The World Around You Episode 18: PR Blunders

Today, we talk about the biggest PR blunder of the month. However, this is saying something, given that this month has been full of massive PR blunders! Of course, we’re referring to United Airlines and their treatment of Dr. Dao, a customer of theirs. Because of fellow passengers videoing the incident, the incident spread worldwide. How badly did United Airlines screw up? Find out here as we inform you of the facts.

Listen to it below, or download it here!

Frontiers of Science Podcast Hour Episode 3

This week we have Dr. Daniel G. Nocera, a Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy at Harvard University. In this lecture entitled, “The Global Energy Challenge: A Moral Imperative for the University” DR. Nocera discusses how the earth must provide energy to 6 billion new energy consumers in the coming decades while combating the existential threat of climate change.


The World Around You Episode 17: Chaotic World Events

This week is filled to the brim with serious world news. Syrian chemical weapon incidents invited a US airstrike. This resulted in diplomatic incidents raging in the UN. Then, saber-rattling coming from North Korea complete with incendiary Trump tweets ™. And finally, horrifying news of Chechnya constructing concentration camps meant for homosexual citizens.

This week we don’t have much time for tangents or jokes. The news is too dense. Furthermore, none of this is really appropriate for joking about.

It’s been a sad week for world events, but we’ll keep you informed as always.

Listen below, or download it here!

Sean Pica

This week on The Rostrum we sit down with Sean Pica, Executive Director and a founder of Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison. This organization connects incarcerated people with a college education, life skills and entry support to positively impact theirs lives and communities. We discuss why these programs are important, the problems in are carceral system and how students can get involved.