The Geekwave Episode 22: Eye Health with Reticare

Hey everyone,

Hope you are having a fabulous geeky week! On this weeks episode of The Geekwave we talk about Reticare! They are a really cool company that has been so kind as to let us demo their products. They make screen protectors and glasses that remove the high energy light. Normally this light goes unfiltered and is harmful to your eyes. This is really important as our generation will be seeing these side effects at a young age. Thank you so much Reticare for the interview and product demos. If you are interested checkout the full interview here!

In our second half Lee breaks down The Division Beta. This sounds like an awesome game that is taking what Destiny did right and making it better. We all will definitely be trying this out!

Next week on The Geekwave, we’ll be doing a special segment… Dr. Nerdlove will be on to answer all of your questions on Romance, Love, and Dating for the modern Geek! If you have questions, record a video of yourself asking them (or audio, or just write to us!) and send it to

Enjoy the episode and have a splendid weekend!

-The Geekwave

Brunch With U: Campus and Beyond

Food For Thought Around News U Should Know


  • New Podcast coming called Chrony On Air which is all for U.
  • Story on diet and genes, events,


  • Big Ed’s
  • Protein shake recall
  • Cop hurt


  • Caucuses for run for U.S. presidential election.  Won by a toss for Clinton
  • Should women be eligible for the draft?


  • Germany sues over bad and dangerous nuclear plant.

Food for thought

  • Atlantic Salmon is code for fishery fish and is not wild.