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Generation N.

November 18, 2015


Keith Blanc

November 11, 2015

Today we went over the police report from campus, the LGTBQ issues on homosexual relationships. Big stories and food for thought today was on University of Missouri President resigning over racial issues. People in different...

Changes in State and Religion

Keith Blanc

November 7, 2015

Campus news we shared stories from the Chronicle paper on new leadership coming to ASUU as well as others stories happening around campus U should know. Local news we talked about the New Mayor Jackie National news is when...

Election Day! Prisoners Out Drugs In.

Keith Blanc

November 3, 2015

Campus news we touched on article from the chronicle paper involving using technology and driving as well as told U about "Pizza and Politics" in the OSH building. Local news we covered information on a 2.9 earthquake that...

Halloween Time

Keith Blanc

October 31, 2015

Halloween costume ideas and reminders to just be whatever and whoever you want to be.  Big gash in earth at Yellowstone worth causing a scare for some.

Food Supply

Keith Blanc

October 29, 2015


Crimson Night Oct 23

Keith Blanc

October 23, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/brunch-with-u-podcast-crimson-nights This show we talked about history being destroyed on campus, then some news and good food for thought info on Crimson nights that you need to listen to. ...


Keith Blanc

October 23, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/brunch-with-u-podcast-refugees Today we talked about Campus news, some history being destroyed, the big party tonight and how to protect yourself from over drinking and getting to crazy.  Locally...

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