Truly an Endless Summer

Summer is all about letting loose and having fun. This year G-EazyLil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, Murda Beatz, YBN Nahmir, and P-Lo joined up for the Endless Summer Tour. Named after G-Eazy’s mixtape Endless Summer (2011), the concert took place at USANA Amphitheatre on July 26th, 2018. Having this many performers created the perfect summer concert. Each performer had their part in making the endless summer tour come to life. 

A Dance To Start The Show

The Endless Summer Tour kicked off with P-Lo. I hadn’t really heard of him, until that day. I only knew a few of his songs like “Feel Good” ft. G-Eazy, so I wasn’t too hyped on his performance. Still, he did a good job of getting people ready for the show. He had some pretty sick dance moves and everyone kept yelling “Go P-Lo Go Go P-Lo Go…” as he danced.

Shaggy-Haired Skater Turned Big-Time Producer 

Following P-Lo was Murda Beatz. Mostly famous for producing songs by Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, and many other, his part of the concert was showing off the hits. Everyone turned up for “Nice For What” which was produced chilling in Drake’s apartment one night.

The one thing that shocked me about Murda was how he looked. He didn’t look like a big-time music producer. His shaggy hair and normal appearance didn’t flaunt his fame. He kinda just blended in. Little did we know he has been behind the scenes for many songs. 

YBN Nahmir

YBN Nahmir definitely got my interest. I hardly knew about him prior to the show, but he really knew how to get the crowd going. He is a younger artist but showed off his true summer vibe. A few popular songs are “Rubbin Off The Paint” and “Bounce Out With That”. He is also featured on G-Eazy’s “1942”.

Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign drew in the ladies of the crowd. He knew how to sing and rap and boy did that get the ladies in their summer vibe. The crowd loosened up, getting a little wild and free in prep for the rest of the concert.

He played a lot of music but the ones that stuck out to me were “Or Nah”, “Sucker for Pain”, and “Love U Better”.

Lil Uzi Vert

The hype god, Lil Uzi Vert, was up next. There were skulls, upside-down crosses, and coffins on top of all the speakers. This goes along with his whole lucifer persona. Lil Uzi started the show with a bang and got the crowd on their feet.

Lil Uzi crowd surfed which got everyone to turn up even more. During “XO TOUR Llif3”, the audience started going crazy. Lil Uzi Vert had the place hyped up, as everyone was dancing and singing.  He looked insane, but in a fitting manner that worked for this .

Endless Eazy

Saving the best for last: G-Eazy. He has had my heart for a long time with his classy vibe that you will never miss. G-Eazy is known for taking samples from old 50’s songs as you can hear in his mixtape Endless Summer.

Eazy performed a ton of songs my favorites being “Say Less” and “1942” ft. YBN Nahmir. He had a nice flow of songs during his performance and brought a Mustang up on stage which added to the classy feel.

G-Eazy gave me a concert of a lifetime that I will never forget it. I believe that’s the impact he wanted his tour to have. To create an endless summer. At least the memory of one.

Geek Wish-List: Summer of Geek

Hello fellow geeks! As I’m sure you’re all aware, summer is now upon us and you know what that means! Spending time on the lake having crazy beach parties, taking road trips to nowhere, or we can just skip that stuff and play the Overwatch Open Beta that’s coming out this Thursday(Hype). This summer has the potential to be a great season for gamers. First, have the Overwatch Open Beta that starts up on the 5th and goes on till the 9th of May. Also the new Doom comes out on the 13th. Needless to say our summer will be full of crazy geeky fun, so for this week all I want to do is share some ideas of what to do to beat the summer heat, geek style.



To start us off I think we can all agree that we will be playing some games this summer, because any weather is good weather for games. A couple of games that I’m looking forward to this summer are Overwatch, Doom, Monster Hunter, and possibly the new One Piece game that I didn’t even know about until recently. The games that are on the top of this to-play list however are easily Doom on the 13th, Overwatch on the 24th, and finally Monster Hunter Generations on the 31st of June if the rumor about the American release of the game turns out to be true.



Other than gaming this summer we are also being gifted with the release of Captain America Civil war this Friday, May 6th and let’s not forget that after TEN YEARS of production the Warcraft movie comes out June 10th. Both of these films promise to be a huge hits in the geek community and you better believe that I’ll be looking for midnight release tickets for both of them.





Finally on a side note, The Geekwave is planning on having much more fun over the summer semester. Some of which include doing more lets play streams and among other things perhaps an event or two. I can’t give away everything that’s in the works, but look forward to hearing more from us over the next couple months.

With that tease I hope that you all have a geeky summer and I will see you guys next time for another Geek Wish-List.