[The EDM Underground] Artist of the Week: Astronaut.

Ever since their introduction to the EDM scene in a release alongside Statix and Eddie K, Astronaut has become a prominent face in house music. The duo, consisting of Ross Burr and Dan Goudie are from Bristol, UK, has since released through Monstercat and Disciple Records. They’ve collaborated with many different artists, from the likes of Eyes, Far Too Loud, and Black Tiger Sex Machine; even having released an entire EP (as the soundtrack for a game) with Barely Alive.
This mix features some of their best tracks. The mix starts with Pinball, their first track I ever heard, and I’d never heard a song like it. It’s like a track ripped straight from a game like Monkey Ball or Sonic Pinball.
Following that, we mix Witchcraft and Lunar from their most recent EP, “Dark Arts.” As the newest music to come out of the duo, it’s some of the dirtiest, grittiest, hardest house they’ve ever released. With beats and growls this heavy, one can begin to hear the influences of Barely Alive.
In the middle of the mix is the hardest track: Rockers. As a collab with Black Tiger Sex Machine, the two of them managed to create some of the hardest house in existence.
The last song of note is Astronaut’s remix of Collide by Hellberg featuring Splitbreed. This song was actually the song that made me follow them on SoundCloud, so this one holds a special place in my heart. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself for not playing it.
Follow the link below to hear the mix:
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Skizzy Mars Entering the Game

Skizzy Mars (Myles Mills), one of Logic’s affiliations, has been gaining popularity in the last couple years. Myles was born and raised in the land of Harlem, New York. The young man attended school in upstate New York, and after ten weeks, he dropped out of school to focus on music. As a teenager, he released a song called “Douschebag,” which got some buzz in his local area. Eventually, after more rap exposure and clever marketing, he signed to a record label.Featuring G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars’ song “Pay For You” has reached over three-million views on YouTube. His discography consists of a few projects, including his albums Pace and Phases as well as his EP titled The Red Balloon Project, which appeared on the US Billboard 200 at the #35 spot.

Skizzy Mars frequently talks about typical female lusts, affairs and issues with other women, and/or means of turning up. If you like rappers who go on about alcohol, women, drugs, and boasting about the rapper life in different ways, then Skizzy Mars is your man. These themes seriously get overdone a lot of times in the hip hop industry, and it seems that Skizzy Mars is in low supply of relatable substance. However, he is a little creative in the delivery, and his words could hold more weight for some people. Moreover, Skizzy Mars will be performing at In The Venue in Salt Lake City, UT on Sunday, February 28, 2016.


Here are a few of his songs:








If you want to check Skizzy out but a ticket to his concert here.

MindBody&Beats Interview

MindBody&Beats is a local music production duo. Along with being featured in numerous music blogs and making some sick songs they are also University of Utah students.

Recently, K-UTE’s own Nick Ramos had the to sit down and talk with the duo, here is the exclusive interview.

If you would like to check out more of MindBody&Beats stuff, take a look at their soundcloud,

Review: PRhyme by PRhyme

The hip hop duo PRhyme, consisting of DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9”, released the deluxe version of their album PRhyme on December 11, 2015. The album included four bonus tracks: “Golden Era” (ft. Joey Bada$$), “Wishin’ II” (ft. Black Thought), “Highs and Lows” (ft. Phonte & MF DOOM), and “Mode II” (ft. Logic). All of these featured artists are fairly well-respected in the hip hop community. Joey Bada$$, a prodigy of rap, slayed his verse on “Golden Era,” and he really evoked 80s and 90s rap, paying homage to that period of hip hop music. You can truly sense the classical flow in his delivery; even listening through his discography, you can tell that the young man maintains traditional rap elements in his style. Furthermore, he implements a robust reggae vibe into his music, which is quite fascinating when it comes to the amalgamation of genres. Logic, another relatively young rapper, conveys his amazing flow in the song “Mode II” along with veteran Royce Da 5’9”, who is also known as Nickel Nine the God. The ability to rap in double-time is something Logic has pretty much mastered. In his verse, he stays true to himself and talks about the obstacles he is overcoming.

It was a great idea for PRhyme to choose two phenomenal, young artists from this modern generation, Joey Bada$$ and Logic. In addition, PRhyme picked two legends like Black Thought and MF DOOM, who have kept their material substantive and very creative for a long time. The song “Wishin II” depicted extremely clever, well-put together lyrics from both Royce Da 5’9” and Black Thought. It may also be described as hard, aggressive, and fundamental in terms of the art of rap. That song alone probably inspired many people. Having this combination of artists from the present and past in the deluxe edition of PRhyme brought about an intriguing overall perspective.

PRhyme performed at the twilight concert series in Salt Lake City in the summer of 2015. DJ Premier, the producer, has been in the game since the late 1980s, and he has produced for numerous hip hop artists. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the artists he put on for: Big L, Big Daddy Kane, AZ, Nas, Joey Bada$$, Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and The Notorious B.I.G. On the other hand, Royce Da 5’9” has been active since 1995, and he has worked extensively in collaboration with Eminem. DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9” have a solidified chemistry that is exemplified through their music, especially on the album PRhyme.

G-Eazy in SLC!

The man known as G-Eazy is currently moving up in the rap game in leaps and bounds. Almost as quick as his home basketball team the Golden State Warriors took over the NBA. Gerald Earl Gillum is a 26 year old rap artist coming out of Oakland, California. His first album had tremendous success peaking at number 3 on the US Billboard 200, and his latest album, When It’s Dark Out, has already hit number 5 on the same chart since it’s release date December 4th 2015.  To support his album’s release G-Eazy is hitting the road, and much to our delight he will be making a stop in Salt Lake City on January 9th at The Saltair.

Gerald is the Steph Curry of the hip hop world right now. He’s on fire. So much so that the show is entirely sold out already. Admittedly, the tickets have been on sale for a few weeks now, but nonetheless selling out The Saltair is not a small feat. Luckily for all the G-Eazy fans who procrastinated buying their tickets I have good news. There will be an after party at The Hotel Elevate, which is a 21+ club located in central Salt Lake City. G-Eazy himself will be hosting this party, so for those of you who are of age and either missed buying a ticket to the show, or just want some more Gerald for your night check the following link.


G-Eazy has several songs on youtube in the million view range already, and countless in the hundred thousands. I’ve included a few songs for those of you who have not heard his music yet, and also anybody who just wants to hear some hot tunes.




REVIEW: In The Shade by Aspen Grove

What do you get when you cross Pink FloydGodspeed You! Black Emperor, and Salt Lake City? A fantastic local band called Aspen Grove! Aspen Grove, the band formally known as Archeopteryx makes some dang good music! This album is full of soothing vocals, bad ass instrumentals and radical chord progressions. Only three songs long this album has a soul behind it and you can here the passion in every bar.  It’s not every day that I get blown away by local bands but this one has something special. Even though at times the band has a tendency to vamp for a little to long it moves at a quick enough pace to keep me from having to strain my ears to enjoy it.  Most measures build on the last and it climax’s and melodic restitution’s kept me on the edge of my seat. Very good local album 9/10!

Listen to there album or download it here!


Announcement by Dr. Cassel.

This Saturday, December 12th Shwayze will be playing In The Venue. The duo composed of rapper Shwayze and Guitarist Cisco Adler sound like a toned down LMFAO with an acoustic guitar. Their music describes girls, summer days, and partying over relaxed beats with recent albums altering that same sound and making it poppier. Most known for the singles off their first album “Shwayze” namely the songs Buzzin’ and Polaroid. They’ve released several albums since then to varying degrees of success with variations of the same musical style. If you’re looking for a fun concert experience with some throwback songs come check them out Saturday. Grab a ticket here and I’ll see you there.

-Dr. Cassell

Here is Couple of their songs if your interested.



Over the past two weeks I have had the pleasure of listening to Digitonium, the latest album from the Brooklyn funk/soul collective Turkuaz. I had never heard before but now I am fan. Overall Digitonium is playful yet complex record featuring a whopping 24 tracks. Clocking in at seventy nine minutes total run time, it can seem to be bit of a behemoth, though this is not to discourage the average listener, as the songs are very digestable individually. Turkuaz’s Digitonium is a foot taping good time.

As previously stated Digitonium is unmistakably a concept album from cover to cover. Coming in one of my favorite album cases of the past few years. The album plays as if it were the soundtrack to a retro video game with songs that are equal parts infectious and driving in a similar fashion to the soundtracks of Mega Man, Castlevania and that ilk. Particularly I found Murder Face, European festivity nightmare, Digitonium, and King of Computer impossible to at least bob your head to. Songs flow into on another like as if they were to rivers merging, the changes in rhythms can be seamless at time and honestly it can be hard to discern if the song has changed or just switched up its melody. If you have the time, give this thing its seventy nine minutes in one straight run through, you will not regret it, but you will see the records flaws.

This album could use an editor. Not because it is just long, a work should never just be judged by length, unless we are talking about solely commercial success. Rather several of the tracks do not seem complete, well thought out, or even necessary. Mostly these are the smaller tracks that add transitions between songs, they carry no weight and disappointingly add little effect to the album, these small pieces of polish are what a good record to a great record and Digitonium does not do them. This complaint is mainly seen near the end of the album specifically in tracks such as The Time Has Come and Bermuda just leave so much to be desired in both the suspension and overall power, it seems as though they could have been left out and nothing would have been lost or gained. Similarly this problem is glimpsed at just briefly in the track Zynth where there just does not seem to be enough material to warrant its 5 minutes length.

Wholly, Digitonium is a fun album, it is groovy, bouncy, and has had me awkwardly breaking into dance all around campus. As whole it is a good album just could have used a couple more coats of polish. Individually Turkuaz has made some exciting funk songs, and it’s great to see another band giving its hand to an under indulged genre. I am giving this one an uplifting 9/10