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Young the Giant's Home of the Strange Concert

Young the Giant’s Home of the Strange Concert

February 13, 2017

On January 2011, the song “My Body” hit the airwaves and entered this generation's collective consciousness. The song was very energetic and catchy. It was one of those songs that made you want to...

On the Radar - Glass Animals

On the Radar – Glass Animals

December 9, 2016

“Twee vole go dig your hole/Squish squirmies in your nose/Tree hairs in your eyes/You smile so super quiet.” I have heard some strange lyrics before, but none as poetically odd as the ones featured...

Concert Review - Mr Little Jeans

Concert Review – Mr Little Jeans

November 21, 2016

There was a palpable excitement in the air as the crowd, myself included, in Kilby Court anxiously waited for Mr Little Jeans to appear. The crowd huddled around the stage both to get a good view and to...

On Your Radar - Mutemath

On Your Radar – Mutemath

November 16, 2016

Dapperly dressed and unbelievably energetic, I discovered Mutemath when I stumbled across a curious video for a song called “Typical.” The video starts with a man in a gray button down and red bow...

Empire of the Sun - Two Vines

Empire of the Sun – Two Vines

November 9, 2016

If Empire of the Sun’s goal is to transport listeners to another world with their music, I’d say they’re doing a pretty good job. They somehow always manage to create a fantasy-like ambiance in their...

On Your Radar: Bad Suns

On Your Radar: Bad Suns

November 8, 2016

The moment I first heard the band Bad Suns, I became completely entranced with their music. There was something hypnotic about them that drew me in. Whether it was the singer’s soothing voice or their...

Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues

Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues

October 27, 2016

When it comes to alternative rock music, there are bands that are absolutely quintessential to the genre. These bands dominated the airwaves in the late 90's and early 2000's and helped pave the way on...

Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow

Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

October 17, 2016

Fans of Two Door Cinema Club, myself included, have patiently waited for new material to be released. At times, it was uncertain as to whether or not they would come back as the band members were dealing...

White Lies - Friends

White Lies – Friends

October 11, 2016

When it comes to music, I tend to gravitate towards the darker, somewhat more ominous sounding songs. White Lies has always been a band I turn to that fits that exact description. Usually compared to bands...

Banks - The Altar

Banks – The Altar

October 3, 2016

The human mind is a curious and fascinating thing. It’s a labyrinth filled with thoughts and an endless stream of ideas. At times, it can seem difficult if not impossible to communicate these thoughts...

Warpaint - Heads Up

Warpaint – Heads Up

September 26, 2016

With many great women in rock and roll, it’s no surprise that Warpaint has gained attention for their dream pop aesthetic and wispy vocals. The Los Angeles quartet formed on Valentine’s Day in 2004....

Homecoming Spotlight - Fictionist

Homecoming Spotlight – Fictionist

September 19, 2016

It’s that time again to welcome back students and alumni to celebrate being a University of Utah Ute. Homecoming week will run from September 30th to October 9th. During this week, there will be many en...

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