Behind the Lens with Ayers Photo

Chris Ayers, Photographer/Writer, Daily Utah Chronicle, Arts Desk

Chris Ayers, dual major in Communication and Film. Photographer/Writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle, Arts Desk

By the Hour or the Picture?

What do you learn being part of Student Media? What makes it so incredible? 
Chris and I walked the Foothill Mall on a grey Martin Luther King Day, 2016. We opened the year talking about his work as an Arts Desk Photographer/Writer at the Chrony. We also look at the financial side of student photography. A photog since freshman year in 2013, Chris has captured amazing images not only of our school, but of headliners from Wu-Tang Clan at this year’s Twilight Festival, to St. Vincent and Judas Priest.

Ayers Photo Favorites

St. Vincent

The Rostrum University of Utah Independent Student Media

Taking “Newspaper to news organization”

Katherine Ellis, Editor in Chief, Daily Utah Chronicle, University of Utah. Photo by Kiffer Creveling.

“From newspaper to news organization,” a few words with Katherine Ellis, Editor in Chief @TheChrony

Its no wonder Katherine found a niche at the Chronicle. She didn’t become an editor in the traditional way. She went from night owl to early bird. She has been a writer since her first word, and her love for the written word had her editing copy long before she got to the newsroom.

“Before I could even write, I felt like I was writing,” said Katherine. “I understood the concept, but I just didn’t know how, but that wasn’t going to stop me from pretending I could.”

Despite her quiet confidence, it was exciting to hear Katherine describe how Chronicle staff once out-scooped the pros. On the job for only a year, her vision for student news paints a bright future for those seeking real-world experience.