Concert review: Vince Staples (8/8/19)

On August 8th, Vince Staples performed in Salt Lake City, Utah as part of the weekly summer Twilight Concert Series at the Gallivan Center. The concert was the fourth of the summer following shows headlined by Hippie Sabotage, Blind Pilot, and Young The Giant. The last two shows of this year’s concert series are Courtney Barnett on August 15th and Santigold on August 30th. 

Of all of the shows announced for this summer, I had been looking forward to this one the most since it was announced earlier this year. Keep reading for my analysis of the show and what you missed out on if you didn’t attend!   

Beginning of the show

The gates of the Gallivan Center opened at 6pm and the music started around 6:30pm. Everything was running smoothly with the openers performing their sets until about 7:15pm. Right around that time is when a huge thunderstorm hit and the show had to be delayed due to lightning strikes. The delay went on for nearly an hour, making for some shocked and peeved concert-goers.

Luckily the rain started to clear up around 8:15pm and the crowd ended up getting blessed with mostly clear skies for the rest of the evening. There were still sprinkles of rain here and there, but nothing worth shutting the show down again over. Now that the skies were clear, everyone was on edge while waiting for the Long Beach native Staples to come out and perform for them.   

Staples makes his appearance in SLC

After the DJ warmed the crowd up with music for around 30 minutes, Vince Staples finally made his appearance in SLC around 8:45pm. He came out to FM! track “FUN!” and pumped energy into everyone immediately. Following the intro track, he performed a few of his Big Fish Theory songs including “Big Fish” and “745”. These ended up being some fan-favorites for the evening, gathering great reactions from those in attendance. 

As the show went on, Staples played tracks from nearly every era of his music with the inclusion of some of his most popular features. He played Summertime 06 bangers “Senorita” and “Lift Me Up”, as well as Prima Donna titular track “Prima Donna”. He then played his feature on Gorillaz track “Ascension” to the delight of many mutual fans, along with his Black Panther The Album feature on “Opps”.

Near the end of the show is when the crowd really started getting into it and having a great time. Possibly the best reaction of the night came when Vince performed one of his most popular tracks, “BagBak”. The crowd went crazy when the politically-charged bouncy banger came on. You could feel the energy and it was my personal highlight of the whole show.

As the show was ending, Staples capped it off with a bang. He performed an essential banger in “Blue Suede” and then ended the show with his magnum opus (as he referred to it) in “Norf Norf”. The crowd roared in appreciation as Staples gave them a final shoutout and walked off the stage into a cool SLC night.          

Final thoughts

It would be easy for me to say the typical “wow, that was such a great show”, but I feel that it is necessary to heap praise on Vince Staples for his performance in SLC. That show, especially for being such an affordable one, was honestly amazing. You could tell that Staples is very passionate about giving everyone in attendance a great experience. 

Overall, even if you aren’t a huge hip hop fan I would recommend seeing a Vince Staples show when you get the opportunity. He involves the crowd very well and performs all of his essential tracks. He sets the precedent for what a hip hop show should be and could be a model example for other up-and-coming hip hop acts. 

Concert preview: Vince Staples at Twilight Concert Series

For pretty much every summer Thursday night since I can remember, the Twilight Concert Series has been taking place in Downtown Salt Lake City. It has become a staple (haha) for music lovers in SLC, especially those who enjoy quality and inexpensive concerts. The summer of 2019 boasts another great lineup full of artists of many genres, creating shows that most music fans will love. 

Historically up to this point, Twilight hasn’t been super full of hip hop artists. Sure there is at least one hip hop-centric show per year if we’re lucky, but there are many fans that have been clamoring for more. Yet again this year there is only one true hip hop show in the lineup, being Long Beach’s own Vince Staples. If you don’t know much about Vince Staples, I’ve got you for everything you need to know before the show on August 8th.

Important info

Before I introduce you to Vince Staples, here is some important information that you should know about the show and Twilight in general. The Twilight Concert Series is being held at the Gallivan Center in Downtown SLC at 239 Main Street. Parking is available in the parking garage below the center and on surrounding streets. Guests are allowed to bring an empty water bottle inside the venue, with other beverages and various food options being sold on site.   

The gates for the show open at 6pm, but the music doesn’t start until 6:30pm. Tickets for the show start at $10 if you buy them online and $15 if you buy them at the venue. There are also VIP tickets available for $50 that come with a closer viewing experience and a 21+ bar. 

Who is Vince Staples anyway?

Truthfully, it is hard to describe Vince Staples as just your everyday run-of-the-mill hip hop artist because he is so much more than that. Since breaking onto the scene in the early 2010s, Staples has turned into a force on the West Coast. He’s released three studio albums and a plethora of mixtapes and EPs thus far in his career. His studio albums, Summertime ‘06, Big Fish Theory, and FM!, have all been met with critical or near-critical acclaim from critics and fans.

While he may not have the chart topping numbers of his rap game peers, Vince Staples always tries to make interesting music with a concept behind it. He is very experimental, gaining notoriety for it back in his days of working with Odd Future. You may have even heard some of his music before but didn’t recognize it because it all sounds so different from each other.  

Being that this concert is a one-off and not part of a larger tour, you can expect Vince to perform music from his entire catalog instead of just his latest album FM!. Some of his most popular and best tracks that you’ll be more than likely to hear include “Blue Suede”, “Norf Norf”, “BagBak”, “Big Fish”, and “Feels Like Summer”

Come say hi to K-UTE!

As with every other Twilight show this summer, K-UTE Radio will be present with our own table! We will be playing tunes before the show and giving out merch, so come through and say what’s up to us. It is sure to be a great night for hip hop fans and music lovers in general! Follow us on Instagram @k_ute_radio for ticket giveaways leading up to the Vince Staples show as well as other Twilight shows. 

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