The Geekwave Episode 34: Hi Mom!

Hey Friends,

I hope you all survived finals. We here at The Geekwave are survivors, and we are very ready for summer. This is the final episode of the school season. Thank you for sticking with us and listening to The Geekwave. We love everyone of you. We are going to take next week off. However their are some exciting summer plans that we cannot tell you about yet but stay tuned!

Make sure you check out the big Geekout tonight! Also tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Hooray!

On this episode we talk about moms. Moms are very important to gamers, geeks and really everyone. First off we revisit Ollie’s blog post from yesterday which focuses on the importance of moms to gamers. Then we share a variety of our own experiences and to finish it off we look at famous moms in the geekdom.  If our moms are thinking about listening to this, you should, because we give you a shout out!

Overall, be good to your mom. Treat her well. Hope you enjoy the episode. Have a happy Mother’s Day and geekout!

-The Geekwave

Gamer Moms: The Importance Of Moms To Gamers

Hopefully you are aware that Mothers Day is this coming Sunday. If you were unaware of this very important holiday then you receive a poop emoji.

poop emoji

It is actually quite cute. (Taken from Pintrest)

That is how I feel about you, end of story. Mothers Day is important! Very important! Being a mom is hard, and that is coming from a young adult male. I know nothing about being a mom, aside from the fact that they put a lot of work into doing a good job and it is nice that we can at least take one day to thank them for that. Really Mothers Day should be everyday, but their are other holidays.

Now this is not a rant about how important Mothers are. This is a rant about how important moms are to gamers, and this is from personal experience:

  1. Without moms many gamers would most likely starve to death. Without that occasional sandwich, soup, or snack how would a gamer eat? Unfortunately, when you become a grown-up gamer, you don’t live with your mom(at least most of us…), and realize that you have to make your own food. Thank god for cereal.
  2. Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t buy mature games? All of your friends had Call of Duty and Halo, not you though. That is until you asked your mom, cool kid status achieved! Well, unless your mom visited one of those parent rating review sites and read how those games turns your children into demons. In that case, no cool kid status for you , because, you know, demons are bad. But as those of us who play Call of Duty know, the world if full of cool kids.
  3. The gaming mom! Plenty of moms nowadays play games on their phones but what is super cool is when madre jumps in on the couch battle royal and starts throwing red turtle shells and using that star power! Shout out to all those gaming moms. You are pretty dope!
  4. When your screen is really dirty and your mom lets you use her micro fiber cloth to get you back in the game. GG madre!
  5. The mom who approves of you playing video games! Thankfully, these moms are becoming more and more common. For give-or-take the first eighteen years of life, Moms are basically your boss (and not the fun video game kind) so when they approve of your gaming habit, its a good thing.


So treat your moms well! Don’t be the gamer who flicks them off, karma will get you. Instead give them a great Mothers Day surprise and make them dinner for once. Happy Mothers Day!


-Ollie, who loves his mom (goes and prepares a mothers day surprise!)

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The Geekwave Episode 30: Cory Doctorow on the Reality of Science Fiction

“Stories can change world politics by describing a path.”

Solar and Ollie had a chance to sit down with Cory Doctorow, science fiction author, activist, journalist, blogger, member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and co-founder the UK Open Rights Group. He’ll be speaking in the Marriott Library Gould Auditorium tomorrow, April 5th, at 6:30pm. Tickets are sold out for the event, but spare seats will be given away at the door once the lecture has started. More details right here.

While his talk tomorrow will be on Privacy and Surveillance, we wanted to talk to him a little bit about storytelling. And we were not disappointed, Doctorow had a wealth of knowledge to share about the way that science fiction describes possible futures, the way it models repeating history, and how even more fantastical stories like zombie thrillers are related to our current social conditions. “Predicting the future is boring, inspiring the future is interesting” he says.

We also delve a little bit into his opinions on gaming, and how much of modern free-to-play gaming has lost the benefits that playing games should be providing. Doctorow describes the Zynga-era of games as the “Empty Calories Version” of video games, “compelling without being satisfying”.

You can follow Cory Doctorow on Twitter, or check out his website

Reacting to the Past

“Reacting to the Past (RTTP) consists of elaborate games, set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by classic texts in the history of ideas.” —(

Professor Ann Engar, an award winning teacher in the Honors Intellectual Tradition Program, is the University of Utah’s authority on these games that are an intersection of history, debate, policy-making, and role-playing. She explained the nature of these games, their use in a collegiate setting, and how they can bring classes together as peers and colleagues.

Professor Engar is also creating her own game set in the Diet of Worms in 1521, that centers on the conviction and punishment of Martin Luther for his teachings against the Catholic Church. She is authoring this game alongside Daniel Shaw of Colorado College and Michael Mackey of the Community College of Denver.

Geek Wish-List: Curse of the Mobile Games.

Hello again everyone, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves at Respawn Ready last week because it’s time again for another Geek Wish-List. As I said before this week I want to start things off by talking about some of the issues that I have with the Mobile Game industry. The biggest of these problems are how the Mobile Game genre seems to be turning into a way for gaming companies to drain every last penny from those who play them.

However, despite being something that I wish would change in mobile games I can’t help but realize just how lucrative the marketing strategy is for the industry. To put it into perspective why would you sell a fully furnished house that you made for $60 when you can just give the house away for free and then charge the customer $2 to $30 for each item of furniture that they want to add to the house. Even someone with zero business experience can tell you the better option, at least for the one who owns the furniture.



What I would like to see change is instead of having a bunch of free games that have so many in game purchase options that I loose count to instead charge a small price of $15 or so up front and then have purchase options for items or abilities that don’t affect the game play outside of aesthetics. To give you an image of what kind of game I’m talking about think of FTL, Faster Than Light, with in app purchases that would only change aesthetics. For example having The Serenity from Firefly as your ship that you use.




Other than the in game purchases and the time restricting mechanics such as waiting two whole days for a tower to be finished ( Looking at you Clash of Clans) most mobile games are very entertaining. That being said, I really wish that there wasn’t so many restrictions put into mobile games so that I could enjoy them like any other game that I’ve spent money on.



Yet the fact that for most people, unless you pay for the in game bonuses, the games are free and thus being limited in game play is only fair. Next week I’m gonna talk about the upcoming Anime this season and what shows from the last season I’m wishing to get a second season of.

The Geekwave Episode 25: Skyreach!

Good end of week Geekdom,

I hope your week has been filled with absolute Geekyness and plenty of sleep so you can spend the whole day at Respawn Ready on Saturday the 27th! We have a special episode for you this week. On air with us is Cameron and Erik from Rainbow Goats studio to talk about there game Skyreach.

gameboxArt_v1 (1)

They are rocking the Southern Utah vibe!

It is pretty fantastic and if you stop by Saturday you might get a chance to give it a whirl with the team. Hope to see everyone at Respawn Ready! have a great weekend!

-The Geekwave


dirty logan

Here is one of my baby pictures. I was a dirty boy!! (Courtesy of my mother)

I often wake up and think wow I don’t feel like an adult. Even though by legal definition I am a so called “adult”, I question whether I am really adulting properly. Then again I was always that kid (and still am) who said I will never grow up! Like look at that kid in the picture above. Does it look like he ever wants to grow? No! He loves the stinking mud!

Overall, I think I have done a pretty good job of keeping my inner child alive.


These have definitely played a part! (This website has tons of Mario icons

I am not here to lecture you on my childish behavior. I am here to present a serious and deep question that will rattle your brain cells and keepyou up at night pondering the meaning of life.

I was recently reminded that Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2  is set to release next week. I jumped for joy! How could I have forgotten?

Childish games

Hot damn that looks nice! (I took this from

I am so excited to jump in the garden, but that is when the question hit me. Is this game too childish? I pondered it for a while…”naaaaah!” It is gonna be freaking awesome!

See that’s the thing when you look at the game industry you can see a pretty direct split of adult content and child content. Now a lot is focused on violence and realism and strangely enough it seems as many children as adults play those games. You gotta love it when you encounter a five year old dropping the F-bomb as you run on walls in Call of Duty.

Then on the other side of the spectrum you find stuff like Plants vs. Zombies and Mario Kart which are absolutely fantastic.

On a scale of enjoyment these games stand toe-to-toe with big M-rated AAA titles. I know I am going to take a lot of heat from this but often the childish games appear more creative and innovative from a gameplay stand points. These games need to figure out how to make something fun but also enjoyable and suitable for all audiences. Yet often enough they still offer a deep and immersive experience. Call of Duty  is great in what its does as an e-sport and as one of the biggest game franchises ever, but in the end we kind of know what to expect each year.

Where as next Tuesday, “Holy crude guys I get to be a sunflower, yes!” I have watch gameplay and I still don’t know what to expect.

So yes, I am a child at heart and I love crazy creative kids games, but isn’t it nice to see the child like creativity reflected in games. Not to mention the world of Mario which is definitely one of the most creative universes ever created and I think all of the game industry has grown up playing the series and still does today.

When it comes down to it, and I hear someone try to explain a game as childish, I have to disagree. Some games may lack complexity and are not as interesting as other options, but I think you are never to old to play any game. As has be proven in the game industry, ratings and age barriers mean nothing so there is no reason that people cannot see the reverse. Don’t be shy. Go! Play your Skylanders until your hearts content, collect as many studs as possible in the countless and fantastic Lego games.We live in a world where growing up is encouraged too much, we all have an inner child and it is important for us to unleash it.

In the words of Yoda, “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child”. It is true! Kids are hella creative. Don’t let yourself be stifled by not enjoying all of the creative video games out there. If you don’t know what I am talking about or don’t like so called “childish” games, give it a try. I think you would be surprised.

Ollie, gardening gamer (Mentally prepares to be a sunflower)

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Best Game Character Valentine Match Ups


Awwwwwwwwww! (

Okay folks, so as most of you may know (and for those who don’t what in the hell are you doing?) This Sunday is Valentines Day!!!!!

I don’t dislike Valentines Day, it is just the fact that it is another holiday for the capitalist machine to grab a bunch of money. Really everyday should be that special for you and your special friend. But I am not writing to bore you with stories of lost love, hopeless romanticism or geeky dating advice.

I am here to give you the best (these could also be terrible) valentine match ups of game characters!

Now I have always wondered if  game universes were to collide what romantic relationships would spawn from them. For some reason I have always felt that Princess Peach and Master Chief would go really well together. Some of you are definitely think what is this guy on? Did he eat to many mushrooms from the Mushroom Kingdom? (be for warned, there are going to be plenty of terrible jokes.)

Hear me out. They both have a lot to talk about! Like countless adventures, fights, and a pretty substantial following so they would be a good celebrity couple. Additionally, we all need to accept the fact that Mario and peaches relationship is going no where. Just think about it!

I imagine the date going something like this.

  • At 7:31 PM Master Chief pulls up in his Warthog to pick Peach up from her castle. 7:31 because he doesn’t want to appear to eager
  • At 8:00 PM they arrive at a restaurant with lots of stars, hearts and pink. Master Chief did his research.
  • At 8:30 PM they order food and Master Chief sits there quietly as Peach talks his helmet off!
  • Peach sees Master Chiefs face…mission accomplished.

Honestly the world could really benefit from a positive game duo as these to. Though, I would plead that a combination of Halo and any peach game never exists.


Hawt! (Courtesy from

Now this one will probably be my favorite, but imagine Bowser and Donald Trump. Yes, I know Donald Trump isn’t a game character but at this point can we really tell the difference?

I feel like these two could really go places. They both have lost everything numerous times and gained it all back, some how. They both are crazy. And I wouldn’t trust either of them to run a country. Even one made out of mushrooms.


Besides, look at that hair! (


A relationship that would actually work really well is Lara Croft and James Bond. After all, they both work well alone, but would be even better together. They definitely like adventure. They’re very strong individuals. This is so good, I don’t even have any jokes to make about them. It’s a hole in one!

Side note: Indiana Jones and Lara croft should  NOT be together, because he is way to old for her.

Then for my final ship of today: Samus and Buzz Lightyear! Okay first of, it still surprises me how many people don’t know Samus is a girl. She is a girl!

These two would work really well together they both shoot stuff out/off of their arm. They enjoy wearing powerful suits. They like defeating bad guys and I think would raise some really nice children. Imagine how successful those children could be with those jeans… or should I say bionic pants!

Okay that is my last terrible joke! Have a great week and a Happy Valentines Day! Also don’t forget to watch our video of What Not To Say On a Date!

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-Ollie, A Chocolate Conoscere (Test chocolate in preparation for Sunday!)