Floodlights Podcast: Student Involvement in the Tenure Process at the U

This week on Floodlights, we have on Katelyn Collett to discuss recent changes to student input in the University of Utah’s tenure process. According to Katelyn’s reporting, a report done by the school’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action found bias against minority and female professors in students’ decisions. This propelled changes to how the process works. We discuss the process, those changes, and what the reaction to them has been.

Link to the full story here.

Hosted by: Elise Bailey

Music by: Brooke and Bennett Johnson

Floodlights: Olympic Legacy

This week on The Rostrum we are airing our second episode of Floodlights. We are talking with Megan Hulse, executive editor of The Daily Utah Chronicle, who has been investigating the legacy of the 2002 Olympic Games in Utah through the history of the Hoberman Arch and the Olympic Cauldron.

Article: http://dailyutahchronicle.com/2018/03/01/slow-government-neglects-olympic-legacy-salt-lake-city/

Music: https://bensounds.com

Floodlights: Performing Arts Building

The week on The Rostrum, we are doing something a little different. In partnership with The Daily Utah Chronicle, K-UTE is launching a new investigative podcast called Floodlights. The show will be an in-depth interview with The Chronicle’s student journalists discussing their investigation into an issue on the U of U campus.

To kick things off we are talking with Jaycen Eggleston who has been investigating the Performing Arts Building on campus, and its problems as a learning environment.

Article: http://dailyutahchronicle.com/2017/12/05/chilling-state-us-arts-buildings/

Music: http://www.bensounds.com

Photo: Adam Fondren