Geek Madness SEMI-FINALS

Jarom "Solar" Norris

Round 3 is over, and here are the results! We had some legendary competitors this week, but the people have spoken and the results are pretty clear.

The classic battle between the light and the dark, the leader and the tyrant, the hero and the villian, Patrick Stewart vs. Darth Vader… And the voters chose the darkness, BY A LANDSLIDE! Darth Vader wins!

The great creator, the world builder J.R.R. Tolkien vs. the hero of the shadows, the dark knight Batman. Tolkien wins! (Also, we’re trying SERIOUSLY HARD to spell his name right now.)

Third battle, one of the building blocks of Science Fiction, the classic author H.G. Wells, vs. Excelsior! the master of cameo, Stan Lee! And in the only close battle of this round, the winner is our Generalissimo! (That’s Stan Lee).

And finally, the boy who lived vs. the great American. The Chosen One vs. The Truthy Wonder Himself. Harry Potter vs. Stephen Colbert. And Stephen Colbert might have won, but Harry has, like, a ridiculous amount of luck and an extra life. Harry Potter wins!


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