Floodlights: Performing Arts Building

The week on The Rostrum, we are doing something a little different. In partnership with The Daily Utah Chronicle, K-UTE is launching a new investigative podcast called Floodlights. The show will be an in-depth interview with The Chronicle’s student journalists discussing their investigation into an issue on the U of U campus.

To kick things off we are talking with Jaycen Eggleston who has been investigating the Performing Arts Building on campus, and its problems as a learning environment.

Article: http://dailyutahchronicle.com/2017/12/05/chilling-state-us-arts-buildings/

Music: http://www.bensounds.com

Photo: Adam Fondren

Behind the Lens with Ayers Photo

Chris Ayers, Photographer/Writer, Daily Utah Chronicle, Arts Desk

Chris Ayers, dual major in Communication and Film. Photographer/Writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle, Arts Desk

By the Hour or the Picture?

What do you learn being part of Student Media? What makes it so incredible? 
Chris and I walked the Foothill Mall on a grey Martin Luther King Day, 2016. We opened the year talking about his work as an Arts Desk Photographer/Writer at the Chrony. We also look at the financial side of student photography. A photog since freshman year in 2013, Chris has captured amazing images not only of our school, but of headliners from Wu-Tang Clan at this year’s Twilight Festival, to St. Vincent and Judas Priest.

Ayers Photo Favorites

St. Vincent

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