The Booket List: The Birth of a Meme


Hey there, folks! The Booket List is back, and danker than ever! That’s right, this month we are (for some reason) talking about memes! What even is a meme? How do cultural ideas infect and propagate in our psyches? If you’ve ever asked these questions (in all honesty, we’re probably reading a bit much into it), listen in!

Sportsmanlike Conduct February 8th – Interview with Coach Holman

For this week’s episode of Sportsmanlike Conduct, join hosts Bennett Johnson and Damon Ngo as they interview Utah Utes Lacrosse Head Coach Brian Holman! Bennett and Damon ask the coach about some of the experiences of Coach Holman, as the Lacrosse team will become the newest NCAA division I sport at the U since Women’s Soccer in 1995.

Intro Music by Brooke Johnson

Outro Music by B.L.B.P