Safeguarding Heritage Sites in the Middle East


This week we have Dr. Blythe McCarthy, Andrew W. Mellon Senior Scientist, Department of Conservation and Scientific Research of Freer & Sackler. In this lecture entitled, “Safeguarding Heritage Sites in the Middle East,” Dr. McCarthy discusses the societal and economic implications that come with losing heritage sites, their potential role as peace-building tools, and the steps being made to preserve these sites in Iraq and Syria.


Five Tips For When You’re Setting Up Backstage

Let’s face it, we all like to compare and contrast. For me working backstage at a rock concert is the place to be! I love the fast-paced energy of putting up all of the equipment and making sure everything is running smoothly before the crowds arrive. If you’re like me, then you would like to get more than just one gig. Here are a few things that helped me when I was just starting out. For the record, I still have a lot to learn.

  1. Avoid feedback

  • The mic and the speaker that is amplifying that signal should never touch. Furthermore, they should not be pointed towards each other at all! An easy way to avoid this is to make sure that the mics always stay behind the speakers. If you are going to use a wireless mic, then this problem is a lot more likely to occur. Make sure you warn whoever is wielding that mic.  
  1. Check the line

  • Many times we are setting up for a show and all of the sudden equipment that has worked before seems to be broken. Before you go out and spend money on a new piece check all of the cables that are sending the signal. Connect them to equipment that you know works and see if the signal carries. If not, then you may only need to replace the cable.
  1. Drop your gains

  • If you are connecting multiple instruments to a single mixer it is important to keep the sliders or gain knobs down and bring up the levels slowly. This will help you avoid feedback and large booms. Also, if you have all of your instruments sounding good but there is one that sounds like it is clipping or warped, the trick there is to bring the rest of the levels down to match rather then taking one level up to match. 
  1. It doesn’t sound cool it sounds warped

  • This is more of a pet peeve. Sometimes when I hear a DJ playing pop hits, they decide to turn up the mids or blast the low end. I’m talking about those three knobs on the mixer, High, Mid, and Low. When working with music that doesn’t belong to you, you only want to turn these knobs a little bit or not at all! For example, Dr. Dre sounds good with a little low-end boost but not so far that it sounds like the speakers will break. Because you are controlling it, oftentimes one may think that they are a remix lord. But to everyone else, you’re really just making their favorite songs sound weird and bad.
  1. Get to know an expert

  • Now, I’m no expert. I would, however, be happy to do my part to ensure that we can all enjoy our entertainment to the fullest of our abilities. Many people share my passion and would be more than willing to give advice on how to make things run smoothly. Don’t be afraid to do some research or to find an opportunity to learn from those that are more experienced than you. Experience and knowledge are like a pie chart. Just because someone doesn’t know differential calculus they could still know why your five hundred thousand dollar set up seems to be virtually on fire, saving you all kinds of trouble in the future. So, I just try to respect everyone on this principle. Because, if you disrespect the wrong person then they will let you fail. You can learn a thing or two from these old folks. They survived. You could still die young.  

Nothing short of a contract can guarantee a job in this world. Above all else, I recommend finding something that you love to do and finding a way to do it every day. Because if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.



Women of K-UTE

Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

Here at K-UTE, we greatly appreciate the powerhouse women on our team – few though we may be. This year has seen the most female involvement at the station as far as I’m aware and that warrants some recognition. Here are a few of these amazing ladies and what they enjoy most about being involved with the radio station.

Click on each person’s name for a link to their Instagram page!

Sage Holt

Sage is one of our freshman DJ’s and wasted no time in getting involved with our station. She doesn’t quite know what she wants to pursue as a degree, but she’s thinking of testing out music production to see if that’s what she’d like most. When I asked her what her favourite part of K-UTE is, she said “I LOVE that K-UTE radio has given me a family on campus.” She then continued by saying “It’s people like you who make it what it is and I can’t imagine my life without you. You’ve already made my college experience with memories I’ll never forget … also I love you.” She was trying to make me blush with that last bit, but I return those sentiments wholeheartedly. She also writes blogs! Check out her first year reflection here.

Tomey Fox

Tomey (seen here with her boyfriend Sterling) is a freshman and hopes to major in civil engineering. You can often catch her drawing in her sketchbook while in the studio between choosing phenomenal songs to play. Her favourite thing about K-UTE is “all the opportunities you can take advantage of just by reaching out.” She makes a good point with that – there are tons of concerts, conferences, positions, and friends all available if you ask. We aren’t a part of the station just to say we’re involved with something. We’re a part of the station to be involved and get the most out of our time here.

Sophia Chartrand

Sophia is a sophomore going for a major in writing and dwells mostly in the land of the W.A.R. Room – K-UTE’s EDM time block. One thing that she enjoys about being a DJ is “being able to play whatever I want for everyone… and I’ve met some dope people while doing it!”


Sarah Bischoff

Sarah is a senior and English Literature major who exists  within K-UTE as a valuable member of The Booket List. She shared that the podcast “gives me the ability to argue with an audience about what I love … it’s a highlight of my academic experience.” She’s involved in other organisations on campus such as the English Student Enrichment Association and writing resource center. We will also soon be publishing pieces together under the title of “Morahnic Satire” wherein we shall satirise anything and everything. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is real. Nihilism.

Jessica Sandrock

Jessica is also a senior and English Literature major. As one of our front desk / secretary people, she has come in clutch many times by printing off assignments for me to pick up while running to class. Her favourite thing about K-UTE is the people. “It’s great to be affiliated with a group of passionate music lovers. I’ve had a blast blogging about concerts and hanging out at the Twilight Concert Series.”

Ellen Lewis

Ellen is a senior and double majoring in Film & Media Arts and Gender Studies in addition to being one of our DJ’s and a member of Studio200. Her favourite thing about K-UTE is “a tie between (1) getting to talk to other music lovers on campus about our favorite artists and (2) forcing everyone tuning in to listen to French pop music from the early 1960s.” When she’s not hard at work on something cool/artsy, she’s probably haunting estate sales. Speaking of her cool/artsy endeavors, mark your calendars and schedule time to get to her art show opening reception!

Morgan Parent

Finally, here’s me! I’m a junior and am getting a degree in Communication, Strategic Communication to be exact. I’ve been involved with K-UTE since January 2017 and I’ve been the Social Media Manager all this time. I’ve also been a DJ on the Midday Mix, conducted in-person & phone interviews, and written blogs (my first one can be found here). My favourite parts about this organisation are the people I’ve met, events I’ve attended, and opportunities I’ve found.


It’s an honour to work alongside these angels, but my goal for next year is to get even more women involved! We all have different backgrounds and parts in the organisation but are alike in our ambition and love of music. There is a place for anyone in K-UTE and that’s another reason why it’s so great.

Some other phenomenal gals on our team that weren’t featured include:

  • Allison Allred – another essential member of The Booket List
  • Elena Payne – one of the best front desk people known to humankind
  • Elly Smith – impending blog writer and barista extraordinaire
  • Helen Finch – a new name in the station who is in training to do a podcast

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