Halo 5 Is Rocking It!

What is up Geekdom,

In episodes you may hear me briefly mention something about Halo 5 or tell a story of an epic battle experience. Recently I dove back into the fray. I took a break for a while over the winter and now I have become immensely engrossed in the game again. I have to say, Halo 5 might have the best post-launch plan of any game. With updates rolling out almost every month that include new maps, weapons, customization and game modes, I have never felt so justified in my purchase. I expected to really like Halo 5, but I did not anticipate becoming this invested. Today I am just going to give my to sense on why Halo 5 is still rocking it seven months after release.

In my personal opinion Halo 5 is one of the best next gen games and is the primary reason I own an Xbox One. Having played Halo from a very young age, it has always amazed me how they continue to innovate. Unlike other games where I feel they are to similar or are re-skinned versions of their past selves, Halo has always mixed things up and not been afraid of change. Sure they have had some bumps in the road, but 343 Industries has done a fantastic job of making some of the best multiplayer on the market. Even better, they continue to tweak and add to this experience free of charge! They went with a very different post-launch model than the traditional season pass, which has become all too common, and they have since maintained a substantial player base. Not to mention they used the REQ system to revive the competitive Halo scene.


This last weekend Europe and North American teams battled for the final spots! (www.halowaypoint.com)

It is no lie that the updates are on point. Sure there have been unpopular maps, but every update has added so much content and did I mention it is all free! For example, I cannot wait for the next update Hog Wild which promises some exciting new warthog variants. It also looks like Halo 5 Forge and Custom Games are coming to Windows 10 for free. This is gonna give forgers so much control and even expand the already substantial Forge community. Still, the summer holds even more excitement with Warzone Firefight dropping in June. Firefight, perhaps my favorite mode from Halo: Reach and a painful hole in Halo 4.


I cannot wait to go hog wild with the next Halo 5 update! (www.halowaypoint.com)

They also aren’t afraid to tinker with core mechanics such as the recent increase in movement speed while crouched. Being whiling to take risks is a great mindset. The improvements dictate their ability to keep players playing, buying REQ packs and making new sales to expand the player base. There is a lot more at stake for a company with free updates than one who has already pocketed money from season pass holders.

Lastly, Halo players are pretty cool. I have met some of the nicest gamers while being in open chat. I have had great sociable experiences with 12 players filling up our fireteam so we can employ elaborate strategies in warzone or 16 players throwing down on custom built clan maps that look professional. By the way, playing Halo 5 in a clan and raiding is one of the funnest ways to spend in game time.

There ya have it! Feel free to disagree with me but Halo 5 is one of the best multiplayer experiences on the market. I love it and plan to spartan charge my way into the future!


-Ollie, a true Spartan (jumps on his mongoose to go make Master Chief proud!)

Feature Image taken from IGN

Best Game Character Valentine Match Ups


Awwwwwwwwww! (pinterest.com)

Okay folks, so as most of you may know (and for those who don’t what in the hell are you doing?) This Sunday is Valentines Day!!!!!

I don’t dislike Valentines Day, it is just the fact that it is another holiday for the capitalist machine to grab a bunch of money. Really everyday should be that special for you and your special friend. But I am not writing to bore you with stories of lost love, hopeless romanticism or geeky dating advice.

I am here to give you the best (these could also be terrible) valentine match ups of game characters!

Now I have always wondered if  game universes were to collide what romantic relationships would spawn from them. For some reason I have always felt that Princess Peach and Master Chief would go really well together. Some of you are definitely think what is this guy on? Did he eat to many mushrooms from the Mushroom Kingdom? (be for warned, there are going to be plenty of terrible jokes.)

Hear me out. They both have a lot to talk about! Like countless adventures, fights, and a pretty substantial following so they would be a good celebrity couple. Additionally, we all need to accept the fact that Mario and peaches relationship is going no where. Just think about it!

I imagine the date going something like this.

  • At 7:31 PM Master Chief pulls up in his Warthog to pick Peach up from her castle. 7:31 because he doesn’t want to appear to eager
  • At 8:00 PM they arrive at a restaurant with lots of stars, hearts and pink. Master Chief did his research.
  • At 8:30 PM they order food and Master Chief sits there quietly as Peach talks his helmet off!
  • Peach sees Master Chiefs face…mission accomplished.

Honestly the world could really benefit from a positive game duo as these to. Though, I would plead that a combination of Halo and any peach game never exists.


Hawt! (Courtesy from www.gamerevolution.com)

Now this one will probably be my favorite, but imagine Bowser and Donald Trump. Yes, I know Donald Trump isn’t a game character but at this point can we really tell the difference?

I feel like these two could really go places. They both have lost everything numerous times and gained it all back, some how. They both are crazy. And I wouldn’t trust either of them to run a country. Even one made out of mushrooms.


Besides, look at that hair! (toprightnews.com)


A relationship that would actually work really well is Lara Croft and James Bond. After all, they both work well alone, but would be even better together. They definitely like adventure. They’re very strong individuals. This is so good, I don’t even have any jokes to make about them. It’s a hole in one!

Side note: Indiana Jones and Lara croft should  NOT be together, because he is way to old for her.

Then for my final ship of today: Samus and Buzz Lightyear! Okay first of, it still surprises me how many people don’t know Samus is a girl. She is a girl!

These two would work really well together they both shoot stuff out/off of their arm. They enjoy wearing powerful suits. They like defeating bad guys and I think would raise some really nice children. Imagine how successful those children could be with those jeans… or should I say bionic pants!

Okay that is my last terrible joke! Have a great week and a Happy Valentines Day! Also don’t forget to watch our video of What Not To Say On a Date!

Featured image from blingee.com

-Ollie, A Chocolate Conoscere (Test chocolate in preparation for Sunday!)