Brunch With U: MLK Celebration Week

Food For Thought on the news U should know

Campus News: Events listed to help celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. week at the U.   Researchers develop new football helmet to prevent concussions.

Local News: Remembering a fallen hero and police officer.  He had saved the lives of people before and sadly his was ended by a man after being involved in a car chase.  Police are still looking for women suspect.

National News:  Obama declared state of emergency in Flint, MI over contaminated water supply containing lead sense 2014.

World:  Switzerland has big problems that you’ll have to listen in and hear more on.  And our solar system may actually have another ice planet orbiting the sun that is 3-5 times larger then earth.

As food for thought remember to practice advocacy in peace such as the great Dr. showed how.


Brunch With U: Welcome Back w/ 2015 Highlights

Welcome back to school and school life.  “Brunch With U” is here for U sharing food for thought around the news stories U should know.

Campus top stories of 2015 were: Vegas Bowl game vs BYU, Solidarity March on campus, and the Million Student March.

Local top stories: New Mayor in town, Moving the prison to SLC, Police shooting.

National top stories of 2105 were: California terrorist shooting, Hillary Clinton emails, and the Kardashian sadly as a possible top story in the nation.

World: Refugees from Syria, Paris attacked by terrorist, China currency.

Brunch With U: Cultural Collides For The Holidays

Campus News:

More info on the upcoming bowl game.  Ideas for the break from school.  Highlights from the Chronicle.

Local news:

Violent crimes are on the up because more people are high on heroine.

National News:

More about how well Trump is doing despite his comments. Information on Bo, who deserted his unit to join the enemy in Afghanistan, then was released 5 years later in exchange for 5 top Taliban leaders,  one whose been confirmed as returning to fight against the U.S, and it’s allies.

“Have a great break, a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year”

— Brunch With U

Brunch With U: Good vs Bad

Campus News: UofU vs BYU upcoming Dec. 19 game, at the Vegas Bowl.  The good UofU faces off against bad BYU.  Food for thought: Tips for finals.

Local News: Utah holiday ideas worth your time to go and enjoy.

National News: Trump takes the stage again, with comment about not allowing more Muslims into the country until our government figures out whats going on with radical terror.

World News: Beijing sends out first red alert due to air pollution and smog.

Be More Christ-like


Helpful thought-food for new freshmen at today’s Orientation. Good Luck!  We also covered the UofU vs BYU basketball game where one of our players was stuck in the face by a deranged BYU player.  Very un-Christlike stuff.


E-coli outbrake from chicken salad bought from Costco.


San Bernadino terrorist attack and work related violence sparking a coming change in gun laws and more control.

Remember to breathe.


The Late News: Student Solidarity March

Two weeks ago there was a solidarity march on the UofU campus.  Hundreds of people, staff, faculty, and students participated.

They marched for people of color, and equality.

On this podcast, Nathan visits with us. He voiced concerns at the march and shared wisdom and thoughts with us for a while. Professors and faculty were there to hear a wide range of student concerns, from need for more resources to voices that need to be heard.  Students at the U wait to see what action takes place.

UofU football team is out of the playoffs with the loss last weekend.

National News has a world travel alert out due to terror threats.

Special shout out to Nathan for visiting the show today.


Chronicle On Air w/ Jonny P. and Conversation on Racism

This is a conversation with Elyse Jost, an opinion writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle, and Sydney Duncan, an African American student at the U. Sydney is from Texas. We touch on unique perspectives concerning racism in the South, and in America at-large. The conversation was sparked by Elyse’s article, about the prevalence of racism on Greek Row at schools such as SMU. Very provocative, I hope you all enjoy it!