The Sports Saloon September 28th – The Case of Aaron Hernandez

On this week’s episode of the sports saloon, hosts Bennett Johnson and Damon Ngo discuss some of the hottest headlines in sports. Topics covered include the Utah football and how their season has played out, Utes Women’s soccer, Utah Volleyball, Aaron Hernandez and CTE, and the new NBA playoff logos.

Music by Brooke Johnson

The Sports Saloon September 14th – Back in Business

The Sports Saloon is officially back for a second year! In their first episode of the new school year, hosts Damon Ngo and Bennett Johnson discuss the outlook for Utah Football this season, how Utah Women’s Soccer is playing, Utes Basketball recruiting, as well as the start of the NFL season.

Music by B.L.B.P.

Sports Saloon December 5th – The Draymond Green Enigma

In one of their final podcasts before the holidays, Sports Saloon hosts Damon Ngo and Bennett Johnson give their input on the Utah sports world. Subjects discussed include the Utes bowl game against Indiana as well as who the national champions will be, Utah basketball, the resurgence of Gordon Hayward and the Jazz, as well the NFL Playoff picture.

Music by: Brooke Johnson