Geek Wish-List: Movie Sequels

What’s up, guys! It’s Lee Neuschwander again with your weekly dose of Geek Wish List. Last week, I mentioned how I was going to talk about some of the Geek related movies that need a sequel.

For as long as I can remember the geek community has always had mixed feelings about sequels to their most beloved movies. One of the biggest arguments concerns the Star Wars prequels vs Star Wars originals.

Star War Posters

Wallpaper created by Zoltan Simon

Others I’ve seen that got less than pleasant reviews have been the Jurassic Park sequels, The Matrix, Transformers, and a
hotly debated rash of Disney movies. Although I agree Disney should never have had made the Fox and Hound 2, dissing movie sequels is not my intent.

What I want to talk about are movies that deserve sequels, but didn’t get one due to a plethora of reasons. First, I think we’re all stocked to see Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory after such a long a wait. For once, it’s props to Disney on those two.

       incredibles2   findingdory

Posters by ComingSoon

Now, getting to business. Some sequels I would love to see, but are not limited to, Wreck It Ralph, Zombieland, and of course, Pacific Rim. As a series, these films never really closed-off, and I believe a sequel would do really well.

To me, Wreck It Ralph was the first animated film that took video games as the influential media they are. Video games aren’t just sources of entertainment anymore. They are characters and stories that we’ve grown up with. As children, they taught us so many things.

In my opinion, a Wreck It Ralph 2 movie would be cool because we might see more iconic video game characters that weren’t in the first movie. I could totally see a movie based on what might happen if Wreck It Ralph was made into a console game, and thus, had a link to every other game out there. How would animators describe how multiplayer games function with all the players in the same place. I think it would produce an interesting sequel that would improve the franchise.


Poster from IGN

Moving away from animated movies, Zombieland was simply hilarious. I loved how the movie took the zombie apocalypse and made it into what some might call a ‘heartwarming’ comedy. The show itself never really ended. SPOILERS: The last scene was just them driving away from the park.

The characters in Zombieland were so well developed for this style of movie that I can’t help but think the series didn’t go as far as it could. The fact that one of the primary characters valued Twinkies above most everything else alone makes this movie special. We still don’t know half the rules for the zombie apocalypse, and that’s valuable information this geeky human being needs. I think a movie where the group runs into another band of survivors would be really funny. It would also fill the Zombieland-shaped hole I found in my heart last Halloween.


Poster from

At last, we come to the sequel I want to see the most, Pacific Rim 2. I know many of you say Pacific Rim 2 shouldn’t have bene made, so why dare to make a second? To that I have but one comment. If they made Sharknado 2, they can damn well make a Pacific Rim 2. Obviously quality of story and actors don’t determine if a sequel gets made.

The main reason I want to see a Pacific Rim sequel is that it was pure entertainment. Whose inner nine year-old wasn’t ripping like mad when Gipsy Danger started used a tanker ship like a baseball bat to beat the Kaiju. With so many movies out that have hidden messages or meanings behind them, I want a movie whose sole purpose is to entertain my inner nine year old.

To that end, I propose Pacific Rim 2: Jaeger vs Godzilla. In such a story, the last, most powerful Kaiju, is left frozen on earth. After the rift was sealed it wakes up. Something along those lines would be superb. But, Godzilla man, how amazing would that be.


Poster from Collider

Next week is Finals Week (cue horror music), but, I’ll still be here, talking about what I’d like to see in the new Star Wars movie that comes out on the 18th.  I can hardly wait. Until then, keep calm and Geek on, my friends.


The Geekwave Episode 14: The Dark Web

In this episode:

  • Solar attempts to record the episode while playing Hearthstone.
  • Logan and Lee take a nostalgia trip over Samurai Jack.
  • Lee gets scammed into selling a testicle.
  • Solar and Logan go halfsies on Star Wars Ice Cream.
  • Logan finds out how much his kidney is worth.
  • Solar gives horrendously wrong information about Bitcoin. (For the record, as of right now 1 bitcoin equals $362.51, not $10 like Solar seems to think.)


Be More Christ-like


Helpful thought-food for new freshmen at today’s Orientation. Good Luck!  We also covered the UofU vs BYU basketball game where one of our players was stuck in the face by a deranged BYU player.  Very un-Christlike stuff.


E-coli outbrake from chicken salad bought from Costco.


San Bernadino terrorist attack and work related violence sparking a coming change in gun laws and more control.

Remember to breathe.


Ro Soldier Finale By

Where did all the World War II games go?

Not too long ago the United States fought in the Second Great War. It’s not uncommon to hear World War II characterized as the contribution of a generation. It’s also hot in video games.

Just what is it about those great games?

Call of Duty, the game that inspired a generation with Nazi zombies, is one of the most notable in the WWII genre. There’s also Red Orchestra 2, another fantastic, first-person shooter (FPS) example of an ultra-realistic World War II game. And, let’s not forget the Medal of Honor series, which seems to have completely fallen off the face of the earth.

Call of Duty: Your Finest Hour (callofduty.wikia)

Call of Duty: Your Finest Hour (call of duty: Your Finest Hour.wikia)

This epic, epic globe-spanning conflict is gold for gaming. There are really, really bad, bad guys, like Adolf Hitler for one thing. Secondly, this type of game offers ample supply of alternate story lines for different adventures. Erwin Rommel’s lost treasure is choice.

And, don’t forget about the numerous plots to assassinate Hitler. Also, talk about the characters. You got “Old Blood and Guts” General George S. Patton, General Montgomery, Eisenhower, Erwin Rommel, Joseph Goebbels, and the list goes on. So many great and bad, but all are interesting people who contributed to a world-shaking conflict.

I want those games back! Aside from Wolfenstein there is a huge absence of the Great Wars in the gaming world right now.

Imagine what we can do with the technology available to us. Games are bigger, faster and prettier than ever before. But there hasn’t been a WWII game to utilize big battlefield technology. Imagine you’re a single soldier on a D-Day beach. Players swarm around you, as MG-42s flash in hillside bunkers, and the whole time you just need to duck and cover behind the tank blockade just ahead.

Massive battles with many players would allow for extravagant objectives and excellent teamwork—not to mention tanks! Who doesn’t love tanks? One of my favorite things to do is drive tanks in video games, and driving a German King Tiger would be icing on the cake. It would all be spectacular.

Panzer IV, Model WaW

Panzer IV, Model WaW (Google Images)

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like such a spectacular idea to some people. Fast-pace, FPS games dominate the market with a tight niche in e-sports. This year’s Fall games lineup included sci-fi, and rapid competitive multiplayer games, like Halo 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Don’t get me wrong, I love those games. Competitive multiplayer and e-sports are great, and sci-fi is one of my favorite things ever. Still, we need balance. I want a deep, historical experience in an age of so much technology.

Red Orchestra, Rising Storm (SKIDKI)

Besides, World War II plays an extremely important role in American, and international history. Games are a great medium to teach this, especially when the details can be made historically accurate. I also feel games pay homage to the Americans who gave their lives to defend freedom we hold so dear. I also I fear a trend that forgets this world-changing event. Future video games may be the only way children get their history. History is super-important, because it shows us the mistakes we have made, so we don’t make them again.

For example, there is a very strong argument World War II could have been avoided if certain measures had been taken to reset the European balance-of-power to help Germany instead of punish her. But failure by political leaders to look at the past, guaranteed a second world war.

We need to examine history in order to create a brighter future, and perhaps, to avoid World War 3. Maybe a hugely complex World War II video game could help us get there.

– Ollie, Master of Stealth and Assassination

The Late News: Student Solidarity March

Two weeks ago there was a solidarity march on the UofU campus.  Hundreds of people, staff, faculty, and students participated.

They marched for people of color, and equality.

On this podcast, Nathan visits with us. He voiced concerns at the march and shared wisdom and thoughts with us for a while. Professors and faculty were there to hear a wide range of student concerns, from need for more resources to voices that need to be heard.  Students at the U wait to see what action takes place.

UofU football team is out of the playoffs with the loss last weekend.

National News has a world travel alert out due to terror threats.

Special shout out to Nathan for visiting the show today.