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The Rostrum: The Other Side of Counseling

The Rostrum: The Other Side of Counseling

April 19, 2016

"Midway through fall semester of her junior year, MacKenzie Bray was tired—bone-shatteringly tired—of feeling like she was going to die. Her heart was racing, and she was sweating and shaking uncontrollably. It felt like a heart attack. And it wasn’t the first time. In fact, it was happening dail...

Counseling on Campus

Counseling on Campus

April 12, 2016

"The purpose of the University Counseling Center (UCC) is to facilitate and support the educational mission of the University of Utah. We provide developmental, preventive, and therapeutic services and programs that promote the intellectual, emotional, cultural, and social development of stu...

Professor Jack Newell

Professor Jack Newell

April 5, 2016

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Jack Newell received his undergraduate degree while attending Deep Springs College in California and Ohio State University. He went on to earn his Master of Arts at Duke University in American and European history, and his Ph.D. at Ohio State in the history and philosop...

Professor Ann Engar

Reacting to the Past

March 29, 2016

"Reacting to the Past (RTTP) consists of elaborate games, set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by classic texts in the history of ideas." —(https://reacting.barnard.edu/about) Professor Ann Engar, an award winning teacher in the Honors Intellectual Tradition Program, is...

The Rostrum: Freshwomen

The Rostrum: Freshwomen

March 22, 2016

I sat down with five freshman roommates: Aileen Norris, Isabel Shimanski, Margaux Kaulius, Jaqueline Jolley, and Roxanne Fitzwilliam, and asked them to reflect on their first semester. We touched on the topics of both good and bad experiences in ...

Protest against the Israel lobby A Wider Bridge's workshop session (sarah-ji)

Creating Change and Conflict 2016

February 19, 2016

Going to Creating Change 2016, an LGBTQ+ leadership and organization event, I expected a rainbow-hued peace festival where we come together to bang out the last kinks in the social justice movement. An...

The Rostrum: Catching Up with Dodds

The Rostrum: Catching Up with Dodds

January 26, 2016

Then, Now, and What's Next From Advertising & Sales to Media Council to Marketing Manager. The Rostrum catches up with former student media Marketing Manager, Karlie Dodds, for an inside look at how the independent Student Media Marketing team started, and what makes it great. ...

Behind the Lens with Ayers Photo

January 19, 2016

By the Hour or the Picture? What do you learn being part of Student Media? What makes it so incredible?  Chris and I walked the Foothill Mall on a grey Martin Luther King Day, 2016. We opened the year talking about his work as an Arts Desk Photographer/Writer at the Chrony. We also look...

The Rostrum: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

The Rostrum: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

January 5, 2016

ZEAL FOR A BETTER WORLD What is Biomass? How will it make the world cleaner? What does science say about fracking? The Rostrum is at the John and Marva E Warnock Building with Chemical engineering student, McKenna Buck who shares a glimpse at the work she's doing with one of the U's new...

Ryan Schow, Reactor Supervisor

The Rostrum: Meet the Nuclear Reactor Supervisor

December 29, 2015

WHY IS THE U A WORLD-LEADER IN NUCLEAR SAFETY CULTURE? Conversation with Ryan Schow, a Utah native, and Nuclear Reactor Supervisor at the U, provides an insider's look at what makes the U a global leader in nuclea...

Joseph F. Merril Engineering Building (MEB). North Campus

The Rostrum: Breath for New Standard in TB Detection

December 22, 2015

"TB breathalyzer" Answers Global Healthcare Concern | Tuberculosis is a deadly pulmonary disease that affects millions in Africa and southeastern Asia who don't have access to point-of-care TB detection. U Ph.D. student, metallurgical engineer, Cricketer, and devout painter, Dhiman Bhattach...

Karem Orrego shooting her first documentary film Memories of My Father_shot by her Mother, Elena.

Crisol | Origins In Latin American Film

December 15, 2015

CRISOL | "DIFFERENT, TOGETHER" The Rostrum catches a few minutes at the Union, with Karem Orrego, founder of the new experience in Latin American Film, CRISOL. Busy with finals as we all are, Karem generously shares a glimpse of how CRISOL got started—a beginning that connected an ...

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