Loot Crate Recap! May!

Claire Heman

The month of May marks my sixth, and potentially last, Loot Crate. It has been fun getting all of these awesome things! And I’ve been able to give quite a few awesome things as gifts in the last few months. I’ve gotten three shirts, and five exclusive comic books. One Funko figurine. A lot of superhero things – from air fresheners to the most recent addition, shoelaces and an ice cube tray. Without further ado, let me introduce to you the Loot Crate items for May!

May’s Theme: UNITE

“This month, we’re all about amazing teams” – Loot Crate Magazine


The T-Shirt

The first item that stood out in this crate is the t-shirt. It’s the most distinct item in every crate. This month’s shirt featured the Green Ranger. Yes. The Green Ranger. Of all the items in the crates I’ve received, this shirt is perhaps most indicative of my childhood.

The Decal

If you’ve listened to the show, you may know this already. But I have no car. If you do listen to the show… Thank you for listening! Even though I do not have a car, I do have some very detailed plans for it: yellow tinted windows (impractical), a snow shovel, jumper cables, and tool kit in the trunk (practical), and bumper stickers. Or car decals, if you prefer. One of my bumper stickers will look like this:


The Loot Crate included a decal this month. An Avengers decal. Avengers circa the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would not go well with say, a white vehicle! But you could put it on a laptop, a binder, a non-white vehicle. We should all be grateful to know that the Black Widow did make it onto the decal. This is significant because she often doesn’t make it onto merchandise.

The Pins

In addition to the monthly pin that Loot Crate includes in every crate, there is a pack of Team Fortress 2 collectors pins. They’re fun as you might expect them to be. I’m quite surprised that there were not any Fortnite pins included instead as the game is coming more and more into relevance. With more and more websites like Battle Royale Insider as well as Youtubers like Ninja popping up I was quite confused. They must have known that Team Fortress 2 has a rather large history and therefore a bigger fanbase who would buy their products!

The Comic

Do you like Adventure Time? From the creator of Adventure Time comes Bravest Warriors: Tales from the Holo John #1. It is a comic celebrating … bathrooms.

Icecube Tray???

Party ice cubes are a fun thing sometimes. From vampire fangs, to dentures, to koi fish, you can almost get any ice cube tray pattern you wanted. This month I became the brand new owner of… a Marvel ice cube tray. I am mildly confused by this ice cube tray, however, as it features Iron Man’s face, Captain America’s shield, the Hulk’s fist, and… the Thing’s face? One of these things is significantly not like the others. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Thing (for some reason, giant characters able to smash stuff up are my favorites… I’m looking at you Mark Ruffalo and your Hulk).

Exclusive Magazine

For some reason, this month’s crate included an exclusive issue of MAD Magazine. To which I ask the question maybe on everyone’s minds… MAD Magazine is still a thing? In true MAD style, nothing is sacred. The Justice League, the Avengers, and The Hobbit come under comedic fire.

The Accessory!

Usually my favorite thing in every crate is the cool dorky accessory. I like the bow tie and tie I’ve received in the past. And this month, is no exception… Shoelaces. You heard me (or should I say read me?). Shoelaces. Marvel Shoelaces. They are cool in concept. A little less cool in execution – the laces are thinner than the print on them warrants. But I still have a pair of kicks I’m threading with these sweet laces.

A puzzle

Fans of Rick and Morty rejoiced this month with the inclusion of a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. I like puzzles. I’m not the biggest fan of Rick and Morty. So if I had to rate this item out of five Nick Cages I would rate it 2 ½ Nick Cage Heads. Specifically National Treasure Nick Cage, Moonstruck Nick Cage, and half of Sorcerer’s Apprentice Nick Cage. So even the 2 ½ Nick Cages are a mix of good and bad. This will definitely have to be a gift… and I might know the perfect co-host who needs it.

The last two out of three months has been a miss for me, the biggest miss being the James Bond themed Covert crate. What I do like about Loot Crate, though, is that I get something in the mail every month. I frequently feel like the value goes above and beyond what I’m paying for it, and I am a hoarder of things I will give away, and this provides some really fun stuff for the nerdier people in my life. When I say this is probably my last Loot Crate for a while, I’m torn, but this will be my last installment of Loot Crate Recaps for the foreseeable future.

Geek out!

PS For fun, check out the Mega-Crate this month: