I’d like to join K-UTE Radio. How do I do this?

Fill out the internship application found at this link. More information will be found inside the application.

I’m a band, the manager of a band, or a label promotor. How do I get my music on the air?

Send an email to┬áBe sure to include information about your band, links to social pages, and copies of the songs you’d like us to play.

I’m a local band or manager and I’d like to play my music on campus. Can you help?

Yes! K-UTE Radio and ASUU do a Concert Series called Lunchbox Concerts, which showcases local and on-campus artists. If you’re interested in doing that, please send a pitch to┬á

I’d really like to partner with K-UTE on an event, hire a DJ, or do some cross-promoting. Who do I contact?

Our Events and Promotions Team can be contacted at Please give full details about the partnership you’re interested in so we can adequately respond to you!

How do I advertise on K-UTE Radio or sponsor a Podcast Episode or Video?

Our Sales Manager is Paul Kennard. You can contact him at


For all other inquiries, email Emails sent to this address that should have been sent to one of the addresses listed above may go stale in our inbox.


K-UTE Radio
200 S Central Campus Dr.
Room 321
Salt Lake City, UT 84112