The Geekwave Episode 47: To Hype or not to Hype

We’re back again and Lee starts off with his attempt at impersonating Logan while Kimmy gets really loud. The first stop is Chris’s review on the movie Suicide Squad followed by No Man’s Sky. Both movie and game have been riding a large hype train for the past few months, but do they deliver?



We talk about the new Joker and how it compares with the long line of Jokers. We talk about origin stories and then discuss the Killing Joke animated movie. After mentioning Mark Hamill’s time as the voice for the Joker we touch a little bit on Comic Con before getting into No Man’s Sky.



Chris starts off with how salty Xbox players have gotten with the release of so many interesting games coming out only for PS4. Kimmy and Lee go in depth explaining the games’ design and pondering where “Space Minecraft” might be heading. With the day one patch clearing the slate for the real deal the big question now is how long will the game last.

Chris and Lee end the show with a cheer for Ryan Reynolds feat of showing up at the showing of Suicide Squad as Deadpool. Until next time Geekout everyone!

The Geekwave Episode 46: Infamy. Infamy Everywhere

What’s up Geekdom!?

This week on The Geekwave we catch up with Reed after his study abroad in China. We’ll talk about which languages are the hardest for English speakers to learn, and then we learn that Solar can speak in really broken Spanish.

Next up, we talk about New World Interactive’s new game, “Day of Infamy“. The game was released through Steam Early Access, and Ollie’s given it a go. As far as first impressions go, he gives the game two thumbs up!

Speaking of infamy, we’re all excited to see Suicide Squad! We’ll talk about our expectations of the movie, Solar expresses his strong opinion of Movie Critics, and then Ollie splits into the awesomeness that is The Transformer Movies. After a related topic change to Mark Wahlberg, we head right back to Suicide Squad and the DC Universe. We’ll discuss all the controversy over the newest rendition of Harley Quin, and other issues we see through anonymity and the internet.

Thanks for tuning into The Geekwave this week. Also, Check out The Geekwave’s new YouTube Channel!  We’ve got our first video where the Geekwave plays Halo, and our newest video with Solar and DecreeB playing the Yooka-Laylee Toybox.

Geekout Peeps!



P.S. No Ollies were harmed in the making of this episode.

The Geekwave Episode 45: Ross Przybylski (Shh-bill-ski)

This week on The Geekwave we are joined by tech/game industry veteran Ross Przybylski. With 10 years of industry experience Ross knows what it has to offer and agreed to share some of that insight with us. During our interview Ross told us how he came about founding D20 Studios, becoming a video game designer, as well as giving advice to others who want to make it in the industry one way or another.

The interview started off with us trying to pronounce Ross’s last name which is not an easy feat. Afterwords, Logan asks more about D20 studios and the past success of its web and mobile game Hero Mages. This was Ross’s first attempt in his quest to give a bit of excitement in the “fleeting moments of time” such as when your waiting for your wife in the car with the kids. He explained to us how many indie studious have great ideas, but can’t decide which game they want to make first. Ross on the other hand was fixated on the idea of bring back the feelings of wonder that came with table top games such as D&D, Warmachine, and Magic The Gathering. Before moving on, Ross shared some of his core concepts for D20’s newest game Prophecies, still in the works, that aims at achieving this goal of giving those “fleeting moments” some of that bygone wonder.

In the next part of our interview, we discuss how Ross went from a technical writer for Adobe to the Director of Flash Development at Reflection Software and creator of the Indie Flash Blog. When we asked more about his blog he told us of his belief that information should be shared so that new designers and developers can take that information and create something new and better for the industry. It was this belief that lead Ross to make his video about “How To Start A Game Company” that is currently the first hit on Google for said topic. With the success of this video and an urge to give back the game community, Ross has recently decided to start a weekly You Tube series called How To Start a Gaming Company. Each week he addresses a different topic and gives solid, practical advice for developers and business owners.

The interview concluded with Ross sharing some parting information to beginning video game designers. Before he left the studio he gave us a quick quote about the role of a producer in the video game industry. Apparently he gets asked this question so often and since their is no correct answer, he has fun decided what to tell people each time, but this is what he told us.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this interview, have a great weekend, and geek out!

The Geekwave

The Geekwave Episode 44: Geekwave 4th Gen

Yo, geekdom!

This week on The Geekwave we’re introducing you to our three new hires: Chris, Izzy, and Kyler. I could go into detail about who they are, but I’m going to let them do it for you. They’re going to tell you what they do, what they geek out about, and what Pokémon Go teams they’re on, with plenty of sun praising thrown into the mix. Feel free to follow Chris and Kyler on Twitter while we work on assimilating Izzy into social media.


Update: we found Izzy’s Twitter.

Speaking of Pokémon, we talk about it plenty. Turns out we as a team are now divided three different ways. We also answer the question you’ve probably been asking for years: are Pokémon worth more than porn? Also, definitely check out Kimmy’s first blog post about Pokémon Go.


We’re also currently doing a giveaway for Star Trek Beyond tickets, so check out this post by Solar to find out how to win.

And, as always, geek out!

-The Geekwave

The Geekwave Episode 43: Brian Wiser, Professional Geek

What’s up Geekdom?

This week on The Geekwave we have Brian Wiser, the man who makes geek look like a full time profession! He is a long time fan of Firefly and Serenity, co-produced/directed the Firefly documentary Done The Impossible, loves Apple with a dying passion, publishes books, speaks at geek conventions across the United States, is a game designer and much much more. Deep down inside, we geeks all want to be like Brian, meet our favorite characters and talk about what we love. From when we first met Brian, to walking him out after we finished (at which point he mentioned that he met Robin Williams after walking across the Golden Gate Bridge), we heard one amazing tail after another. He has so many stories and we only get to get a glimpse on this episode.




Episode 43 is a combination of these geeky tales covering Brian’s very exciting life. From his experience as an extra in the Firefly movie Serenity to taking the Firefly cast on a cruise, he is one heck of a Firefly geek. We also talk a lot about his work on books and interest in Apple. He worked on the book WOZPAK Special Edition and recently released Nibble Viewpoints from Mike Harvey. Additionally, he just finished a game called Structris which follows the retro style of Tetris with a twist. Did we mention it was originally programmed on an Apple II computer? The whole time we were wondering how does he do this all? Checkout the links below for more of the interesting endeavors of Brian:



Listen to the episode for the details on the astounding stories and make sure to look for Brian Wiser at upcoming cons and geek events. Have a great weekend and geekout!

-The Geekwave

Images provided by Brian Wiser



The Geekwave Episode 42: Travis with Demolition Games!

Hey Geekdom,

Hope your your 4th of July was full of patriotism and geekness. We here at The Geekwave recommend role-playing the signing of The Declaration of Independence to fulfill those geeky patriotic urges. All fireworks aside we got an explosive episode for you.

This week on The Geekwave we have Travis from Demolition Games. Demolition games is a local game store at 85 W 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115. They sell a variety of board games, card games and minis, but have a specialty in Warmachine. Warmachine is a table top miniatures game published by Privateer Press and this last week a new addition of rules was released, MKIII. To say the least the Warmachine community is psyched out of their minds. In fact, our very own Ollie has decided to return to his roots. As some of you may or may not know Will Shick who is now the brand manager of Privateer Press, was one of Ollie’s teachers in grade school and helped to grow Ollie’s interest in games. This included teaching Ollie Warmachine which Ollie came to play quite a lot of up until high school. Ollie now plans to dive in head first and partake in a Warmachine Journeyman League down at Demolition Games so stop by and say hi! The Geekwave also plans to be partnering with Demolition Games to put on events and hopefully do some episode from the store. Make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss out, because of course their will be free stuff.

For those of you who are not familiar with Warmachine this episode may be confusing at times but has a lot of great advice for how to get started. Travis is quite the Warmachine scholar having played it for many years. Warmachine, now being in its third iteration, has had a lot of changes made so to kick it off we banter and discuss all the new and exciting game design decisions. The rules are much easier to learn but the game has never been more skillful and fun. It is a great time to jump in! How do you jump in? How do you get started? Well, Travis has the answer. Buying a Battle Box is the best option and it won’t kill your wallet unlike other table top games. Then you just gotta find a game store, like Demolition Games, and start playing. You will be amazed at how friendly and helpful the staff and veteran players are to us newbies. Besides, game stores need to offer a safe space for players to have fun and express their inner geek. There is no better place for your third home than Demolition Games.

Thank you so much Travis for coming on the episode. You where an absolute blast to talk to. Listeners make sure to stop by Demolition Games and give them a like while your at it: Demolition Games Facebook Page. Most importantly…geekout!


-The Geekwave

The Geekwave Episode 41: Dreamwake with Jordan Bell

Hey Geekdom,

Hope your week has been filled with more geek than you can handle. This week on The Geekwave we have Jordan Bell, lucid dreamer and author of DreamWake. He gives us a very in depth look into his book and explains lucid dreaming. DreamWake is a fictional tail focusing on the future and a great new technology allowing us humans to lucid dream with ease. Look below to read the synopsis from Amazon:

“DreamWake, a device designed to induce and network dreams. The world was instantly taken with this new technological marvel. When a group of hackers attack the system, the creators form a unique team to stop the attacks. Jane is the first ever dream forensics detective, and finds herself drawn to an unusual hacker. Sam can do things others can’t, but has a haunting secret. Together with psychologists, gamers, and the creators, these two must learn to work together before the hackers turn the dream world into a nightmare.”

Kimmy read the first couple chapters already and has given it the thumbs up. Based on what the rest of us heard, it sounds to be an exciting adventure and a must read. Besides, it’s got a cool cover.

Very generously, Jordan has donated some copies for us to giveaway. We’ll be giving a copy to a lucky fan or two who Retweets this episode’s Twitter post. We’ll announce the winners on July 13th. If you just cant wait, which we don’t blame you, go grab a copy right now: DreamWake from Amazon.

Listen closely, as Jordan covers a lot during this episode. From a definition of Lucid dreaming to the do it yourself secrets, he holds nothing back. In fact, Ollie is super stoked to try this at home and we encourage our listeners to do the same. Most importantly though, Jordan says “to have confidence!”. Now go out there and take control of your dreams, make them what you always dreamt they would be.

Jordan is one of our fellow students here at the U so seek him out for a big high five and a congratulations on the publishing of his book. Thank you Jordan for coming on the episode.

Also give Jordan a follow and like @DescendingChime and Jordan Bell, Author.  If your interested in getting your own book published checkout his publisher Get My Story Published.

Otherwise, have a great 4th of July Weekend and geekout!

-The Geekwave

The Geekwave Episode 40: It Gets Steamy!

Hello Geekdom,

We all hope you are enjoying the Steam Summer Sale which started yesterday, June 23rd. If you were unaware of this, email us and we will help you. This week on The Geekwave we talk about the Warcraft movie and all the great success it has had. Solar and Lee both saw the movie  and they give a spoiler free review. It definitely receives two thumbs up. To say the least, if you enjoy video games you should probably go see it.

Then we talk Star Wars. Their have been a lot of cool announcements about Star Wars: Rogue One. You can checkout the announcement on the Star Wars Website. To wrap it up, we get steamy. As already mentioned, Steam Summer Sale has begun. Until July 4th their will be endless deals and happiness in the gaming world. Remember to have a plan and set a budget. Hopefully your wallet will come out alive. If you like funny videos and want an accurate representation of the Steam Summer Sale, watch this: Lord of The Sales. Enjoy the episode and happy spending. Geekout!

-The Geekwave