Geek Madness Week 2!

Jarom "Solar" Norris

Welcome to Week 2 of GEEK MADNESS! You guys voted on the first 32, so welcome to the Sweet 16! This week, members of The Geekwave debated for their picks, and recordings of the debates can be found below. Keep scrolling down for a graphic of the bracket so far and a link to this week’s results page. And, without further ado, this is where you can vote!

Debates Intro –


Darth Vader vs. George Lucas –


Linux Penguin vs. Patrick Stewart –


J.R.R. Tolkein vs. Joss Whedon –


Batman vs. Gandalf –


H.G. Wells vs. J.J. Abrams –


Harry Potter vs. James Bond –


Stephen Colbert vs. The Flash –




Here is this week’s results page.


Geek out!