get stuck in your head after your first listen.

A Creative Force:

Le Dad is gifted not just vocally, but musically as well. He plays a variety of instruments and is particularly fond of guitar. You really get a sense of the depth of Le Dad’s knowledge in music theory as you listen to his music. He creates the different elements of his songs by writing all of the words, creating all the melodies and harmonies, and producing the instrumentals with guidance from his producer @breckenstrange. His first ever single, “L8ly”, is a testament to his ability to produce not only radio-worthy content but also allow a peek into what kind of gold he has in store for his fans.


Moving forward after two incredibly well-received singles, Le Dad plans to release at least one song every month this summer for all of his fans! Follow Le Dad on Instagram @Le_Dad_Yo so you don’t miss out on a single thing from him. Also be sure to check out his first two singles on Spotify by searching Le Dad. Tap the link at the bottom of this article to listen to my full interview with Le Dad!

Soundcloud link to interview:


A recap of K-UTE Radio’s Hip Hop Drip local talent showcase.

Hip Hop Drip: Voice of Salt Lake

Utah may have some unique cultural factors, but despite these the state still has a very strong, dedicated, and promising Hip Hop culture. During my time spent as a DJ and host at K-ute radio I have had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know much of the local Hip Hop scene here in Utah on our rap segment, the Hip Hop Drip, that airs weekdays from 4-7 on Kuteradio.org.

Here at K-ute radio, it is our mission to give those that want a first shot at exposure and recognition the platform they need to have their music heard! This gives Artists the opportunity to promote themselves with an interview, play their music on air, and grow their following from our loyal listening base. In addition to this, we have begun holding regular K-UTE Radio presents shows, to showcase the talent that has come through our doors and to show them the love and respect they deserve!

K-Ute Presents

We held our second K-UTE Radio and The Hip Hop Drip Presents show at Kilby Court earlier this year and fans came out from every corner of Utah, in freezing temperatures, to turn up with us! We had an incredibly talented lineup of performers, most of which having dropped new projects within the last 6 months.

Getting Things Started

Our opener for the night, Undecided Music, gave us a taste of what is to come from them in the future. As one of the younger and less experienced acts of the night, they absolutely killed their set and were hopefully given the confidence they needed to keep making dope music!

This is when the 44 clique began showing up in droves to see their boy Koba perform songs off his latest project Dreams. This project is available for stream on SoundCloud under the FourFathers music page. Dee came out with some fresh out of the oven features which was a sweet surprise for the fans. Moving on in the night, big homie Pur2x showed up and showed out, performing tracks off of his debut EP Village Boy also available for stream on SoundCloud.

The Night Continues

The last three Artists to perform were the ones I was particularly excited for. I have personally interviewed them multiple times and I’m a big fan of their previous work. In addition to that, Lisa Frank, vinniecassius, and Adam Banx have been performing together at shows for sometime now. They’ve become the go to openers for big hip hop acts in the valley having worked with Kaskey, Rob Bank$, and Wifisfuneral in just the past few months.

Lisa Frank, took the stage by storm, opting out of an intermission, handing me a confetti canon instead to get his set popping off. He kept the crowd alive with the relentless energy of his music and interaction with the crowd. Keeping the vibe set by Lisa, vinniecassius performed his project Revenge Until Death that dropped only weeks before the event. Chockfull of high BPM bangers and trancelike melodies this project is certainly something you want to experience live someday.

Finally, a long time homie of mine and veteran of the Salt Lake City Hip Hop scene, Adam Banx took the stage as our headlining act. Arguably one of the most musically gifted artists in the scene right now, Adam writes all of his own music, composes a lot of his own beats, and engineers all of his projects for himself. He stays true to his unique style and doesn’t box himself into any specific genre. If you are into something a little more melodic, Adam Banx has definitely got what you want and plenty of it. He already has two complete projects, Illmedicine and Caution: Lanes Merge available on all major platforms, but also has the most amount of unreleased content and new material of any artist I have seen come through the station so far.

Whats next?

The night wrapped up around 10 o’clock and was a huge success for everyone including the station, myself, and the artists involved. By holding shows like this 2-3 times a year, K-ute Radio and the Hip Hop Drip hope to become a staple in the local music scene. As a go to source for promotions and opportunities we invite any artists looking to be heard to reach out to us and get an interview set up. Here at K-Ute Radio, the only thing we love more than music, are people who have a passion for music. We want to hear your story and help make your dreams a reality. Keep your eyes peeled for more live events and tune into Kuteradio.org for all of your favorite music and info regarding upcoming events and ticket giveaways.

I want to take this time to shout out all the performers and fans that came out and put shit down for local Hip Hop!

Hip Hop’s goth cousin: Horrorcore


It’s the season of ghosts and ghouls. I’ve been getting real spooky at the station putting together a mix of some of my favorite Horrorcore joints for our listeners! Before we get those speakers pumping, it’s important to know about the history of Horrorcore and some of its originators to get a better idea of it as a genre in Hip Hop.

Horrorcore, sometimes called DeathRap, is a subset of Gangsta Rap. Many of the classic themes are present while often taking their gruesomeness and imagery to the next level. Songs can often be recognized by transgressive lyrics and dark themes including death, psychosis, mutilation, suicide, and murder. Coupled with samples from horror films and bone-chilling beats, this is not the kind of music you would want your mother to hear you listening to!


The movement started early in the history of Hip Hop where real life stories of horror and street violence were rapped about. With the introduction of dark samples from classic scary movies created what we know today as Horrorcore. The genre gained prominence in 1994 with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan appearing as the RZArector along with The Undertaker, The Grym Reaper, and The Gatekeeper forming the group The Gravediggaz. Their debut album 6 Feet Deep, originally named Niggamortis, found massive uptake in the underground. From just a single project started a massive movement. Consequently, horrorcore quickly spread across the country. New York saw emcees like Kool Kieth. The Geto Boys and Three 6 Mafia sprang up out of the south. And The Bone Thugs came out of Cleveland. Much of the rap music of the 90’s reflect these influences from horror culture.

During the 2000’s Horrorcore saw a small decline. Some music remained prevalent in the underground with artists such as Tech N9ne and his label Strange Music. Recently, however, we have seen a resurgence of dark music conjured from the underground to receive a fair amount of attention. Benny the Butcher, Conway, and Westside Gunn from Griselda Records in Buffalo, New York are working with Daringer, the grimiest producer in the game. They are releasing hip hop that feels like it was frozen in the golden age, or rather dark age of horrorcore. In addition, the wave coming from South Florida, in particular, the music of the $uicide Boy$, draw on much of classic Horrorcore. Accompanied by Three 6 Mafia samples, they put together some very dark but hype music.

Not for the Rap Novice

As a genre, Horrorcore has always had an uphill battle. It isn’t exactly the easiest of all rap genres to listen to. But for the real Hip Hop head, the lyrics and story telling draw you in. The beats and samples paint a horrific picture for any fan twisted enough. What comes to my mind when I think of Horrorcore is the bone-chilling tale in Immortal Technique’s “Dance with the Devil”. This song is an absolute moniker for the movement of the music you hate to love. Nobody forgets the first time they heard that song, which is exactly the kind of lasting impression these artists want to give with their music.

Horrorcore is not for the rap novice. You have to be a serious fan of old school rap and somewhat of a hip hop junkie to make it through a lot of this stuff. I’ve done the hard part for you and compiled some of my all time favorite Horrorcore and dark hip hop tracks from the late 80’s to today! Hope y’all enjoy my mix but as a word of warning, you may want to hold off on listening to this one alone at night!

October Spooky Tape Mixdown