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The Rostrum: “Reciprocity,” Filtering through the Noise, Part E

December 8, 2015

Part E: Larger Beginnings Where will Snapchat take the future of digital media culture? What are societal benefits of targeted engagement? How are digital networks changing life offline? Texas-born, Avery Holton is a voice for "connectivity" at the U. His award-winning studies have re...

“Reciprocity,” Filtering Through the Noise, Part C

November 17, 2015

Language & Communication (LNCO), lies at the center of the University of Utah campus Part C How will connectivity improve thoughtful engagement? What's the main motivator for social media? Can it im...


Get that Amazing Idea Out of Your Head

November 17, 2015

  Are you creative, intentional, collaborative? Do you seek outlet for your phenomenal ability and skills before you graduate?  This conversation is about doing something with your educ...

Lizzy Music Student, Foster-care Advocate

Foster-care Hero Helps Reunite 200 Siblings in Disneyland for a Day

November 9, 2015

Lizzy Palmatier is a foster-care hero, Philharmonic violinist (she smiled huge when she said so), and candidate for Miss Utah. Her involvement with Together We Rise inspired gratitude and love, after spending a day reuniting 200 siblings at Disneyland. Listen as Lizzy tells the tale a...

“Reciprocity,” Filtering Through the Noise, Part B

November 9, 2015

Part B What do you want people to think of you online? How do you identify with others? What is ambient transparency? Texas-born, Avery Holton is a voice for "connectivity" at the U. His award-winning studies recently i...

Filtering Through the Noise

“Reciprocity,” Filtering Through the Noise, Part A

November 3, 2015

Part A Figuring out the positives in content, technology, networks and community. How do we truly connect people through all the noise? Texas-born, Avery Holton is a voice for "connectivity" at...

“Reciprocity,” Filtering Through the Noise, Part D

November 2, 2015

Part D Does social media make individual lives matter? Why are we outsourcing social media channels? Why aren't we investing in multiple social media editors? Texas-born, Avery Holton is a voice for "connectivity" at the U. His ...

What do you get mixing medicine, theater and communication?

Abraham Tinklepaugh

October 27, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/the-rostrum-what-do-you-get-mixing-medicine-theater-and-communication What can theater do? What do we need? What works?  Part 1 of a 3-part conversation with U professors Gretchen Case (medicine), Heather Canary (communication) and Sydney Cheek O'Donnell (theater) highlighting their innovative proposal that uses theater, to develop and improve communication techniques for medi...

Policy and Water Values with student editor at the Hinckley Journal of Politics

Abraham Tinklepaugh

October 20, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/the-rostrum-podcast-with-student-co-editor-of-the-hinckley-journal-of-politics-matt-kirkegaard Is the country moving in a good direction? Can global society improve? What is the cost of freedom?  The Rostrum takes time between LNCO and lunch with Matt Kirkegaard, U senior, and Co-editor of the Hinckley Journal of Politics, the only undergraduate-run journal of politics in the nation @hinckleyinst....

The Innovation Doctor Helps Students Become Innovators

Abraham Tinklepaugh

October 13, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/the-rostrum-the-innovation-doctor-is-in The "Innovation Doctor," is now in... Chris Wasden is a bike-riding California native who lives and breathes innovation. Wasden is also Executive Director of the Sorensen Center for Innovation and Discovery—the U's new idea incubator. A decade of interest in applying digital technology to enhance health drives Wasden to create student challenges that realize new venture opportunities in "physical, me...

Homecoming Conversation 2015, “Time, experience and joy”

Abraham Tinklepaugh

October 8, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/the-rostrum-homecoming-2015-with-anne-cullimore-decker We celebrate Homecoming 2015 with U arts alumni, Anne Cullimore Decker. Utah’s "grand dame of theater," Anne Cullimore Decker, was recently awarded University of Utah’s highest award, the honorary doctorate. This makes it an important year for this famed alumnus who has made huge contributions to the performing arts thr...

Homecoming Conversation 2015

Homecoming Conversation 2015

October 6, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/the-rostrum-1006-homecoming-2015-w-larry-gluth-svp-habitat-for-humanity We got together with a few alumni to celebrate Homecoming 2015. Distinguished alum, Larry Gluth, SVP of ...

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