Butternut to Bionic

This week on The Rostrum we have Tiffany Anderson, University of Utah alumni and author of the book Butternut to Bionic: A Resource Guide to for Hip Replacement Surgery which details her encounter with a mysterious illness, brush with death, two hip-replacement surgeries, and her physical and mental health recovery. We also discuss her thoughts on U.S. healthcare and the benefits of preventative and holisitic approaches to health.

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Construction on Campus

This week on The Rostrum we have Shireen Ghorbani, Associate Director of Communication and Organizational Development for Facilities on the U of U campus. She discusses the current state of construction projects on campus, why they are happening and what students can expect from the years to come.

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Dr. Siegfried Hecker

This week on The Rostrum, we interviewed Stanford professor and world-renowned nuclear scientist, Dr. Siegfried Hecker. We discussed his visits to North Korean nuclear facilities, his work to secure ex-Soviet nuclear weapons, and the potential threats and promises of atomic power.

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Students For A Democratic Society

This week on The Rostrum we interview Shirley Reyes and Bryn Dayton, members of the Students for a Democratic Society. The “SDS” is an activist group that was inspired by the civil rights movement and is concerned with equality, economic justice, peace, and participatory democracy. Currently, this group is working to make the University of Utah a sanctuary for undocumented students.

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