Last year, The Geekwave started a new March Tradition in Utah – Geek Madness! We choose 32 Geek Icons, chosen by The Geekwave Hosts and picked from your nominations, and we put them in a bracket. Then, you guys get to vote on each one-on-one matchup to decide the winner! Nominations will last one week, and then each voting period will be about 72 hours.

What is a Geek Icon? Any character, real or fictional, who is well known among the Geekdom and pop culture. They can be from any area of The Geekdom – check out last year’s bracket!

We’ll be giving away some SWEET iHome Prizes at the end of the month to those who participate! Check out the Prizes tab for more information!

Want to fill out a bracket? Geek Madness PDF Bracket here!

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We have three great prizes from iHome to give away this month! We’ll be doing a drawing at the end of the month for two bluetooth speakers and a pair of headphones. You can earn entries into this giveaway all month long! Here’s how:

  1. Each time you vote in the poll (including nominating icons) you’ll get progressively more points. That means you’ll get 2 entries the first time you vote, 4 entries the second time, 6 entries the third time, etc.
  2. Every Friday in March we’ll be releasing an episode of The Geekwave which will contain a special Password. The password can be entered on any of the polls for that week, but it’s only good once and it’s only good for one week! It’s worth 3 entries!
  3. Sharing this page on Facebook or Twitter (and making sure you tag The Geekwave or @KUTEGeekwave in your post) is worth 3 entries! Also retweeting or sharing our Podcast Episodes throughout the month are each worth 3 entries!
  4. During the first vote, we’ll be giving people a chance to fill out their ideal bracket. You can get extra entries based on how close you are to the final bracket! (5 Max Entries)
  5. Watch The Geekwave’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more chances to get entries!



Rules for entry:

  1. You can only vote once in each poll! No pseudonyms or alternate email addresses allowed. One vote per actual person, period.
  2. You must be able to pick up the prizes from the Student Media Office in the University of Utah Union. You do not need to be a student to enter, though!
  3. Members of University of Utah Student Media may enter the contest and vote, but only one of the three prizes can go to them. If a second name is drawn, it will be re-drawn.
  4. Once the three names are drawn, prize selection will happen on a first-come first-serve basis. We will inform winners of times they can pick up their prizes.
Last year, J.R.R. Tolkien won the bracket! Who will be the champion this year?