I want to start by saying thank you to IHome for giving us such great prizes for Geek Madness this month. Next on the list is the review of the headphones that I got from IHome.

The headphones that I’ll be talking about are the IHome iB72 Bluetooth headphones. Some of the things that I really liked that I want to talk about are how the headphones didn’t have the cords that dangle down as well as the quality of the sound that they produced. Lastly I want to talk about my one gripe that I had with these headphones.

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Before getting to play around with these headphones I never really considered buying wireless headphones primarily because I had a pair of good headphones already, and therefore didn’t see much of a reason to go out and buy new ones. However, I must say that having headphones that don’t catch on my jacket and surroundings is a very nice benefit that I will not be overlooking from this point onward.

Out of my comments that I could give to these headphones my biggest compliment would be that the sound that they give out is worth the purchase in my opinion. Once you figure out how to place them in your ears properly, the quality of sound is very nice and the padding on the buds blocks out a majority of competing sounds from your surroundings. All in all I have to say that I really did enjoy these headphones quite a bit.

Even though for the most part I enjoyed the headphones there was one problem that really bothered me. That problem being how after keeping the headphones in for long periods of time they would start to become uncomfortable. What I mean by this is that the rubbing on the inside of my ears from the buds and rubbery hook like attachments would start to irritate after 2 hours or more.

From my IPad

So in summery, I would say that the usefulness of having no cords is pretty self explanatory and the quality of the sound from the headphones was very much appreciated. However, the fact that they caused discomfort kept me from really enjoying this product. It’s my opinion, that if IHome can find a way to make the headphones more comfortable inside my ears then I could really enjoy the quality sound from these headphones without having to periodically take them out. With that my review of IHome’s headphones is complete and I look forward to seeing you guys for next weeks Geek Wish-List.

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