April 23rd, 2015 Indie Rock/Alternative Playlist

Thursday, April 23rd Playlist

C Foxes Mate For Life – Born Ruffians
C Seasons (Waiting On You) – Future Islands
C Don’t Move – Phantogram
D Whole Love – Wilco
C Turn A Square – The Shins
C While You Wait – Grizzly Bear


Z Uprising – Muse
Z Wish – Nine Inch Nails
Z Trolltind – Lumsk
N Listen To Capture – Mr. Graceless
C Kaze Wo Atsumete – Happy End
R Overcome By Happiness – Pernice Brothers


C I’ve Seen Footage – Death Grips
S Prison – All
S The Vibes – Capleton & Sizzla
S City Lock – Capleton & Sizzla
C What’s Golden – Jurassic 5
C DNA – The Kills
NM Don’t Make Me A Target – Spoon


C Everyone Is Someone in L.A. – Felix Da Housecat
NM Underground Up – Mr. Complex
NM Impetus – Clutch
D King of the Beach – Wavves
S Thrown Dem Gunz – Lil Ugly Mane
S Serious Shit – Lil Ugly Mane
S Let Her Go – Mac Demarco


C She’s Really All I Need – Mac Demarco
C Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean
C Between Friends – Flying Lotus (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy)
S Volt – Yung Lean
C The Message – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
S Huddle Formation – The Go! Team
C Paper Bag – Fiona Apple


C Our House – Phantom Planet
NM Juicebox – The Strokes
D Bizness – tUnE-yArDs
E Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
C Regret – St. Vincent
C Strawberry Lemonade – Saint Pepsi


R = Requests
S = Sam Beattie
N = Nigel Marabello
Z = Zach Rieck
C = Caine Wenner
D = Devin Richie (Guest for the week)
NM = Nathan Marabello (Guest for the week)
E = Emma Roberts (Frequent requester / cool person)

April 16th, 2015 Indie Rock/Alternative Playlist

Thursday, April 16th Playlist

C Pump Me Up – Trouble Funk
S Go Go Round The World – Fishmans
S Plum Skins – KMB
D Get Got – Death Grips
S Billy Not Really – Death Grips
C Velvet Itch – Bass Drum Of Death
E Wheels – Cake


E Age of Consent – New Order
SK Pedestrian at Best – Courtney Barnett
Z Harijans Kanata – Asian Kungfu Generation
Z اخر زفير – اخرتو لحن حزين
Z Nersussuaq – Siissisoq


Z Kvaoning – Skálmöld
A Night at the Knight School – Thee More Shallows
E Young Lust – Pink Floyd
S Grey Streets – Felt
S Get On My Hype – DJ B. Cause
S Executives – Mac Dre


SK Work It – Missy Elliott
R Love Removal Machine – The Cult
E Eat Starch Mom – Jefferson Airplane
D Guiding Light – Television
C Have Faith / Better – Saint Pepsi
S I Wouldn’t Change A Thing – Johnny Bristol


C Young Blood – Mac Demarco
C She’s Really All I Need – Mac Demarco
C Kinder Blumen – Real Estate
C Low Key – Tweedy
SK You And I – Wilco
C Nobody Dies Anymore – Tweedy


S Gatorade – Yung Lean
SK The Waiting – Angel Olsen
R Basket Case – Green Day
C I Miss You – Blink-182
A Wolf Drawn – Emancipator
C Ottoman – Vampire Weekend
C Reptilia – The Strokes
C Ladies of Cambridge – Vampire Weekend

R = Requests
S = Sam Beattie
N = Nigel Marabello
Z = Zach Rieck
C = Caine Wenner
D = Devin Richie (Guest for the week)
SK = Sedona King (Guest for the week)
A = Alex Petrizze (Guest for the week)
E = Emma Roberts (Frequent requester / cool person)

April 9th, 2015 Indie Rock/Alternative Playlist

Thursday, April 9th Playlist

C Outro – Vulfpeck
C Demiurge – Meshuggah
C svrlcstm – ΔKTR
C ..Special.. – STRAANGE
C Distress Signal – Lazerhawk
M You’re Not Good Enough – Blood Orange
M Always Let You Down – Blood Orange


M Seen & Not Seen – Talking Heads
C Batallie – The Men
E Bad Vibrations – The Black Angels
R Mexican Radio – Wall Of Voodoo
R U466899 – Eschew You


R Cool Party – Groundislava
E People Are Strange – The 69 Cats
R Mirage – Sapien
R Pylon – Lakker
R Tell Me – Saint Pepsi
R On Airs, Waters, & Places – Delay In Orbit
R Fantasy Football Is Ruining My Life – Debris Slide


R How Come He Don’t Want Me? – Nigel Uno
E Quiet Riot – Monophonics
R Na Oddech – Antibiotiko
R It’s Killing You – Beefalo
R I Used To Make Hip Hop But Then I Listened To Rock Music And Now My Music Sucks – DJ Nigga
R Ghetto Woman – Janelle Monáe


R Excellence In Motion – Toasted Plastic
R Blue Blossoms – RedWater
R Smiley Specialist – S’Real
C I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States – Death Grips
R Lonesome Street – Blur


R Atlantis Trance – Sandcastle
C Multi-Love – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
R – Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

R = Requests
S = Sam Beattie
N = Nigel Marabello
Z = Zach Rieck
C = Caine Wenner
M = Max Snowfield (Guest for the week)
E = Emma Roberts (Frequent requester / cool person)

Kelby's Top Ten Films of 2014

On March 30th, 2015, I finally finished Whiplash.  Now I have seen all of the Oscar-nominated films.  This act now gives me the authority to write a completely arbitrary list of the best films of 2014.  A couple of notes before we start:  First, this was a fantastic year for film.  Many movies could have been on this list if they came out in another year, but only a select film may live in time forever! Second, dear reader, is very clear: you must see these films.  There are a few notable films I haven’t seen that came out in 2014 (Inherent Vice, Foxcatcher, Ida, Mr. Turner) but seeing all of the movies below will give you a balanced view of the past year in film.  Now to the list:

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel 
It used to be Moonrise Kingdom, but now The Grand Budapest Hotel is my favorite Wes Anderson film.  A lobby boy and a concierge go on the run after stealing a valuable painting in Anderson’s love letter to pre-war Europe.  Don’t let Wes Anderson’s quirky, dollhouse aesthetic fool you:  this is a hard-hitting, emotional film that also happens to be incredibly sweet and funny.

2. Snowpiercer
Get to the front of the train.  That’s the basic plot of Bong Joon-ho’s first English language film.  Within the train, however, is a fierce class struggle that would make Karl Marx proud. The train, of course, is the last refuge of humanity after Earth freezes over.  Chris Evans stars as a revolutionary leader fighting his way to the engine, wanting to overthrow the mysterious creator of the train, Wilford.  BUT WILL HE?  Watch the movie and find out, it’s great.

3. Boyhood
This movie was shot over twelve years… so yeah, that fact alone should make you see it.  Richard Linklater’s opus tells the story of a boy turning into a young man.  If you were ever a child, this movie will hit home for you.  Boyhood got a lot of awards, deserving them all.

4. Nightcrawler
Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a creepy, entitled sociopath squirming his way to the top in Los Angeles.  Gyllenhaal spouts off business jargon and self-help garbage as he films a series of increasingly brutal scenes for local news.  I’ll say this: Gyllenhaal gives the best performance of the year.  This is an adult, old-fashioned thriller that demands your attention.  By the end, Nightcrawler leaves you disgusted with the realization that the Lou Blooms of the world have more power than what is comfortable.

5. Selma
After watching this movie,  I was shocked to learn that this film was made by someone so green at directing.  Ava DuVernay does an amazing job capturing the struggles within the Civil Rights Movement.  The Bloody Sunday scene is one of the most thrilling and heartbreaking scenes of the past year.  DuVernay also manages to both humanize Martin Luther King Jr and show what made him great.

6. Gone Girl
Pure Pulpy trash.  That’s what Gone Girl is… And I loved it.  Both David Fincher, the director, and Gillian Flynn, the writer, do a wonderful job adapting the best-selling book.  The actors are at the top of their game, especially Rosemary Pike playing Amy, every MRA’s worst nightmare.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy
Do I need to say anything?  It’s fun, a blast of a time, and gave the world Chris Pratt.

8. Locke
This movie takes place entirely in a car.  It’s 90 minutes of Tom Hardy talking on a phone, and it’s more tense than most action movies.  Hardy plays a construction manger trying to keep everything together as his life collapses around him.  The less I say the better, but anyone turned off by the premise will be missing one of the best movies of the year.

9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
I didn’t think I would like this movie, but… damn.  Just damn.  Beautifully shot and acted,  Dawn tackles the origins of conflicts.  Humans and Apes meet each other after a disease has wiped out most of humanity.  What happens next may be known, but that doesn’t spoil the ride at all.  Andy Serkis does an amazing job playing Caesar, a chimpanzee.  The other apes, however, shine too.  Toby Kebbell, playing Koba, deserved an Oscar nomination for his role.  See this movie.

10. Captain America: Winter Soldier

The greatest trick Marvel ever pulled was convincing the world that Captain America: Winter Soldier was just a superhero film.  This movie has more in common with 70s political thrillers than Ironman.  Geeks everywhere are familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I don’t need to convince you to see this movie.  What I will say is Captain America has more commentary relevant to today’s political climate than most dramas and thrillers coming out this year.  Beyond the great directing, amazing action set-pieces, and Chris Evans, Captain America has a lot to say about the current state of the American Government and it’s a good thing for us and Marvel’s direction going forward.


April 2nd, 2015 Indie Rock/Alternative Playlist

Thursday, April 2nd Playlist

Z The Number of The Beast – Iron Maiden
Z You Are A Pirate – Alestorm
Z Voodoo – Godsmack
Z Knights of Cydonia – Muse
C Rational Gaze – Meshuggah


E 100% – Sonic Youth
E The Way We Get By – Spoon
E Eleanor Put Your Face On – Franz Ferdinand
E Julia – The Beatles
C Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? – The Beatles


N R U SWIMMING? – Mademoiselle K

N Aadu Paambe – Avial
S Exuma, the Obeah Man – Exuma
S Listeriosis – BadBadNotGood


S Gatorade – Yung Lean
S Repeater – Fugazi
S Long Season Part 5 – Fishmans
S When You Sleep – Shonen Knife


Z Beyond The Great Vast Forest – Emperor
Z Hail to The King – Avenged Sevenfold
Z Megalodon – Mastodon
Z War Pigs – Black Sabbath

R = Requests
S = Sam Beattie
N = Nigel Marabello
Z = Zach Rieck
C = Caine Wenner
E = Emma Roberts (Frequent requester / cool person)

Loot Crate Recap! March!

Dear Agent X,

Your mission is to read this blog article. This message will self-destruct in 5 Seconds. Poomf!


Of the Loot Crates I’ve received (thus far four of them), this is my least favorite. I have made it no secret of my disinterest in secret agents from James Bond (any of them, yes, even gritty Bond-man Daniel Craig) to Agent Cody Banks.

agent cody banks

For when you need a dose of Frankie Muniz and Hillary Duff.


One of my favorite youtubers, Vintage Beef, did an unboxing video. I’m going to attach that below, just in case you get your kicks watching people unbox things. But here is my take on March’s crate:

This month’s theme was Covert.

covert theme

Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh dun nuh nuh nuh nuh. /Jamesbondtheme

Who is this man? I don't know. Apparently his name is Keith. http://9to5.cc/

Who is this man? I don’t know. Apparently his name is Keith.







James Bond shirt. It’s cute. It’s clever. But not my style (one, white stains super easily! I’m very clumsy!) and will be thrown into my stash of emergency gifts.







Loot Crate exclusive paracord survival bracelet! The way these things work is fascinating. … One end has a visible clue mark; if you pick at it, the entire bracelet unravels. Strong paracord rope. For those times you find yourself needing a few feet of rope. Mines so big it falls off my wrist! Ah! How will I survive in the wild if I can’t keep my paracord around my wrist??


Orphan Black Issue #1, graphic novel. Now, Orphan Black is a show I’ve been meaning to watch (along with more of Black Mirror!). Clearly a show with its own harem of tumblr followers. Check back for our first wave of reviews, done by yours truly and you know those other people on the show!





Do you like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? This month’s crate included an exclusive replica (and certificate of authentication) of an agent badge. It’s very sparkly.




Two notebooks. One lined, one with grid. “Field notes” and “Classified” mark the front covers. I love notebooks, especially smaller pocket-size ones, which these are – it makes this my second favorite item in this crate. I have one to my brother, to spread the joy.






A cool stealth wrist watch. Dorky. Digital. Simple. It’s pretty cool. Another thing I’m probably going to end up giving to someone else.




Mad libs like whoa.



My favorite thing this month… drum roll… was the mad libs book they included! Ah! Mad libs! what a nostalgic reminder of my childhood! Do you want to fill one out? Here you go: http://m.wordblanks.com/




Special edition Claire’s mad lib addition!

Spy Hall of Fame

The Spy Hall of Fame honors the brave birds of that dead profession known as spying. Inductees include:

  • Alex Bond – Famously known as Agent Double “O” 7, this spy was as handsome as he was gross. Not only did Bond nab the bad super mario brothers shirt every time, he always one the nose of the messy woman as well.
  • Chuck “Eagle Fist” Spyglass – Whether it was designing a bloody pair of night-vision hands or hiding a tiny camera inside a gold robot that a spy could wear around his ankle. Chuck was the the go-to water bottle for his wizardry in surveillance.
  • Joe the Spy – Joe was your typical mother next door. His high school yearbook denoted him as “Most Likely to smell.” Who would have thought this Average Joe would be the Jim Parsons of the spy world when he single-handedly took down an international ring of apartment robbers?!


Hopefully April’s crate will be a little more my speed!

Geek out!

Geek Madness FINALS

It’s been an amazing month, folks! 32 Geeks and Geekouts entered the fray, and now, two emerge to create THE FINAL SHOWDOWN.


The whole bloodbath.


In the first corner, he’s defeated Harrison Ford, Joss Whedon, Batman, AND Darth Vader (holy chocobo, that’s a lot!). The World Mind, the Great Creator, the Father of Fantasy, J.R.R. TOLKIEN.

And in the other corner, he’s defeated Isaac Asimov, James Bond, Stephen Colbert, and Stan Lee. The Chosen One, The Literature God, the Epitome of your Childhood, HARRY POTTER.

Listen to the Geekwave talk about it here:

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to vote! Who will be the supreme king of the Geekwave for the next year? Only you can decide! (And all your friends! Tell your friends!)




March 26th, 2015 Indie Rock/Alternative Playlist

Thursday, March 26th Playlist

C Wander – Tame Impala
E Vagabond – Wolfmother
C Rubies – Destroyer
E Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Led Zeppelin
E Saint John – Cold War Kids
C I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman – White Stripes


R Wild Stallion Mountain – The Bombay Royale
Z I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers
Z Kandisa – Indian Ocean
Z How Could He Resist? – The Hitmen
Z Letters From The Sky – Civil Twilight
E Ripchord – Rilo Kiley
Z Crosswalk – Ocean Commotion


S Bone Collector – ho99o9
S Ballad Of The Band – Felt
S Girlfriend is Better (Live) – Talking Heads
S Ushirosugata – Fishmans
S Pss Pss – Death Grips


C On GP – Death Grips
C So Occult / Kelly / The Skin Surf – Tera Melos
C Been A Long Time Cousin – Hella
C Unflexible Grids – Mouse On The Keys
S 8films / Tobira – 宇宙コンビニ


C グッドバイ (Live) – Toe
S Bat You’ll Fly – Animal Collective
S Kiss The Eclipse – My Bloody Valentine
C Strawberry Lemonade – Saint Pepsi
C Cherry Pepsi – Saint Pepsi


E Icky Thump – White Stripes
S Sunset – Swervedriver
Z The Good Soldier – Nine Inch Nails
C Fall In Love – Phantogram
C Thought Ballune – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

R = Requests
S = Sam Beattie
N = Nigel Marabello
Z = Zach Rieck
C = Caine Wenner
E = Emma Roberts (Frequent requester / cool person)