The Booket List Episode 14: Elantris Discussion

What’s up Peeps? This week on The Booket List your host have a discussion about Novembers Read “Elantris” by Brandon Sanderson. Over all everyone on The Booket List enjoyed it very much. Chris believes it was “Quite good. Really quite good. Quality.” and that is a direct quote. Kimmy thought that it was long, but entertaining and that the ending was annoyingly neat. Brennan just enjoyed it all.

If you haven’t finished the book yet beware of SPOILERS; we advise not listening to this podcast until you have. But, you will be able to find Chris’ non-spoiler review over at

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The Booket List Episode 13: Winter Reading Recommendations

Hey Everyone! This week on The Booket List Brennan and Kimmy talk all about what they read when there’s snow outside. Granted, Brennan has no fire place to stay warm by but he definitely has a wish list this season. Kimmy is still reading Elantris. As, for Chris he was home for Thanksgiving, so he wasn’t able to be here for this weeks episode. We’ll have to get his answers before we discuss Elantris next week!


The Booket List Episode 12: A Hero’s Journey

Sup peeps! This week on The Booket List, Brennan tells us all about the Hero’s Journey. We learn about all the different tropes and motifs of the theme, and how it pertains to this months read Elantris. Beware though, Kimmy doesn’t know nearly as much about this stuff as she thought so half the time she talks she gets corrected. Chris is full of wise cracks and silly joke just as always. Listen in to hear more of this weeks shenanigans on The Booket List!

The Booket List Episode 11: What You Readin’?

This week on The Booket List, our three hosts talk all about what they are reading. Brennan is keeping up with his fan-fictions, and reading Elantris. Chris is reading his norm, lots of Tolkien. Kimmy? She’s reading the bane of the boys existence, Young Adult novels. What are you reading this month? Find our episode post on Facebook, and let us know!

The Booket List Episode 10: Introducing “Elantris”!

This week on The Booket List, Brennan, Chris, and Kimmy talk about the new November Read “Elantris” by Brandon Sanderson.  Both Chris and Brennan are well versed in the world of high fantasy. They tell us all about the genre, what we can expect from November’s Read, and each host talks about their favorite high fantasy read.

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The Booket List Episode 9: Discussion of “Good As Gone”

Hey peeps,

This week on The Booket List, Kimmy and Brennan have a discussion about October’s read “Good As Gone” by Amy Gentry. If you haven’t read, and are planning to beware there are SPOILERS! However, don’t feel left out, read below or hit up for Brennan’s Spoiler Free Review. Over all we really enjoyed “Good As Gone” and would recommend it to anyone looking for a not so scary but still suspenseful read!  Also, we announced next months book, “Elantris” by Brandon Sanderson. Warning, it’s long. Kimmy did not realize this before hand. So, if 650 pages is almost too long for you too, stick with it! It’s going to be great! At least, we think so!

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Till next week, peace out peeps!

The Booket List Episode 8: Halloween Reads!

Hey Everyone!

This week on The Booket List Kimmy and Brennan talk about their favorite Halloween time reads. Which are not horror, or thriller, or really anything remotely Halloween themed. Or so we thought, turns out Brennan really loves to read about Non-Fiction serial killer stuff. If you want to lose faith in humanity you can check out Deviant by Harold Schechter here. If you are more of the Young Adult cheesy alien fiction (that may or may not have some awful romance in it, since apparently all YA Romances suck…) you can check out The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout here.

I mean look at these book covers.



Now tell me, would you rather read a book with a creepy dude’s face on it? Or a book with half a girl’s face and an upside down dude in a hoodie?

Well, when I look at them side by side they look equally as weird. So we’ll leave it to genre preference. YA Paranormal Book, pick the upside down dude. Non-fiction retelling of Serial Killer, the creepy dude would be perfect for you.


If you have a book that you would recommend before ever touching our reads let us know in the comments on our Facebook post we would love to hear about it!


Till next week,

Kimmy & Brennan

The Booket List Episode 7: Comics, Manga, and More!

This week on The Booket List, Kimmy and Brennan have Jarom in the studio to talk about Comics, Manga, Fan Fiction, Poetry and more. To say the least, we get a little sidetracked and barely make it through talking about Comics and Manga! We just have so much to say about both topics. You can read over some of Brennan’s manga recommendations below, and you can read more about CTRL ALT DEL; Jarom’s favorite web comic here. so we’ll be sure to get back to Fan Fiction and Poetry in another episode., because a rushed five minutes was definitely not enough time to fully discuss these other topics!

Brennan’s Manga Recommendations:

Dimension W: “Coils” draw energy from other dimensions, giving limitless energy to humanity. However, they have… side effects, if not regulated strictly.  Our protagonist is a man who goes after illegal coils to seize or destroy them before the effects manifest.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha—Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo Kotowaru: The hero confronts the Demon Queen, only to find they share the same goal—the ending of the decades-long war between demons and humanity. They form a pact to end the war without destroying the twin societies built around it.

ReLIFE: Kaizaki Arata can’t get a job. After he left his first company after only 3 months, nobody’s willing to give him a chance. That’s when the ReLIFE Research Institute gives him an offer—take a drug that returns his appearance to being 17 and retake a year of high school. If he can remedy the mistakes he made the first time around, the Institute promises him a job. But can Kaizaki overcome the demons of his past when confronted with the fears of the future?


We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of The Booket List!

Till next week, peace out peeps!