The Booket List Episode 26: Life After Life Discussion

Hey Everyone! Welcome to this week’s episode of The Booket List. It’s the first week of April which means… Discussion of Life After Life by Kate Atkinson! Chris was out of studio this week, so Kimmy and Brennan have a discussion about the novel. They answer a few question about the plot, characters, and world building; then top it all of with their ratings for the novel!

The Booket List Episode 25: What Is Historical Fiction?

Hey Everyone! Welcome to this week’s episode of The Booket List! This week you can tune in to hear Kimmy, Chris, and Brennan discuss the Historical Fiction genre. Kimmy and Chris aren’t too experienced within the genre, but Brennan loves it! Tune in next week for our discussion of Life after Life by Kate Atkinson and We’ll announce our April Book Club Book!

The Booket List Episode 24: Spring Break, What’d You Read?

Hello Everyone! This week on The Booket List, Kimmy and Brennan talk all about the books they read over Spring Break. Kimmy keeps to her usual stomping grounds. Young Adult novels. Just the same as Brennan stuck to his. Political Thrillers and Historical Fiction as well as non-fiction. Let us know if you have any new novels that you want to hear us talk about! Or even recommendations for our next Book Club Read.

The Booket List Episode 19: Introducing Maybe Someday!

Hey Guys! Join us this week on The Booket List as we introduce our February read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover! We read the blurb, Brennan and Chris give us their first impression and expectations. Kimmy talks about why she picked Maybe Someday in particular and what makes it so special to her. Want to read Maybe Someday along with us? You can purchase it at your local bookstore or on Amazon.