G-Eazy in SLC!

The man known as G-Eazy is currently moving up in the rap game in leaps and bounds. Almost as quick as his home basketball team the Golden State Warriors took over the NBA. Gerald Earl Gillum is a 26 year old rap artist coming out of Oakland, California. His first album had tremendous success peaking at number 3 on the US Billboard 200, and his latest album, When It’s Dark Out, has already hit number 5 on the same chart since it’s release date December 4th 2015.  To support his album’s release G-Eazy is hitting the road, and much to our delight he will be making a stop in Salt Lake City on January 9th at The Saltair.

Gerald is the Steph Curry of the hip hop world right now. He’s on fire. So much so that the show is entirely sold out already. Admittedly, the tickets have been on sale for a few weeks now, but nonetheless selling out The Saltair is not a small feat. Luckily for all the G-Eazy fans who procrastinated buying their tickets I have good news. There will be an after party at The Hotel Elevate, which is a 21+ club located in central Salt Lake City. G-Eazy himself will be hosting this party, so for those of you who are of age and either missed buying a ticket to the show, or just want some more Gerald for your night check the following link.


G-Eazy has several songs on youtube in the million view range already, and countless in the hundred thousands. I’ve included a few songs for those of you who have not heard his music yet, and also anybody who just wants to hear some hot tunes.




CES Is Just Around The Corner


Logo from cesweb.org

That’s right, CES begins in 24 hours, and I couldn’t be more excited. This year promises many new exciting gadgets and tech trends.

I will be your man in the trenches, updating K-UTE social media with the latest and greatest from CES, 2016. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of blogging to follow up. I am most excited about virtual reality. Oculus Rift is expected to come out Q1 2016. This is the year virtual reality makes its big debut. Keep your fingers crossed.


 Kyle Tezak | Oculus Rift 2016

Along with Oculus Rift, there’s Infinadeck, which looks awesome. It is the world’s first true Omnidirectional Treadmill. The VR user can now run-walk. Instead of creating the illusion of walking or running, users can actually walk or run in one location. In the end, it’s all about a virtual world that seems completely real, definitely a big jump to a seamlessly realistic experience.


Does he even know he is walking on a treadmill? Image provided by Infinadeck

infina deck aiming

This brings a whole new level to gaming realism. Image provided by Infinadeck

I am also curious to find out how good holograms look on Microsoft’s HoloLens because my secret Death Star plans need to be extremely detailed, so I can send them to my rebel friends.

Use gestures, gaze and voice to control Microsoft HoloLens

That looks pretty good to me. Image taken from microsoft.com

Microsoft is not the only company trying to create holograms. HOLOSEER is pretty much doing the same thing, and I’m currently trying to set up a demo with them during CES. Whether or not my schedule allows remains to be seen. Either way, SEER is pretty cool, and there are lots of demos on their website www.caputer.com. Stay tuned, I hope to show one to you guys.

SEER AR goggles

A new perspective for the future! Image provided by HOLOSEER

Aside from the many cool gadgets that literally change the way I see things, I also want a peek at self-driving cars. Apparently, these cars have been ready since the last CES. But the population isn’t yet ready, and current laws don’t exactly favor them. One thing worth mentioning, is Nvidia’s emerging relationship with auto retailers. They are now helping to make self-driving cars possible with smarter and nicer-looking interfaces. Count on me checking this out.

I think jet pack and laser gun should be included. Image from prodigitalweb.com.

HUDs or Heads-Up-Displays are also riveting. Multiple versions are to be showcased at CES. HUDs can be used while driving so you drivers can do just about whatever they please. I definitely see lots of practical uses for HUDs, but it also seems like they could potentially distract drivers from important things, like keeping their eyes on the road.

I received the funniest email in preparation for my CES trip titled, “TELEPORTATION will be showcased at CES.” I fell out of my chair it was so funny. Was it possible? But as you might guess, it turned out to be a letdown. It definitely wasn’t the teleportation I was looking for. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting what “Expert Teleportation” is doing, which uses smart glass that basically allows people to communicate and move data very quickly. To my dismay, I don’t think any molecules are being torn apart.

Undoubtedly, Mad Catz will release stuff that looks even more like Transformers. I’ll really be impressed the day I get a genuinely autonomously transforming mouse/robot friend.

All the new phones will be exciting, but what really gets me are their virtual capabilities. The idea that virtual reality goggles can exist inside our phones, capable of augmenting the world we know, is mind-blowing. It would also prevent loss of expensive equipment because of careless drops, and the price tag for an Oculus Rift. All you need is a snazzy head-strap with a place to snap your phone in.

There will be much to see at this year’s CES, which means I’ll probably be distracted the entire time. But please, let me know what you’d like to see at the show in the Comments section (below).

Hope you got your fill of games with the Steam Winter Sale and are enjoying the first week of the New Year!

-Ollie (grabs his camera and prepares for the trenches of CES)

Geek Wish-List: eSports for 2016

Hello everybody, apologies for the late post. Those technical issues finally caught up with me. It’s now 2016, and like I said last year, I want to talk about games I hope will enter the world of eSports. With the new year upon us, preparation for this year’s championships have already begun. From LoLto Counterstrike, people are training for a chance to take home the trophy. WIth many already training hard and building the community with newer teams by having advanced players by being able to buy lol account in order to train the newer ones. It’s safe to say that eSports have grown more than enough to gives some other franchises some attention.

The games I hope to see get more attention in the world of eSports this year include the new Blizzard game, Overwatch, Halo Wars 2, and the newest DOOM.

The most realistic game to enter the eSports line-up is Overwatch. A Blizzard creator, and MOBA-style gameplay make the game a
no-brainier for eSports fans. I hope Blizzcon hosts the first Overwatch world-championship in 2016.


Image from Siliconangle.com

Next, I want to see a new RTS take the stage in eSports, and I think, Halo Wars 2 would bring new flavor to the arena. But I also believe changes are needed. There are two factions fighting in Halo Wars, and within each there are three sub-factions. Following RTS tradition, a third set of sub-factions would result in a more satisfying outcome. The Flood or Forerunners could easily fill the gap.


Halo Wars 2. Image from Giantbomb.com

And finally, my big wish for eSports this year. In 2016, we are supposed to get the newest DOOM game. Indeed, DOOM is to return with shiny new graphics, depending on how well its multiplayer function works. The DOOM series is labeled as an ‘arena-style shooter’, which screams eSports. I can see DOOM being played in an eSports bar, and someone says, “Dude, so and so is on fire—oops, spoke too soon, he was just impaled.” (insert Frozen meme here)


Image from Gamesradar.com

I’m now done with my weekly rant, and sorry for being late. Winter semester starts next week, and I’m so excited for the next round of geek-related stuff at the U. I will officially start the semester with my Wish-list for the geek community at the U. It’s gonna be a good year guys, I can feel it.

The Rostrum: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

McKenna Buck, Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering student at the U, McKenna Buck, works to make the world a cleaner place to live


What is Biomass? How will it make the world cleaner? What does science say about fracking?
The Rostrum is at the John and Marva E Warnock Building with Chemical engineering student, McKenna Buck who shares a glimpse at the work she’s doing with one of the U’s newest faculty, Prof. Dolly Chitta, to develop new technology that could mean a cleaner world. 

The Geekwave Episode 17: Best of 2015 and 2016

Happy New Year!

There’s been a lot of great things this year: Movies, Hoverboards, Back to the Future, Video Games, all sorts of goodies. We spend this episode talking about our favorite things from this last year and what we’re looking forwrd to the most in this next year. Also, Lee uses the holiday spirit to loosen his tongue a little more than usual, so be careful for rogue expletives.

Looking forward to 2016!

The Rostrum: Meet the Nuclear Reactor Supervisor


Conversation with Ryan Schow, a Utah native, and Nuclear Reactor Supervisor at the U, provides an insider’s look at what makes the U a global leader in nuclear safety culture. We also talk about the origins of his nuclear journey, and amazing student opportunities in nuclear science that are being noticed by the world’s nuclear energy community.

  • “My kids call me Homer.”

    “My kids call me Homer,” said Schow jokingly.

  • Ryan Schow, teaches

    Ryan Schow, Ph.D. Student, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Supervisor

  • Nuclear Reactor Teaches U

    Nuclear Reactor teaches U

  • A “critical Reactor” is…an even operating state.

    A reactor is in a critical state when it neither gains or loses neutrons.

  • Ryan Schow Nuclear Reactor Supervisor

    Ryan Schow: Ph.D. student, fundraiser, technician, father of six, teacher, and volunteer

  • Ryan Schow in the Reactor Room

    Nuclear reactor rods each cost about $200,000, Schow explains

  • Reactor Supervisor teaches the future culture of nuclear energy

Geek Wish-List: Anime MC Redo

Hey guys, it’s Lee Neuschwander, and I hope most of you have seen the new Star Wars movie by now. However, if you are one of the brave few who have not seen the movie yet, we wish you the best of luck in continuing your fight against the ocean of spoilers; keep calm and may the Force be with you.

Last time I said I’d be talking about new Anime story ideas I would like to see in the next season of releases. Now, I really like Anime, so I could easily talk to you guys for four plus pages. For the sake of the Blog, I’ll keep it to the usual length. Sigh.

There is some really good Anime this season, but one that really struck me as being above the rest include Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, One Punch Man, and my personal favorite, Overlord. Each of these shows has main characters that break the standard for the Anime MC role. All in a good way.

Before we get into what’s on my Wish-List, I’ll explain why these shows are on my good side.

Iron-Blooded Orphans holds a special place in my heart as the Gundam series that brought back the cold-blooded, Mikazuki Augus, Anime’s main character who pilots the Gundam frame “Barbatos”. In the very first episode, we learn Mikazuki is an emotionless killer who will do whatever is asked of him from secondary character, Orga Itsuka.

Some might say having an emotionless MC is a bad thing, however, when it comes to the Gundam, an emotionless MC is a necessity to be considered good by the fan base. Iron-Blooded Orphans delivers exceptionally well on this, and gives us an MC that breaks away from the traditional Anime hero-mold in the most badass way.



Arguably, One Punch Man is the most popular Anime from the newest season of releases. For good reason. Anime is based off the concept that the MC is so ridiculously over-powered that no one can stand against him. Usually, we see how MC develops something that has become known as an ‘MC plot armor’ where no matter what happens, you know the MC will make it out alive.

As a result, those shows become somewhat stale because you know the hero makes it out alright. One Punch Man makes invulnerability the center-point by pushing far past the reasonable limit as to be ridiculous on purpose. It ends up working as a comedy element, which makes it even more entertaining in the process.



Finally, there’s Overlord, my personal favorite from the new batch. The main character is similarly overpowered, but with a twist. A twist that makes the main character, Lord Ains, not the good guy. Instead, you might say, the MC is the ‘villain’. In Overlord, Lord Ains is the overpowered evil overlord of the story and goes about reaching his goals by any means, peaceful or violently dark. I absolutely love this change in MC perspective because we get to see an Anime without a stereotypical hero who gets stronger facing off against villains. A villain already as strong as possible, broken in gamer terms who goes about doing what he wants to do instead of according to a preordained plot.  This show does a great job exploring a new angle of storytelling, but I would like to go a step further.



OK, here we are, finally at the Wish-List part. Now, having shown you guys the elements of these shows that relate to main characters and plot development, I want to talk about what I would like to see using some of these elements. Some ideas I would love to see implemented in Anime are stories told from the main antagonist’s perspective where the MC is actually the primary danger.

To explain further, imagine watching a battle take place where the hero is fighting against the monster or enemy, and then after the fight ends, instead of breaking back to the character development of the hero’s party, we get to see a similar dynamic from the main villain. So far, the only show I’ve seen where we get a look into the social circle of the bad guys was with Akame Ga Kill. In that show, they showed the side of the good guys with Night Raid, but they also showed relationships within the enemy ranks amid the Jaegers.



My second concept is a show were the MC is the main threat. Now, this doesn’t mean the MC is the villain necessarily, but the MC is the biggest danger the protagonists will face. To clarify, let’s say the story takes place like usual, and the MC is pushed to the point of defeat. Then the MC’s hidden powers awaken allowing him to easily defeat the enemy.

The twist is, their power isn’t controllable, and the MC then kills members of his/her own team. I feel this would be a great way to throw a new angle into the camaraderie we usually see between MC’s and their supporting characters. How would you feel if the hero you believed would save your world from the enemy starts killing the very people they swore to protect? Along similar lines would be one of the supporting characters, perhaps the love interest, knows s/he has the power to defeat the enemy, but knows they can’t control it and then, s/he manipulates the MC into using that power to complete their own agenda.

An example might be if Nyu from Elfen Lied was the MC instead of Kouta, being torn between allowing Lucy to save people, or not. Another could be, if Yuno from Future Diary could turn off her killer tendencies when helping Yuki. The resulting conflict would be a great source of complex character development I think Anime could use more of.



As you’ve probably guessed by now, I could go on and on with such ideas. Any one of them is a wish-list in itself. In saying that, I’ll end it here. If you want me to talk more about Anime-related stuff, please feel free to comment. Next week, I feel like talking about games I’d like to see get more activity in the competitive world of E-sports.

The Rostrum: Breath for New Standard in TB Detection

Dhiman Bhattacharrya, Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering student, devout painter, and Cricketer

“TB breathalyzer” Answers Global Healthcare Concern |

Tuberculosis is a deadly pulmonary disease that affects millions in Africa and southeastern Asia who don’t have access to point-of-care TB detection. U Ph.D. student, metallurgical engineer, Cricketer, and devout painter, Dhiman Bhattacharyya explains the research and potential impact of his new “TB breathalyzer,” a sensor platform which may soon provide an immediate, point-of-care solution to a global TB concern.

Titanium Oxide Nanotubes (TiO2) used to detect TB biomarkers in breath

Sensor Setup

Dhiman’s Sensor Diagram Sensor Setup

NANOSYNTH Materials & Sensors is the related company, working with Dhiman to bring this new technology to market.