Geek Wish-List: Game Con 2016 Part 2

Welcome back to the Geek Wish-List guys. I hope you all had a great weekend. Over the course over the past few days The Geekwave has been doing our best to keep you up to date on Gaming Con this year. While we were there our crew managed to get some epic prizes from our connections at Fresco Press that we gave away. But, getting down to business let’s talk about what went down at Salt Lake City Gaming Con 2016.

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

The first thing that I want to talk about is how surprised I was to see so many board games set up on the con floor. Usually when I think of gaming my mind goes straight to video games. However, at the con I would dare to say that there were more board games present than video games. It was somewhat unfortunate that I didn’t get enough time to play any of the board games that I found, but i’m looking forward to playing some of them later this year. Walking around the floor talking to the multitudes of different gamers at the con, or more accurately listening to Logan talk to said gamers, I found that the gamers in Utah are so much more varied in their interests than I ever could have conceived myself. I admit that I found the experience very exciting and look forward to broadening my horizons as a gamer as a result.





Yet, at heart I know that no matter what kind of games I play in the future I will always love video games above all the rest. Which is why I was so happy to have gotten to play all the indie games that were being showcased at the con. Two of my favorites out of these demos were, but are certainly not limited to, “We Need  to go DEEPER”  and “Crashnauts”. Both of these games were created by the developers partnered with the Utah Games Guild. What I loved about these games was how creative they were and just how much fun they were to play. What I really enjoyed was looking at these games and thinking that one day I’m going to be the one that’s creating games like these. Though I just relished in the fun of getting to play with and against my friends while playing these two works of art.

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Last but not least, I want to show some of the fantastic cosplay that I was privileged enough to see at the con. First of all I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I still managed to get some of the good ones none the less. In my opinion two of the best cosplay that I found included the one of Rex from Mass Effect 2, as well as a Warrior version of Zelda. Both of them were very high quality and instantly made me stop to take their picture.

I wish that I could talk to guys more about how much fun Gaming Con was however that would take far, far too long. Thus we arrive at the end of this weeks’ Geek Wish-List. I hope you all enjoyed our content from the con and look forward to all the good stuff coming later this summer!

G-Eazy in SLC!

The man known as G-Eazy is currently moving up in the rap game in leaps and bounds. Almost as quick as his home basketball team the Golden State Warriors took over the NBA. Gerald Earl Gillum is a 26 year old rap artist coming out of Oakland, California. His first album had tremendous success peaking at number 3 on the US Billboard 200, and his latest album, When It’s Dark Out, has already hit number 5 on the same chart since it’s release date December 4th 2015.  To support his album’s release G-Eazy is hitting the road, and much to our delight he will be making a stop in Salt Lake City on January 9th at The Saltair.

Gerald is the Steph Curry of the hip hop world right now. He’s on fire. So much so that the show is entirely sold out already. Admittedly, the tickets have been on sale for a few weeks now, but nonetheless selling out The Saltair is not a small feat. Luckily for all the G-Eazy fans who procrastinated buying their tickets I have good news. There will be an after party at The Hotel Elevate, which is a 21+ club located in central Salt Lake City. G-Eazy himself will be hosting this party, so for those of you who are of age and either missed buying a ticket to the show, or just want some more Gerald for your night check the following link.

G-Eazy has several songs on youtube in the million view range already, and countless in the hundred thousands. I’ve included a few songs for those of you who have not heard his music yet, and also anybody who just wants to hear some hot tunes.




Crisol | Origins In Latin American Film


Crisol | Free Latin American Film Series, March 14-April 3, 2015

U film & media arts student, Karem Orrego, Founder of Crisol Film Initiative

U film & media arts student, Karem Orrego, Founder of the Crisol Film Initiative


The Rostrum catches a few minutes at the Union, with Karem Orrego, founder of the new experience in Latin American Film, CRISOL. Busy with finals as we all are, Karem generously shares a glimpse of how CRISOL got started—a beginning that connected an amazing assortment of cultures, people, partnerships and interests. CRISOL’s FILM LIST.

At the Urban Arts Gallery opener, one of the many attendees wrote on the interactive mural, “Crisol means, being different together.”

  • Crisol founder Karem Orrego

    Crisol founder Karem Orrego.

  • Karem Orrego

    Her creation is a new intercultural film experience.

  • DSCF1359

    Karem had a smile for every answer.

  • DSCF1350

    “I like to do things Big.”

  • DSCF1338

    Orrego’s first award-winning film was the documentary, Memoirs of My Father.