TWAU Ep 19: Utah Intrigue

The World Around You Episode 19: Utah Intrigue

Today we cover two very odd behind-the-scenes intrigue. First, the abrupt announcement of Jason Chaffetz that he won’t be running for office in 2018. In addition, rumors even suggest he might resign early from his term! (UPDATE: The day after we recorded, he revealed a surgery¬†that would result in weeks of convalescence. This is likely a factor.) Then, we cover the sudden firing via email of the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s head, Mary Beckerle, with no reason given. We cover the backlash from staff and the Huntsman family themselves, and how it led to reinstatement only one week later. 250 million dollars hung in the balance– but neither side has made any concrete statements as to why the whole thing started!

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The World Around You Episode 18: PR Blunders

Today, we talk about the biggest PR blunder of the month. However, this is saying something, given that this month has been full of massive PR blunders! Of course, we’re referring to United Airlines and their treatment of Dr. Dao, a customer of theirs. Because of fellow passengers videoing the incident, the incident spread¬†worldwide. How badly did United Airlines screw up? Find out here as we inform you of the facts.

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