Dylan Gardner Concert Review

If you hear any one of Dylan Gardner’s songs, you imagine him playing it in front of thousands. His music has that upbeat electronic sound that’s popular today without sounding like every other pop song on the radio. However, his August 25 concert at Kilby Court was played in front of only about 30 people.

A show of this small size could be awkward if the musician makes it so. However, Gardner brought an enthusiasm that was only amplified by the intimacy of the venue. But he wasn’t the only performer to play an energetic set.

The first opener, As We Speak, played a drum heavy set that got everyone jumping or dancing along with the beat. Based in Salt Lake City, As We Speak is a rock/alternative band. They just released their first EP, aptly titled The EP. They were clearly comfortable onstage, maintaining a relaxed but upbeat energy.

After As We Speak, another local band called RKDN came on. They also just released an EP called Stone Cold and played most of the songs off that EP. They heavily encouraged audience participation, teaching them the chorus to their song Silver so the audience could sing along. They also told the audience to dance numerous times during their song. Because their music is more electronic sounding than As We Speak, they were the perfect lead in for Dylan Gardner.

After the quick sound check, Gardner immediately launched into a lively rendition of one of his songs off his album debut album,  Adventures in Real Time. The most noticeable thing about it was the unique stage presence he brought. It was easy to see that Gardner was simply having fun onstage. He was laughing and smiling throughout the entirety of the song, something that continued throughout the concert. In addition, he brought a unique personality to his set that no other singer could replicate. For example, there is a short break in the recorded version of his song Let’s Get Started. However, he extended this break for as long as he could as the audience eagerly awaited him to pick it back up. “Oh you guys all know what’s going on. Usually I try to milk the audience for as long as possible but I could tell you guys knew,” Gardner remarked after the song was over. Over all, his concert can only be described as having an incredibly fun atmosphere.


Planned Parenthood CEO Kerrie Galloway on the Controversy

As we all know, the contending views on Planned Parenthood’s place in our world continue. In an interview with SLC CEO of Planned Parenthood, Kerrie Galloway confirmed the flash of recent controversy is nothing new.

Galloway smartly rebuked the tactics played by influences characterized as “’edit-savvy opponents.’” Galloway also explained that federal money never pays for abortion.

Kerrie describes the opposition that created this controversy: “Dog days of summer come,” she said. “This particular episode they formed a dummy corporation, three years ago‑BioMax, incorporated in California. They started purporting themselves as wanting to get into the business of tissue transfer for research.”

Kerrie emphatically denied SLC Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the sale of fetal tissue for profit. She said this. 

“It allows women the choice to donate tissue for scientific research, as with tissue donation at any hospital,” said Galloway. “It’s not the pretty part of medicine, but it is incredibly important.”

Dalton Edwards @TheChrony puts a cap on the issue in a recent article even as Republican lawmakers circle to defund Planned Parenthood.

A Big Geekwave Update

Salt Lake Gaming Con, Minecraft, and Podcasts… Ooohhhhh myyyyyyyy.

Hey geeks! A few updates on the state of The Geekwave.

First off, we apologize for the fact that the show will not be playing today. We are at Salt Lake Gaming Con today covering the show and viewing the tournaments. However, there are a couple of other exciting things happening today to keep you sated!

After a week of tinkering, building, and preparing, we’re ready to launch our new Minecraft Server! Here’s the deets:

  • By the vote of the people, the new server is A Brand New World, running Spigot Minecraft, with a Whitelist. It’s also currently in BETA. We’ve added a few cool plugins to it, including some economy plugins that are completely unbalanced. We welcome suggestions for  balancing those and for plugins we should consider. You can submit a suggestion or an error or commentary in two ways: You can use /mail in game to mail MasterSolar, or you can send a message to The Geekwave Facebook Page. You can also message a moderator if one of them is online.
  • Your current moderators for this new server are MasterSolar, Rakdos24, and Tulump2011. MasterSolar is our official technician and plugin manager, and Tulump is our admin designer.
  • The new server will be hosted at a new address: minecraft.kuteradio.org. The old address (officialuofu.mossycobble.com) will be set up to point to our old server, with all of the lag and destruction and vanilla you remember. This set up will not be completed today, but rest assured that the new server will be up and running at its new address at 3pm today.
  • Everyone who’s made it onto the whitelist so far will be on the whitelist for the new server. Everyone who isn’t on the whitelist and would like to be must send a Facebook message from their personal account to The Geekwave Facebook Page. The old server will not be accepting any more onto its whitelist (unless you can convince us that you built a bunch of stuff on the old server and just missed the first whitelist window. We’re really not that picky.)
  • If you’re interested, the current plugins we have installed are Essentials, Vault, Jobs Reborn, Grief Prevention, LapisPortals, BetterShops, and Dynmap. I encourage you especially check out Grief Prevention’s features that let players claim and protect their own land, and you can view our dynmap at minecraft.kuteradio.org:8123

I think that’s it! Have fun, be nice, and feel free to let Tulump know how well she did with the Spawn area.

Finally, some big news about The Geekwave. As I mentioned, today we won’t be on the air, but we will be recording an episode for you guys on the show floor of Salt Lake Gaming Con. If you’re going to be at the Con, send us a message and we may invite you to be on the show. This will be the first of our line of Official Podcasts, and starting later this month, The Geekwave will no longer be on the air. Instead, our show will be released in Podcast Form every week via K-UTE Radio’s Official Website. K-UTE’s hope for this transition is that we’ll be able to allow more people to listen to The Geekwave then just those who were able to tune in on Fridays, and our flexibility of production will allow for more on-site recordings, special guests, and promotion. We’ve really enjoyed coming to you live every week, and we thank all of our listeners, especially those who engaged with us during the show. So rest assured, The Geekwave is not over, and hopefully you and your friends can listen to us more now that you can listen to us whenever!

On that note, The Geekwave is currently looking for new hosts! K-UTE Radio is hiring interns for the Fall Semester, and with Claire and Kelby leaving our fine University, we need new hosts who are interested in podcasting, convention-going, and all things Geeky. Perks include possible internship credit, free convention passes, and future scholarship opportunities. If you’re interested in joining our team, please fill out the internship application found here, and submit it to utahstudentmedia@gmail.com.


The Geekwave Minecraft Server Poll


Hello everyone! MasterSolar here with an update.

If you haven’t heard yet, the OfficialUofU Minecraft Server was recently attacked by griefers, some of whom claimed to be from the Hacker Forums. They messed some things up pretty badly. As such, there has been conversation among the people about the fate of the server. It currently has a Whitelist on it, which you can get on by confirming your identity. Just send us a message at The Geekwave Facebook Page to confirm your identity.

Months ago we switched from a Bukkit server to a Vanilla server so that we could update our stuff to Minecraft 1.8. This is part of the reason that Griefing has been allowed to run rampant, as there are few features that Vanilla has to help us stop that. There are also some features that we did have at our disposal which we didn’t use, and we apologize for that. But recently we’ve discovered that the Spigot team revived Bukkit and updated it so it supports 1.8.

We currently have a version of the current map running Spigot hosted at officialuofu.mossycobble.com:25566. Everyone who’s made it onto the official server’s Whitelist before this point can now be beta testers of this new map!

As has been our goal from the beginning, we’d like the people on the server to decide it’s direction, so that we make it the best possible experience and we can bring in new players from across the University. Thus, we’ve created this poll to gather information about players and gather opinions about what our next step should be. Please fill it out to let your voice be heard.

As always, we thank you guys for supporting The Geekwave and University Student Media. If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook.