The World Around You Episode 11: Threats Close to Home

Today we talk about news as close to campus as you can get without being on it. There’s been a wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers and the SLC community center was no exception. It’s hit with two separate threat incidents. We discuss why someone would do this, the prevalence of such threats, and what we can do to help fight it.


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The World Around You Episode 10: Going it Solo

Today, midterms have taken their toll on the World Around You as badly as anyone else, with Brennan going solo today.

We inform you on two dam failures– the failure of the Twenty Mile Dam in northeastern Nevada, which is causing extreme flooding all the way into Utah, and the spillway failure at Oroville Dam near Sacramento, CA. We discuss the causes and effects, and why these two failures hold huge implications for Utah’s safety and water supply.

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The World Around You Episode 9: The Syrian Civil War

Today we talk about what exactly the Syrian Civil War is, what started it, and who the major players both in and out of the country are. It’s a tangled mess, but we do our best to give you an idea of the surface.


Further research is encouraged! We couldn’t possibly explain the whole thing in an hour and do it justice, so find out for yourself! Let us know what you find.

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The World Around You Interview: Representative Chavez-Houck

Today we’ve got a special extra episode and our first interview! The World Around You sat down with Representative Chavez-Houck, representing the University of Utah Fort Douglas area. We chatted about her path to the State House, her time here at the U, and what she’s currently working on.

We also talked about how to become involved as a citizen. Anyone can make their voice heard, even at the State Capitol and beyond! Representative Chavez-Houck is holding a special town hall at the Intermountain LDS Hospital, along with State Senators and Representatives from most of Salt Lake City this Saturday, February the 4th! If you’d like to meet with and talk to your local representatives, head there Saturday at 1 pm.

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The World Around You Episode 6: The Gambia

In this first episode of the new semester, we discuss next week’s topic and then the recent events in The Gambia. We cover its elections, democratic crisis, and the invasion of the small country by a UN-backed force. In a week where the news is exclusively covering the inauguration, it’s important to remember the rest of the world.

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