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The Future of The Geekwave

The Future of The Geekwave

August 21, 2016

It was almost two years ago that, after a summer of planning, Claire Heman and I launched our very first live broadcast of The Geekwave Talk Show, along with a Facebook page, a Minecraft server, and several...

What Makes a Villain?

What Makes a Villain?

August 16, 2016

Most, if not all members of the geek community have a favorite villain. The Joker, Loki, Darth Vader, and Ramsay Bolton are just a few evildoers that have gathered a huge following across the fandoms....

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Happy 30th Metroid

August 15, 2016

Hello again everyone! As of August 6th the Metroid series has reached its 30th anniversary. It may not get as much love and attention as the other stars from Nintendo, but Metroid can hold its own. When...

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Kakashi’s face revealed

August 8, 2016

Hello again fellow geeks! I know that I'm a tad late on the hype train, but I hope that you'll forgive me. Roughly two weeks ago fan of the anime Naruto were finally rewarded with the anime's reveal of...

Why Did Everyone Hate Suicide Squad?

Why Did Everyone Hate Suicide Squad?

August 6, 2016

Suicide Squad – We've all heard about it, and I'm sure many of us, such as myself, have anticipated it for well over six months. Personally, I'm not a fan of DC; in fact, I haven't particularly liked...

Worldseekers: Azeroth

Worldseekers: Azeroth

August 2, 2016

Why am I writing a series on fantasy and sci-fi settings? I'm writing a series on fantasy and sci-fi settings because, as a fan of the genre, I think that setting is something that needs to be talked about...

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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

August 1, 2016

Hey guys welcome back! This week I wanted to give a quick non-spoiler review of the anime Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (wow that's a mouthful). Seeing as how the season is rounding up on its last...

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How To Fix Pokémon GO

July 28, 2016

Throughout the last week, millions of people have snatched up up their phones and spare Pokéballs to adventure outside on a quest to pursue fantastical creatures known as Pokémon. While we've all enj...

Enter to be

Enter to be “Prey for the Gods”

July 26, 2016

When I was planning what to write in this post, I stumbled upon a game that seemed to be nothing but a "Shadow Of Colossus" cop-out; however, on further analysis, this game was far more than just a copy. From the studio No Matter, I intro...

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

July 25, 2016

Kirk’s struggling with existential angst and some daddy issues, and Spock can’t decide if his place is with the Enterprise or with his people. Needless to say, neither of them were having a great ...

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The Geek Wish-List: Monster V Geek

July 25, 2016

Hello again everyone, to another Geek Wish-List. First off I want to thank everyone who still reads these blog posts I appreciate it a lot. For this week I wanted to talk briefly on a game that , although...

Star Trek: How the Next Generation is Exposed to an Old Fandom

Star Trek: How the Next Generation is Exposed to an Old Fandom

July 21, 2016

In Modern Geekdom there seems to be works that we believe will stand the test of time. If you ask somebody what the premiere creation of the Fantasy genre is, they're likely to tell you it's The Lord of...

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