A Letter to Our Community

Entertainment Media is a fascinating subject. It’s very different from the brand of journalism created by our friends at The Chronicle. Many people would argue that it’s far more frivolous, that it doesn’t have the same social responsibility. That with all of the calamities and important stories going on there are better things to discuss than sports or music. I’ve often wondered, with so much work that needs to be done in our world, am I really choosing to make a difference by making entertainment?

I believe, though, that creating entertainment requires just as much social responsibility as journalism. It certainly has just as much social impact, if not more. And I realized this as I sought out my own reason for loving this industry so much. I used to say it was the intersection of art and technology that drove me to entertainment, and that’s still true. But in my time working at K-UTE Radio and attending this university, I’ve realized that’s not the whole story. The big “Why” for my love of entertainment is that entertainment spawns community.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to put this into words. A community surrounding entertainment is literally the definition of a fandom, something we know a lot about at The Geekwave. It’s been a goal of K-UTE Radio and The Geekwave for as long as I’ve been around. It’s the goal of any entertainment creator; although they may use more sterile terms like “growing audience” or “encourage engagement”. But at its core, it’s something very personal that you’re creating: a community of people that are brought together over a common love. And it’s powerful. Reddit is full of stories of people coming to the aid of strangers in their fandom. People who are literally connected by the entertainment they enjoy.

In my four years participating in and leading K-UTE Radio and The Geekwave, I’ve seen amazing things happen. We got to reach out to local artists and give them venues to showcase their work. We’ve had local business owners champion our cause and help us make connections in the community. We’ve offered our skills to the University and other student groups to create great experiences on campus. We assisted with the first Crimson Gaming events, an organization that would pave the way for the U’s Varsity Esports. We were a sponsor and organizer for the charity event Respawn Ready. We’ve given people and organizations trying to make a difference a place where they could speak to the world. We started out as a loosely joined group of shows trying to build our own small communities. We became to two large teams of people working together to support and build the communities that were already there.

But there’s one community that we created that I think may be the most powerful: The Student Media Team. I will never forget the passionate students that found a home here. I’ll never forget watching nervous freshmen who thought radio might be fun become creators and leaders. I’ll never forget watching students of different backgrounds become friends and teammates over their desire to work hard and make something together. We have had students come in with a story to tell or a message to convey and we’ve given them a microphone and a podcast. We’ve had geeks who love to gush about their favorite things and we’ve taught them to put their passion on paper. We’ve built brands, we’ve built websites, we’ve built makeshift studios and publishing schedules and individual portfolios and leaders. But most of all, we’ve built a family.

I’ll consider myself a part of this family for the rest of my life, and I know that I’ll always be welcome back at University of Utah Student Media. Thank you to every person who made these four years the greatest experience of my life. And good luck to Gustavo Cordeiro, Geoff Sutyak, and Lee Neuschwander as they lead our Entertainment Media into the future.

Keep Dreaming.

Jarom “Solar” Norris has been the Station Manager for K-UTE Radio for the past two years. He also was the Executive Producer of The Geekwave since he started it three years ago. If you’d like to keep following Solar and his projects, check him out on Twitter or at his website http://jarom.solar

The Geekwave Episode 47: To Hype or not to Hype

We’re back again and Lee starts off with his attempt at impersonating Logan while Kimmy gets really loud. The first stop is Chris’s review on the movie Suicide Squad followed by No Man’s Sky. Both movie and game have been riding a large hype train for the past few months, but do they deliver?

From movieweb.com

From movieweb.com

We talk about the new Joker and how it compares with the long line of Jokers. We talk about origin stories and then discuss the Killing Joke animated movie. After mentioning Mark Hamill’s time as the voice for the Joker we touch a little bit on Comic Con before getting into No Man’s Sky.

From www.ign.com

From www.ign.com

Chris starts off with how salty Xbox players have gotten with the release of so many interesting games coming out only for PS4. Kimmy and Lee go in depth explaining the games’ design and pondering where “Space Minecraft” might be heading. With the day one patch clearing the slate for the real deal the big question now is how long will the game last.

Chris and Lee end the show with a cheer for Ryan Reynolds feat of showing up at the showing of Suicide Squad as Deadpool. Until next time Geekout everyone!

Why Did Everyone Hate Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad – We’ve all heard about it, and I’m sure many of us, such as myself, have anticipated it for well over six months. Personally, I’m not a fan of DC; in fact, I haven’t particularly liked any movie or TV show that they’ve put out for a long time, but this….this I was excited for. The one thing that I’ve always loved about the DC Universe is, hands down, their super villains, and to discover we’d be getting an entire movie dedicated to them was phenomenal! I mean, think about it: a new, captivating Joker (Jared Leto), a beautifully eccentric Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), the always fantastic Will Smith as Deadshot, and a bunch of other people no one really cares about. Unfortunately, upon its release, most critics seemed to loath the movie, giving it a staggering 27% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of this writing. But I, for one, was not going to let the critics stop me from watching this movie to see for myself whether or not it truly was bad, and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone says it is, but this review wouldn’t be nearly as fun if I didn’t rant about all of plot holes in the first twenty minutes of the movie. Hello, fellow geeks, I’m DecreeB, and today I’m telling you what I thought about the new Suicide Squad movie.

It all starts with a simple question: “What would we do if another alien like Superman came to Earth, but it was evil?” As if this wasn’t already asked in their last movie, Batman v. Superman, and answered with “Batman can kick Superman’s butt any day of the week, so don’t worry about it.” Why, exactly, does this still seem to be an issue in this universe? Why would anyone think that a super-secret group of super villains would be a better idea then, I don’t know, a group of highly skilled superheroes who already care about humanity and whom you don’t have to threaten or control in any way, shape, or form?! This plot hole is nearly as bad as the mythical “Rosebud” scene from Citizen Kane. No matter, I suppose, they are, after all, just a back-up plan that’s not really intended on being used. Surely the rest of the movie will make up for it by giving a good reason for them to be used, right? Right?

After posing this question, and introducing the six main villains for the movie as the answer, most of which have no good reason for being included anyway (I’m looking at you Harley and Boomerang), Amanda Walker (Viola Davis) convinces government officials that “Task Force X” is a good idea by showing off their “most valuable asset”, a scary witch named “The Enchantress” (Cara Delevingne) that is absurdly powerful, and who Walker claims to have “complete control” over. I mean, who wouldn’t want a huge super-powered warrior like The Enchantress working for them? Then again, why not use JUST the Enchantress, the only one proven to be controllable, and definitely the most powerful of all the others? Why do they need the all-around useless “Captain Boomerang” (Jai Courtney), and the way-too-unpredictable Harley Quinn? (*cough* sex sells? *cough*) Captain Boomerang did literally nothing important throughout the entire movie. Yes, he’s been in every iteration of the Suicide Squad, but they could have at least given him a good reason to be there in the movie.

Immediately after the man in charge, whoever he is, agrees to let these dangerous convicts be a last resort against an unstoppable opponent, something goes terribly wrong! The government officials, who have just been informed something terrible is happening, have to decide what to do. But I mean, what can they do? Dispatch their soldiers to see if they can tame the situation before jumping to conclusions? Ignite the Bat-Signal for some much needed assistance? Or assemble the criminally insane and highly dangerous task force that they barely agreed was an okay idea for a backup plan in case of extreme emergence where they have absolutely no options left?

You guessed it, they opted to send the untrained, deadly, and unpredictable inmates of Belle Reve Penitentiary to the scene without calling Batman, or literally anybody they could trust. Nope, let’s just send these people we believe are completely uncontrollable, whom we just barely accepted as potential possibility to save the Earth but only as a last resort because we doubt it’ll go well. Genius.

Alright, alright, we all knew there wasn’t going to be any good reason to send out the Suicide Squad, or at least any valid one, but I would’ve thought they’d at least try to convince us this was their only option by showing Batman being defeated, or reminding us that Superman is dead, or something. You know, make it seem like you actually tried to take care of the problem first; you know, pretend you care about the story a little bit. But I’m rambling now.

Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and the convicts all fly out to a desert compound, where they are briefed on their mission and his ability to push a button and kill them instantly. Then Suicide Squad is thrown boxes of a wide array of costumes and weapons. Yes folks, COSTUMES AND WEAPONS! You just barely let these guys free of their shackles, told them “listen to me or die”, and now you’re throwing the criminally insane and infinitely evil convicts all the weapons they could ever want! Not to mention you’re letting them play dress-up! This isn’t Halloween, people, the world could blow up at any minute and you’re letting them pick out cute little outfits? Just give them a standard military uniform and some armor, don’t waste your own time making them feel “pretty”!

I’m going to stop soon to avoid spoilers. The massive plot holes continue for a bit into the story before most of the sloppy storytelling ends and the movie starts to get pretty good. Characters are introduced only to be killed off, protagonists shoot what unnamed grunts can’t, etc. But after that, there’s action, funny comebacks and jokes courtesy of the only two well-written characters, Harley and Deadshot, and it starts to build some pretty decent character development for some of their villains. I just wish they had shown more El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), though, because I felt he could’ve been a strong character if he was on screen for more than 10 minutes.

While the movie started with its worst foot forward, it got much better as it progressed, although it did suffer for the same reason Batman v Superman did: it tried to do way too much in too short a time. Nevertheless, it did do it much more gracefully than the Batman movie did. The story was nothing special, all of the plot-twists were very predictable, but it was an interesting watch for the rest of the movie. Suicide Squad wasn’t particularly great or original in any way, but it wasn’t even remotely a bad movie. It’s nothing special, but it is worth a watch. Honestly, I believe this movie was only rated at 27% because people got their hopes up too high, and this movie wasn’t exactly what they expected. It wasn’t bad, it was just different from what they wanted, so they decided to bash a perfectly decent movie for it. If it were me, I’d give the Suicide Squad a 60-70% rating, and I’d definitely recommend it to everyone who’s even slightly interested in the movie. As long as you don’t get your hopes up too high, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself!

If you found this article informative and entertaining, make sure to check out some more awesome articles from everyone here at The Geekwave!

The Geekwave Episode 45: Ross Przybylski (Shh-bill-ski)

This week on The Geekwave we are joined by tech/game industry veteran Ross Przybylski. With 10 years of industry experience Ross knows what it has to offer and agreed to share some of that insight with us. During our interview Ross told us how he came about founding D20 Studios, becoming a video game designer, as well as giving advice to others who want to make it in the industry one way or another.

The interview started off with us trying to pronounce Ross’s last name which is not an easy feat. Afterwords, Logan asks more about D20 studios and the past success of its web and mobile game Hero Mages. This was Ross’s first attempt in his quest to give a bit of excitement in the “fleeting moments of time” such as when your waiting for your wife in the car with the kids. He explained to us how many indie studious have great ideas, but can’t decide which game they want to make first. Ross on the other hand was fixated on the idea of bring back the feelings of wonder that came with table top games such as D&D, Warmachine, and Magic The Gathering. Before moving on, Ross shared some of his core concepts for D20’s newest game Prophecies, still in the works, that aims at achieving this goal of giving those “fleeting moments” some of that bygone wonder.

In the next part of our interview, we discuss how Ross went from a technical writer for Adobe to the Director of Flash Development at Reflection Software and creator of the Indie Flash Blog. When we asked more about his blog he told us of his belief that information should be shared so that new designers and developers can take that information and create something new and better for the industry. It was this belief that lead Ross to make his video about “How To Start A Game Company” that is currently the first hit on Google for said topic. With the success of this video and an urge to give back the game community, Ross has recently decided to start a weekly You Tube series called How To Start a Gaming Company. Each week he addresses a different topic and gives solid, practical advice for developers and business owners.

The interview concluded with Ross sharing some parting information to beginning video game designers. Before he left the studio he gave us a quick quote about the role of a producer in the video game industry. Apparently he gets asked this question so often and since their is no correct answer, he has fun decided what to tell people each time, but this is what he told us.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this interview, have a great weekend, and geek out!

The Geekwave

How To Fix Pokémon GO

Throughout the last week, millions of people have snatched up up their phones and spare Pokéballs to adventure outside on a quest to pursue fantastical creatures known as Pokémon. While we’ve all enjoyed catching numerous Pidgey’s, battling for control of nearby gyms, and walking endless disappointing kilometers, players have begun to realize that the game still suffers from its early release. It experiences frequent glitches such as the three-step Pokémon indicator, the random “out-of-nowhere” Curveballs, and of course the server crashes. But we, as Pokémon Trainers, must excersice patience, as these bugs cannot be far from the developers’ minds. Instead of playing that all too familiar “their servers are down again” broken record we seem to love blurting out, we should be offering feedback and suggestions to enhance the game that we hold so dearly. Hello, fellow geeks, I’m DecreeB, and this is my personal list of suggestions for enriching the Pokemon GO experience.

Balance Pokémon Escape Rates with Trainer Level
I was walking to my car, ready to go home after a long day of Pokémon Hunting when I happened across another cute little Rattata sitting all smug in a plot of grass. “Oh, well, I guess I can catch one more.” I quickly engaged it in battle, eager to gain some easy Candy and Experience Points. “CP 10?” I think to myself, “This is going to be easy!” I ready my finger, steady my gaze, gauge the distance, and swipe! ‘Nice!’ pops onto the screen in bold letters as the Rattata is inhaled by my Pokéball. “He’s mine!”… Or, so I thought. The ball shook once before the purple rat burst out of his momentary prison, stared directly into my soul, then evaporated in a puff of Ash. An occurrence like this is embarrassing, even for new trainers, but I was Level 18, and the weakest possible Pokémon in the game had just humiliated the Shellder out of me! While it may seem worse that a high level trainer was shown up by a measly Rattata, you’d be surprised to learn that this is actually a common issue among experienced trainers, especially those over Level 15. The current system in GO makes every Pokémon harder to catch as trainers grow in level, even weak Pokémon like the evil buck-toothed demon that defamed me. This results in Level 1 trainers catching Rattata’s infinitely easier than the seasoned professionals. What I suggest is redesigning the system to lower the escape rate of Pokémon every time a trainer gains a level. This should make stronger Pokémon have lower escape rates for veterans. After all, if we’re getting more experienced at catching Pokémon, why is it getting easier for weaker Pokémon to escape?

Set Minimum CP’s for Evolved Pokémon
Dumb and DumberThis seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, apparently, it’s not, because it isn’t used in the game, or at least, not very well. I currently have two Pidgeotto’s in my inventory that both have a CP of 15, whom I have appropriately deemed “Dumb” and “Dumber” (pictured left). So here’s a question: why are evolved Pokémon in this game so weak? You’d imagine that a newly caught Raichu would be stronger than your old Pikachu, but most of the time that’s not the case! Imagine spending 10 painstaking hours of hunting down something really good, like a Machamp, finally finding it, then realizing it’s got a CP of 10. You’d probably throw your phone at that Muscular Magikarp; I know I would! This is unacceptable, we need to have a minimum CP for Pokémon that are at Stage 2 and 3 of evolution, ones that aren’t ridiculously low like mine! Personally, I believe that Stage 2 Pokémon should have a minimum CP of 100, while Stage 3 Pokémon should be set somewhere closer to 250. It would ease the trainer’s mind to know that the worst Nidoking will probably be stronger than the Nidoran they just caught.

Increase The Candy Gained by Catching and Transferring Evolved Pokémon
Have you ever noticed that when you catch a 1, 2, or 3 Stage Pokémon, you get three Candies no matter which Stage it is? I have, and I don’t think that’s fair! Higher evolution Pokémon are much more difficult to catch than Basics (Stage 1); they require stronger and rarer items and Pokéballs to catch, so we should only naturally get more Candies for catching them. I suggest we receive three Candies for catching a Basic Pokémon, four for a Stage 2, and five for a Stage 3. This should help ease the pain of using all of your good items on catching that Alakazam, but there’s still one more problem: when you transfer that Stage 3 spoon-wielding genius to Professor Willow, he will only give you ONE Candy, the exact same as transferring an everyday Pidgey! Why is the Professor holding out on you?! You just gave him an EPIC Stage 3 Alakazam that costs 125 Candies to evolve, and he’s only giving you one pitiful Candy?! When we evolve our Pokémon to the next generation, the value of those Pokémon goes up, so it’s only logical that we receive more Candy for our efforts! That’s why Stage 1 Pokémon should get us one Candy; Stage 2 should get us three, and Stage 3 should get us five.

Increase Experience For Evolving Different Pokémon
This one is fairly straight-forward, and surprisingly not in the game yet. As it stands, whenever you evolve a Pokémon, no matter what that Pokémon is, you’ll get 500 Experience (Exp) for doing so, which, obviously, isn’t very fair as there are multiple stages of evolution. This time, though, I don’t want to suggest giving more Exp for different stages of evolution. No, that system would be terrible (albeit better than what is currently in the game), and I’ll explain why: If you use 12 Candies to evolve a Caterpie into a Metapod (a Stage 2 evolution), you’ll get 500 Exp; likewise, if you use 400 Candies to evolve a Magikarp into a Gyrados (also Stage 2), can you guess what you get? Yep: 500 Exp! While they both evolved into the same stage, one requires over 33 times the number of Candies as the other, yet you get the same amount of Exp! The most logical system that we can use would grant you Experience Points based on how many Candies were used to evolve that Pokémon. Right now, you can grind the Muk out of Pidgey’s to gain some quick Exp, but when you finally gather 100 Candies to get your kick-Grass Venusaur, you get no special rewards! Experience Points gained through evolution should be tied directly to the amount of Candies used in the evolution. For example, let’s say we gain 20 Exp for every Candy used to evolve a Pokémon. This would make cheap, easy Pokémon like Pidgey and Weedle give you 240 Exp for evolving, while a powerful, demanding Gyrados will net you 8,000 Exp! There we go, much better!

Complete Overhaul for Gyms
Battling at gyms, as everyone knows, is probably the glitchiest mechanic in the game. Not only is it slow and clunky, but it also doesn’t work the way it’s intended to. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve swiped to the right to dodge the enemy’s attack, only to take damage even though the screen just informed me that I had made a successful dodge! In fact, everyone I have spoken with regarding this phenomenon has had the same experience I have. All of us have ultimately resorted to simply tapping on the screen as quickly as possible, praying our Pokémon will be just a little bit stronger than our rival’s. Another issue with gyms is how difficult they can be for casual or new trainers. Battling gyms is one of the few things to do in Pokémon GO, and not everyone has enough time or patience to train their Pokémon heavily enough to really take on a gym. Consequently, they get left in the dust by all the dedicated trainers that have plenty of time to kill. However, while these current mechanics have a few issues, I admire the concept and I think they have a lot of potential. Sans fixing the current systems in place, here are a few gym mechanics that I think should be changed or introduced to make gyms a bit more interesting and enjoyable.

  • Pause the battle when switching Pokémon. I can’t express just how irritating it is having one of your Pokémon pass out because they’re sitting around taking a pounding while you’re busy scrambling to switch them out with your next fighter.
  • Pause the battle when a Pokémon faints. Self-explanatory, and also a trademark of past games. If your opponent gets a new Pokémon, you should, too; if your Pokémon passes out, you should be able to pick your next gladiator.
  • Items should be usable in battles. Not all items, of course, as some of us have hundreds. No, only a set number should be allowed, such as 5, so that you can either buff-up, heal, or revive your Pokémon in the middle of a heated battle. Especially useful to new or casual trainers.
  • Make Special Attacks quicker to use. The current mechanic dictates that you hold your screen for upwards of three seconds to initiate a Special Attack, making your Pokémon a sitting duck for your rival to wail on while you wait for your attack to activate. And another thing: when using these stronger attacks, the opponent should not be able to attack. I mean, we can’t dodge or do anything else, why should our opponent be able to keep smashing us while our Pokémon prepares to use its attack?
  • Strengthen Pokémon after winning a battle. When your 600 CP Flareon defeats a 1,000 CP Snorlax, it’s a magical feeling – until you realize your Flareon gets nothing in return. When your Pokémon defeats an opponent’s Pokémon, especially one that’s stronger than they are, they should gain some strength. It’s only logical.
  • Automatically Take Gyms When Conquered. Do you know how many times someone has stolen a gym from me after I just barely defeated it? Too many times. When a player conquers a gym, it should automatically grant that player control, not the next person to walk up and toss their Pokémon at it while you’re waiting for menus to go away. I understand they do this so the player can heal their Pokémon before deciding which one they want to place in the gym, but that creates scenarios that are very aggravating and time-consuming for trainers! Instead, Pokémon should automatically heal or revive when placed in a gym, after all you deserve something for your courageous efforts.
  • Grant Gold for Conquering Gyms. With the current system, each trainer can only claim gold once every 24 hours. The amount of gold you’re given varies depending on how many of your Pokémon are stationed at gyms, 10 gold each. However, when you conquer a new gym, or buff up a friendly one for that matter, you’re not given anything if 24 hours haven’t past since the last time you claimed your gold. While this seems fair on the surface, as it prevents players from taking advantage of the system, it’s not fair for those who are legitimately putting effort into conquering multiple enemy gyms a day, since they’re not getting their fair share of gold. This “click-to-claim” system just doesn’t cut it in my book, it’s time to switch over to a new, automatic, system. This system should grant trainers gold whenever they place a new Pokémon in a gym, more if they conquered it themselves. And if your Pokémon has been there for a certain amount of time, we’ll say 24 hours, it will automatically grant you more for building a great defense.

Pokémon GO is a unique technological feat that has been an absolute pleasure to play so far, however the current mechanics of the game are a bit lacking, and they get frustrating quickly. If Pokémon GO is to be a lasting success, they need to add more interesting features before their players get sick and tired of these broken ones. Hopefully my suggestions for this game will give you a solid understanding of how Pokémon GO can become a more well-rounded and entertaining game for all of us, and that it may prompt you to create your own ideas on how the game can be improved. Together, we can help the developers craft a better gameplay experience through our mutual ideas and constructive feedback. Finally, if you found this article informative and entertaining, make sure to check out some more awesome articles from everyone here at the Geekwave!

The Geekwave Episode 41: Dreamwake with Jordan Bell

Hey Geekdom,

Hope your week has been filled with more geek than you can handle. This week on The Geekwave we have Jordan Bell, lucid dreamer and author of DreamWake. He gives us a very in depth look into his book and explains lucid dreaming. DreamWake is a fictional tail focusing on the future and a great new technology allowing us humans to lucid dream with ease. Look below to read the synopsis from Amazon:

“DreamWake, a device designed to induce and network dreams. The world was instantly taken with this new technological marvel. When a group of hackers attack the system, the creators form a unique team to stop the attacks. Jane is the first ever dream forensics detective, and finds herself drawn to an unusual hacker. Sam can do things others can’t, but has a haunting secret. Together with psychologists, gamers, and the creators, these two must learn to work together before the hackers turn the dream world into a nightmare.”

Kimmy read the first couple chapters already and has given it the thumbs up. Based on what the rest of us heard, it sounds to be an exciting adventure and a must read. Besides, it’s got a cool cover.

Very generously, Jordan has donated some copies for us to giveaway. We’ll be giving a copy to a lucky fan or two who Retweets this episode’s Twitter post. We’ll announce the winners on July 13th. If you just cant wait, which we don’t blame you, go grab a copy right now: DreamWake from Amazon.

Listen closely, as Jordan covers a lot during this episode. From a definition of Lucid dreaming to the do it yourself secrets, he holds nothing back. In fact, Ollie is super stoked to try this at home and we encourage our listeners to do the same. Most importantly though, Jordan says “to have confidence!”. Now go out there and take control of your dreams, make them what you always dreamt they would be.

Jordan is one of our fellow students here at the U so seek him out for a big high five and a congratulations on the publishing of his book. Thank you Jordan for coming on the episode.

Also give Jordan a follow and like @DescendingChime and Jordan Bell, Author.  If your interested in getting your own book published checkout his publisher Get My Story Published.

Otherwise, have a great 4th of July Weekend and geekout!

-The Geekwave

The Geekwave Episode 39: Dreams of E3

Hello Geeks!

We hope you enjoyed E3 as much as we did. This week on The Geekwave we talk about our favorite games demoed this year at “Geek3” eh eh, no… ok. While Logan is out Kimmy, Solar, and The Neuschwanderer will be your guides for all the new game announcements.

So many games were released and teased at E3 this year that we could never cover them all, but here it goes. Some of the games that we wanted to talk about include Horizon Zero Dawn, Halo Wars 2, Dead Stranding, For Honor, Sea of Thieves, Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy XV, God of War 4, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Gears of War 4 to name a few.

The episode starts with a moment of silence and a word from Solar about the shooting at Orlando. The Geekwave wants to let you know how we feel about this horrible tragedy. As well as the death of our fellow Geek Christina Grimmie. They may be gone, but they will forever remain in our hearts.

Afterwords we talk about Sony’s sweeping performance at E3 and Sony’s new VR gear. Next up to bat is the beautiful Horizon Zero Dawn  and how The Witcher’s Gwent is getting its own game. Everyone want to be like Hearthstone now, don’t they…link to register for the beta right here.  Later, Lee reminisces his childhood with the Gears of War series, while Kimmy and Solar have a moment over the new footage for the Legend of Zelda game.

Finally, we wrap up the episode with our most anticipated games from E3. With E3 coming to an end and the Summer Steam sales looming, we at The Geekwave wish your wallet the best of luck and a speedy recovery. Geekout!

-The Geekwave

Geek Wish-List: Game Con 2016 Part 2

Welcome back to the Geek Wish-List guys. I hope you all had a great weekend. Over the course over the past few days The Geekwave has been doing our best to keep you up to date on Gaming Con this year. While we were there our crew managed to get some epic prizes from our connections at Fresco Press that we gave away. But, getting down to business let’s talk about what went down at Salt Lake City Gaming Con 2016.

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

The first thing that I want to talk about is how surprised I was to see so many board games set up on the con floor. Usually when I think of gaming my mind goes straight to video games. However, at the con I would dare to say that there were more board games present than video games. It was somewhat unfortunate that I didn’t get enough time to play any of the board games that I found, but i’m looking forward to playing some of them later this year. Walking around the floor talking to the multitudes of different gamers at the con, or more accurately listening to Logan talk to said gamers, I found that the gamers in Utah are so much more varied in their interests than I ever could have conceived myself. I admit that I found the experience very exciting and look forward to broadening my horizons as a gamer as a result.

From www.youtube.com

From www.youtube.com

From forums.tigsource.com

From forums.tigsource.com

Yet, at heart I know that no matter what kind of games I play in the future I will always love video games above all the rest. Which is why I was so happy to have gotten to play all the indie games that were being showcased at the con. Two of my favorites out of these demos were, but are certainly not limited to, “We Need  to go DEEPER”  and “Crashnauts”. Both of these games were created by the developers partnered with the Utah Games Guild. What I loved about these games was how creative they were and just how much fun they were to play. What I really enjoyed was looking at these games and thinking that one day I’m going to be the one that’s creating games like these. Though I just relished in the fun of getting to play with and against my friends while playing these two works of art.

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Photo by Lee Neuschwander

Last but not least, I want to show some of the fantastic cosplay that I was privileged enough to see at the con. First of all I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I still managed to get some of the good ones none the less. In my opinion two of the best cosplay that I found included the one of Rex from Mass Effect 2, as well as a Warrior version of Zelda. Both of them were very high quality and instantly made me stop to take their picture.

I wish that I could talk to guys more about how much fun Gaming Con was however that would take far, far too long. Thus we arrive at the end of this weeks’ Geek Wish-List. I hope you all enjoyed our content from the con and look forward to all the good stuff coming later this summer!