The Geekwave Episode 36: Cap Wants You… To Join The Geekwave

CALLING ALL GEEKS AT THE U OF U! The Geekwave is looking for new team members! We’re specifically looking for Bloggers, Game Streamers, and Video People, but if you have any sort of talent and you’d like to get some experience working for Student Media and contributing to The Geekwave, then we encourage you to apply here!

Speaking of which, we’re excited to announce a new potential recruit! She joins us on this weeks episode, and is no stranger to geekness. In fact, she is an EAE major, a DnD player and one hell of a 3D modeler. She is the one, the only, Kimmy Workman! We are so excited to welcome her aboard the SS Geek sailing on The Geekwave. She is our new hope, because our ship is sinking. It actually isn’t. I don’t know why I keep making boat references. I should probably just go watch Titanic. (Which Solar finally watched for the first time this last week. Good for him!)

On this episode us four have a discussion about Captain America: Civil War which is long over due. Warning there are spoilers!!!!!! We give our opinion on the movie, talk about the cutest super hero and discuss what we think will happen next. There is so much more Marvel on its way and don’t worry comic book fans, we also talk about the Civil War comics. Then we almost die over the shocking news that Captain America is a Hydra Agent! (Cue more dramatic music) As any good Geekwave conversation we have a terrible segue into just general Disney stuff. Ollie does try to incite a battle between Lee and Solar about The Jungle Book, but Lee changed his answer. Oh, that’s right! Lee isn’t Lee anymore, he is now the Neuschwanderer. This may seem like a strange name but it makes sense if you watched our Dark Souls III stream this week.

Overall, Disney is doing pretty well. Like come on they are on they way to basically owning the world. Honestly, I can think of a lot worse evil overlords than Disney (cough…cough…)

We wrap up the episode by reminding you, the viewer, to come and see us at Salt Lake Gaming Con next week! It will be a blast and Ollie mentioned some questionable promises. Also last week we got a new theme song, another shout out to Conquer Monster for doing an awesome job. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and geek out!


-The Geekwave

Finals Week: The do’s and do not’s for Geeks

Finals week is hard. But you always feel great after because you have accomplished so much! As a geek, I have learned a few things about what to do and what not to do when finals time comes around. Here is some advice that I have learned during my schooling. This post will be quite short as I have to go and prepare for finals.

Things to do:

  1. Wear geeky clothing! Feel comfortable. Or if you are one of those people who likes to show up in a suit for finals do that too. Whatever makes you feel qualified and ready. This will help boost your self esteem and confidence.
  2. Take a nap. This isn’t really a geeky thing but probably my most test and best piece of advice.  I take naps all the time during finals week. Even if you can only squeeze in 10-20 minutes it can make a hugs difference and kind of psych your body out if you are not getting enough sleep. Also try to get enough sleep!
  3. Listen to some good music! YouTube is populated with a bunch of remixes for studying. Try something new or just look up a playlist of music you like. Personally I like inspirational music like rock and roll or EDM without words. I have found I study a lot more efficiently when listening to the right music. This is actually a gaming mix that I use a lot for when I 3D model:


Things not to do:

  1. Do not play video games or indulge in binge watching prior to a final. Try to reduce your screen time during the week so you can get good sleep and be well prepared. However,it is okay to utilize a show or a quick match to take your mind of things and de-stress just don’t over do it. Balance is key.
  2. Avoid the energy drinks and candy! I am a culprit of consuming both, but during finals week is a great time to avoid them cause you can quite easily screw up you sleep cycle with Monster. Trust me, I have done it. I personally love to chew Extra Gum. This is a great alternative to eating lots of candy and it is good cause it also cleans your teeth, or so my dentist told me.
  3. Avoid news sources! They will make you realize how many awesome games and movies are coming out. This is like the greatest procrastination tool and can definitely cause a train wreck to any finals study time. Just know their is some really cool stuff coming out really soon and you can look forward to all of it when finals is over…*cough*…*cough* Captain America: Civil War!


Take this advice with a grain or bag of salt. These are just principles that I like. Have a great end to your semester and good luck with finals. Study hard and get some sleep! I would say don’t procrastinate but we all know we would be lying to ourselves. Ollie out!

-Ollie, part student, part velociraptor (goes and studies for finals that unfortunately do not involve dinosaurs.)