The Booket List Episode 25: What Is Historical Fiction?

Hey Everyone! Welcome to this week’s episode of The Booket List! This week you can tune in to hear Kimmy, Chris, and Brennan discuss the Historical Fiction genre. Kimmy and Chris aren’t too experienced within the genre, but Brennan loves it! Tune in next week for our discussion of Life after Life by Kate Atkinson and We’ll announce our April Book Club Book!

I tried to make some good flames, but couldn't get it to work. Imagine those for accuracy.

The World Around You Episode 14: The Great Healthcare Disaster

Today we talk about the GOP efforts to repeal (and for some, replace), the ACA. We analyze what pieces of the bill we can extract from legalese. Then, we discuss the impacts the Congressional Budget office estimates it will have along with our personal thoughts.

For all of us, this was our most emotional episode yet. Because of the huge implications promised by the CBO, tempers heat and one of our members chokes up. The topic is heavy and it will unavoidably affect you and nearly everyone you know. Listen carefully; what you learn could quite literally save someone’s life– or end it.

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Sports Saloon March 21st – The Madness of March

In this special return after their spring break, hosts of the Sports Saloon Bennett Johnson and Damon Ngo bring their first guests into the studio, Ashton and Walker Johnson. Hailing from the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Ashton and Walker bring their fresh perspective to the show on all things Sports. Topics discussed include March Madness, the NBA awards races, and Real Salt Lake.

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(NOTICE: Due to an audio file corruption, the sound quality of the first half of the show is poor. We apologize for the mistake and are working to fix it for future episodes.)

The Booket List Episode 24: Spring Break, What’d You Read?

Hello Everyone! This week on The Booket List, Kimmy and Brennan talk all about the books they read over Spring Break. Kimmy keeps to her usual stomping grounds. Young Adult novels. Just the same as Brennan stuck to his. Political Thrillers and Historical Fiction as well as non-fiction. Let us know if you have any new novels that you want to hear us talk about! Or even recommendations for our next Book Club Read.

Sanctuary Campuses and Earl Grey

Anthony Scoma, Theresa Nielson, Christian Hartshorn, and Jonny Nee discuss the long history of U.S. universities protesting unjust federal laws and policies. They report on the university protection of escaped slaves, Japanese students during WWII, draft resisters during the Vietnam War, and how this relates to the ongoing fight for undocumented and Muslim students in the modern day.

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The World Around You Episode 13: The Trump Administration’s Russian Contacts

Today, we talk about the recently uncovered and deeply disturbing ties of key members of Trump’s administration to Russia. These contacts include business and governmental ties, and include possible perjury to cover them up. Additionally, the members involved reach as high as Cabinet-level officers. As of the beginning of March, those currently implicated include:

Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor,

Jeff Sessions III, Attorney General,

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer,

along with several aides to both the specific people named and to the Trump campaign in general.

We discuss how these came to light and the consequences of such ties. Spoiler alert– it’s not pretty.

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