How E3 Changed My Life

Claire Heman

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Claire Heman. Unfortunately we’re having some technical difficulties with our author bylines.



E3 has not changed my life. In fact, what I peripherally know about E3 this year is that it’s… just another year in the game and console development world. Sure there are some exciting bits people have waited (im)patiently for – Fallout 4 comes to mind. Sure, I’m excited to have heard more about Animal Crossing Home Designer.

But I hear there’s another Halo. I hear people are complaining about the Nintendo Direct. And it all sounds… exactly like it usually does around this time of year.

In order to be a geek, do you have to constantly be on the cutting edge of geek? E3, yawn. The Witcher 3, whatever. Jurassic World, eh? Steam Summer Sale, broke. Friends, Romans, Geeks, I have gathered you here with a confession – I fear I’ve become increasingly an irrelevant geek. “What is an irrelevant geek?” you wonder to yourself. Let me illustrate to you my geek life, and maybe it will become apparent.

Unlike a certain German youtuber I follow, I did not attend a secret special demo of GH4/RB4. Instead, I have played six to ten hours of, not Rock Band 3, but Rock Band. Yes. The Rock Band. Am I any good at it still? No. This did not stop me from playing poorly and having fun belting out the tone deaf lyrics like the All-American Rejects fan I am. (I know you were wondering, and I will keep you my dirty little secret. /creepywinkyface) So my console gaming isn’t up to date. What about on my laptop? How have I fared there? The last three games I have played are Minimum (poorly), Awesomenauts (mediocrely), and Age of Empires 2 (economic giant).

“Well, Claire, so what? You’re in your last semester of college, games are probably not your priority.” And you would be semi-correct. I mean, you’d be more correct if I didn’t play Awesomenauts instead of studying for an exam last night… (Rest assured, I did very well on the exam anyway.) “You must be pretty up to date on the media you’re viewing.” No. What did I watch last? Obvious Child for the third time. Which, I highly recommend. In fact, do you want to see it? We can watch it together. (This preview may be NSFW)

I finally got access to a Netflix account after… 11 months of not having one, and you might think Orange is the New Black would be my number one priority. But it isn’t. Instead, I’ve been watching someone play Fallout: Shelter and Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

You might want to say to me at this moment, “Do you even geek, Claire?” And I do. Of course, I do. Am I going to go see Inside Out on Friday? Yes. But for now, that’s the only cutting edge geek activity I’m engaging in any time soon.

Other things Claire has done recently:

Bought a sweet Blue Yeti microphone.
Gotten this sweet Bowie unicorn in a blind box.

bowie unicorn.jpg
Gone to Geeks Who Drink pub trivia, and lost.

Things Claire is looking forward to:

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 2. Have you seen the teaser trailer?

Skip Beat! Vol. 35. September 2015.
The day Fallout: Shelter comes to Android.
Another unicorn blind box?


Maintaining a geek lifestyle can be difficult, time consuming, and semi-stressful when you know you’re definitely out of the geek-loop. However! It’s not all bad. Sit back with your favorite let’s play, break out your N64 and relive some nostalgia, and listen to that same Remus Lupins album again.

(Actually, these are probably just me…) Embrace your irrelevant geek nature. It’s going to be okay.