Today we went over the police report from campus, the LGTBQ issues on homosexual relationships.

Big stories and food for thought today was on University of Missouri President resigning over racial issues.

People in different cities are protesting the minimum wage to be raised to $15.

Review: “Sleep” by Tom the Lion Album

The first thing you will realize about Tom the Lion’s sophomore album Sleep is that it’s a little old, in fact about a year, but with our massive stacks of music you have to start somewhere. The first thing you will realize however, while you listen to the London, England based indie rock band is their unique spacey sound, which makes feel as though your floating in mid-air while still providing a surprisingly big, powerful and at times emotionally charged feel to their music. Perhaps the closest main stream equivalent to Tom the Lion would be to arena rock bands such as the Killers and U2, though where these bands tend to lean towards bigger powerful wafts of uplifting synthesizer lead, distortion filled moments of pure awesome (I’m one of the like five people who actually enjoyed the “crappy” album U2 dropped on everybody who IPhone a couple years back). Tom the Lion prefers to keep things on a lower more mellow level allowing for some beautifully musical moments where everything seems to align itself perfectly, creating complete Zen of synthesizer rich indie music.

Yet, the record is not perfect. Specifically there is a lack of dynamic range. Sleep is an album that loves its sound and refuses to deviate from an admittedly winning formula. From the Silent Partner to Winter’s wool Tom the Lion is at their best when they are laying down a slow but grooving rhythm overlaid by a myriad of melodies and counter melodies provided by spacy synths, guitars, and keyboards. This leads to some very well developed courses, and I found myself sing along far more than once. Though I sat listening to this album I found it impossible to tell most of the songs apart, while some level this is enjoyable as it makes the album feel cohesive as whole.  It does make looking at individual songs a bit bother, as while the hooks on tracks such as Ragdoll and Beholden are great, it can be hard to discern them apart once you get past the hooks. The one time the band does deviate from their formula, is in the track Oil Man which is interesting but ultimately falls flat in terms of giving any sort of substance besides deviation.

I am going to give this album a VERY solid seven out of ten. Tom the Lion, despite being a year old, proves to me I should learn their name with a fun and unique sound, and I look forward to seeing more or their stuff in our inbox. However this album just does not provide enough deviation and substance for me to truly appreciate their album. Though it is been a good entry point to a band who I hope will have long and exciting career.

Foster-care Hero Helps Reunite 200 Siblings in Disneyland for a Day

Lizzy Palmatier Miss Utah Candidate

Lizzy Palmatier, Miss Utah candidate, philharmonic violinist, foster-care hero

Lizzy Palmatier is a foster-care hero, Philharmonic violinist (she smiled huge when she said so), and candidate for Miss Utah. Her involvement with Together We Rise inspired gratitude and love, after spending a day reuniting 200 siblings at Disneyland. Listen as Lizzy tells the tale at Larry Gardner Concert Hall. Find out how you can help children who need it.

Lizzy Palmatier and Together We Rise Reunite 200 Siblings in Disneyland

Lizzy Palmatier and Together We Rise Reunite 200 Siblings in Disneyland

“My goal is to find more foster parents. Right now there are over 400,000 Foster children in the US (2,700 of them in Utah) but only 186,000 Foster parents (13,000 of them in Utah). This means that there are thousands of children who are needlessly suffering.”

“Reciprocity,” Filtering Through the Noise, Part B

Avery Holton, a man of communication on campus

Avery Holton, Assistant Professor, Communication, University of Utah

Part B

What do you want people to think of you online? How do you identify with others? What is ambient transparency?
Texas-born, Avery Holton is a voice for “connectivity” at the U. His award-winning studies recently identified a gap between personal identity and journalistic enterprise. Our conversation picks up at LNCO 2149, where personal identity, relationships, and culture come together around the challenges of social media.

Changes in State and Religion

Campus news we shared stories from the Chronicle paper on new leadership coming to ASUU as well as others stories happening around campus U should know.

Local news we talked about the New Mayor Jackie

National news is when we covered the big talk lately about the LDS faiths stance on not allowing children of a same sex marriage to be baptized.

World news covered the downed Russian aircraft possibly blown up by a bomb placed by terrorists.

The Geekwave Episode 10: Comicbooks with Amanda Green

Hey Geeks!

It’s been a while since we did an episode focusing on Comicbooks, but with the Westminster Comic Symposium coming up next week we thought this was a perfect time to get on it! We caught up with Amanda Green, professional Batman fanatic and English major, to talk about the impact that the Comicbook industry has had on American culture and literature. We talk about everything you’d expect – the constant rise and fall of the industry, the success of the cinematic universes, the growing diversity of characters, and even tha latest fiasco featuring Captain America and Fox News.

For those of you interested in the Symposium, here’s a flier about the event:

Comics Symposium Flyer

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Election Day! Prisoners Out Drugs In.

Campus news we touched on article from the chronicle paper involving using technology and driving as well as told U about “Pizza and Politics” in the OSH building.

Local news we covered information on a 2.9 earthquake that happened Monday in Utah.

National news shared again how thousands of prisoners will be released this weekend on forgiving drug charges mostly and how Ohio is voting to day on weather to legalize both medical marijuana and recreational use.

In the end tea is good for you shared from an article also in the Chronicle Paper.