Brunch With U: Campus and Beyond

Food For Thought Around News U Should Know


  • New Podcast coming called Chrony On Air which is all for U.
  • Story on diet and genes, events,


  • Big Ed’s
  • Protein shake recall
  • Cop hurt


  • Caucuses for run for U.S. presidential election.  Won by a toss for Clinton
  • Should women be eligible for the draft?


  • Germany sues over bad and dangerous nuclear plant.

Food for thought

  • Atlantic Salmon is code for fishery fish and is not wild.


The Geekwave Episode 21: Pokemon 20th Anniversary

Hello my Geeky friends,

This week Logan, “Ollie” drank Redbull and is having a massive caffeine rush! We relive the nostalgia of the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, talk about our favorites and the re-release of the original Gameboy games. Don’t forget to join the discussion with #pokemon20.

Then it gets dark as we talk about Jarom’s favorite new game, Hacker Experience , and the dark web. We do not encourage nor condone any illegal activity on the dark or deep web!

Enjoy the episode and give us some feedback!

-The Geekwave

Brunch With U: Give A Little Back

Food for thought around news U should know

Campus News

  • Rock the U Jan 29th
  • Events list

Local News

  • Utah in top 10 states for having green buildings
  • Utah might raise minimum wage to $12 per hour

National News

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Organ Stand off, shooting and arrest

World News

  • Dooms day clock three minutes away from midnight.

Food for thought

  • dont always finish all your food and take care of your body
  • give a little back; in time, money, and hope