Sportsmanlike Conduct April 5th – Best Time of the Sports Year

On this week’s episode of Sportsmanlike Conduct, hosts Damon Ngo and Bennett Johnson return from a short break to keep you updated on the latest in Utah sports. Topics discussed include Utah men’s basketball, women’s gymnastics, women’s softball, Utes baseball, and the Utah Jazz’s playoff outlook.

Intro Music by Brooke Johnson

Safeguarding Heritage Sites in the Middle East


This week we have Dr. Blythe McCarthy, Andrew W. Mellon Senior Scientist, Department of Conservation and Scientific Research of Freer & Sackler. In this lecture entitled, “Safeguarding Heritage Sites in the Middle East,” Dr. McCarthy discusses the societal and economic implications that come with losing heritage sites, their potential role as peace-building tools, and the steps being made to preserve these sites in Iraq and Syria.