Loot Crate Recap!

Claire Heman

This month’s Loot Crate has been my favorite so far (keep in mind I’ve only had December 14, January 15 and February 15).  I was able to unbox mine while we were streaming our show live – it was definitely a highlight of my weekend! Thanks everyone for being a part of it! Have you ever heard of Loot Crate? It’s a subscription crate. For more information, go to their website at www.Lootcrate.com.


Let’s take a look at what they had in store for us this month:


This month’s theme was “Play.”

loot crate february 2015

READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline

This novel is actually the book of the month for the new book club launched by Nerdist.com. I imagine since Loot Crate and Nerdist are in cahoots this was a very deliberate choice for a crate item. We talked about the book a lot on the show, but suffice it to say it’s a must read for us at the Geekwave. You should probably give it a try yourself, too! Here’s a link to the amazon page: [link]


SUPERFIGHT: the loot crate deck by superfightgame.com

This is what the box reads: “This is a 100-card version of the viral card game SUPERFIGHT, designed exclusively for Loot Crate by Skybound. These cards are only available in this exclusive deck. Create hilarious fighters with these cards, then argue over who would win in a fight between them.” If you missed our show on Friday (February 20th), you missed us playing a round of this on-air. The way the game works is that two people develop a fighter from the cards they draw, and then everyone argues about which one would win in a fight. This is practically what we do every day so it came naturally to us. I recommend taking a look at buying a legit copy from superfightgame.com because it looks hella awesome.


Waka-Waka Poster by Manny Peters

Included this month was awesome wall art. Pacman wall art. Who doesn’t need more geek eye candy? It’s a 9”x13” poster of a blueprint design of a cartridge of one of our favorite videogame franchises ever. While suitable for framing, my copy of this print came a little beat up, so I probably won’t be framing it, but re-gifting it.


mini Munny

These things are pretty cute. I’m not much of an artist myself (my claim to fame is that I used to do Gaiaonline avatar art – really really bad Gaiaonline avatar art). But these are vinyl figurines that you can decorate yourself! The one they included in the crate came with three erasable markers so you can decorate over and over again. But hey, look at these ones real artists came up with: [link] [link] [link]



My crate came with an ant hexbug. Now. I would normally never have purchased one of these things for myself or for anyone else. What can I say, robot pets came and went for me in the year 2002 with the robodog.  And I wasn’t impressed then. But my green little robot ant is pretty speedy. And when it hits an object, it reverses direction. Pretty smart for a robot insect.


Along with the Loot Crate magazine they include in each crate, these were the obvious inclusions in the box. But there were some other things. There was a little loot crate pin – which I added to my pin collection:

Pin Collection!


But not only that there were two other less than obvious things included! One was a LootCrate Official Member ID card. I thought, that’s a cool gimmick. Upon reading my Loot Crate magazine I discovered that the ID on my member card could get me awesome access to an exclusive FIREFLY online ship. I didn’t know much about Firefly online before this moment, but I do have a pretty sweet premium ship now. I’ll talk more about Firefly online in another post. For now, feel free to check it out. And feel free to be jealous of my awesome ship.


The second less than obvious thing… the whole crate turned into a boardgame! The crate included some rock, paper, scissor dice. Which I thought, neat! some interesting six-siders. But! They were actually the dice to a boardgame called “Crate Packing Simulator 2015”. The back of the magazine included four player tokens and all the goods necessary to play the boardgame – who can assemble their crate first?? To find out you must play the game! So cute. So innovative. Definitely beats the space diorama that came with December’s crate.


An awesome thing about Loot Crate, if you didn’t know, is that every month there is a MEGA crate. It’s basically a lottery among all the people who subscribe to Loot Crate, and one lucky person wins the MEGA crate. Unfortunately it wasn’t me this month. But maybe one day… /stareswistfullyintospace


Take a gander at February’s MEGA Crate!

mega crate february 2015

I can’t wait for next month’s crate!